Since 2012 Biologi Founder, Ross Macdougald, has been producing plant extracts for inclusion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food and beverage products.

After years of refinement, Biologi was created; the worlds first 100% active ingredient, 100% natural plant serum. Backed by certification, results and science, Biologi is exactly what it says it is and we can prove it.

We implement better practices through our supply chain to produce a single ingredient product that does not include anything else, not even water.

We are the first skincare company that is accountable for the entire production process and can ensure traceability from plant-to-bottle.

Our process is sustainable, honest and transparent. Biologi is extracted, produced and packaged in Byron Bay / Northern Rivers region, Australia using certified organic native botanicals.

Our serums are unprecedented in the marketplace and challenge conventional skincare.

Ross Macdougald

Ross Macdougald is an experienced chemist and the passionate founder of Biologi, an exciting new skin care brand which is the first to offer pure, whole plant actives as ingredients and which aims to prove that “natural” and “organic” not only work but are better than synthetic man-made chemicals.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Ross gained tertiary qualifications in chemistry before moving to the Byron Bay region to take a position as product development manager with Thursday Plantation Laboratories Pty Ltd.

Ross went on to work as a product development manager with a team for a private research institute at Southern Cross University where he worked alongside many multinational companies developing over 300 products and active ingredients.

In 2000, Ross launched his first business, Phytoverse (previously known as FPI Oceania), which operates from the Byron Bay region as a wholesale essential oil and vegetable oil supplier to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and aromatherapy industries.

The company is Australia’s leading ethical natural materials wholesaler and is regarded in the industry as the benchmark for quality and scientific validity to its customers (scientifically proving how the use of natural materials can create more efficient products without the use of synthetic additives.).

Driven by demand from the industry for extracts of similar quality and efficacy, Plant Extracts was launched and has revolutionised the offering of the extracts industry by supplying 100% active plant extracts, which outperform synthetics, to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and cosmetic industries.

After developing hundreds of products and active ingredients for the cosmetic industry, Ross became frustrated with the perceived perception that plant actives had no benefits to the product but were added in very small amounts for marketing and labelling claims. The real activity, if any at all, comes from the synthetic additives contained within the formula but hidden by false and misleading information.

With a desire to re-educate and help the consumer by delivering a product they wanted, Ross launched Biologi, a company that provides the first ever 100% active, single ingredient, organic, natural pure plant serum that works.

With Ross’ excellent knowledge, high level of integrity, and strong code of ethics, all combined with his extensive experience as a formulating chemist, Biologi now provides a pioneering range of products that gives skincare results without relying on any synthetic or diluted ingredients.



Lucy Kuper

Lucy Kuper is Biologi’s vivacious dermal therapist whose reputation as a passionate ambassador for ethical skincare precedes her.

Lucy holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is a qualified Laser Practitioner in Queensland; the only state where accreditation before practice is a legal requirement. Lucy is also certified in Infection Control which qualifies her to treat and diagnose vein and pigmentation conditions.

As the frontline product development manager for Biologi, Lucy’s current responsibilities encompass all the behind-the- scenes details which guarantee Biologi customers will receive a product that’s ethical in its manufacturing and production processes, and honest in its advertising and marketing.

Lucy is a qualified dermal therapist and before the start of her tenure with Biologi in 2017, she spent five years as a senior laser technician for Laser Clinics Australia and Australian

Skin Clinics carrying out complex procedures such as laser treatments, microdermabrasion, skin needling, and chemical peels to help improve women’s self-confidence by reducing the long-term effects of ageing and visible skin conditions. She was also an educator and mentor offering invaluable training to newer recruits to the industry.

With a passion for helping women make informed choices, Lucy’s years of study and experience currently allow her to help women make educated decisions about what they put on their skin and the long-term impact that ingredients found in everyday products can have on their body. She campaigns for more transparency around the ingredients used in so-called ‘naturally-derived’ products, and she knows that education for all women (and men) is crucial to achieving this mission.

If a woman wants to continue using a brand because it gives her the short-term results she wants, Lucy doesn’t object to this as long as they understand the long-term damage that toxins contained in many consumer products can cause to their skin and body.

Originally from New Zealand, Lucy lives and works in Northern NSW and you can find her at Biologi HQ in Byron Bay, working to provide an ethically-sourced and manufactured product that is as good for women on the inside as it is the outside.


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