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It’s fair to say we’re all of an age where we understand that alcohol and our body are never going to be the best of friends.

While loading up on margaritas or cheers-ing the next big celebration may be fun at the time, hangovers exist for a reason. And it’s not just to be a party pooper; it’s to let us know that our body isn’t happy!

Now, if you’re about to head into the weekend with your party shoes on ready to drink ‘til you drop, I don’t want to bring you down.

But I do want to make sure you fully understand the effect regularly popping corks can have on your skin.

The long and the short of those few drinks at the weekend is that alcohol is a toxin and, in most cases, loaded with sugar or combined with mixers filled with harmful ingredients.

While those few social drinks may taste good and make you feel even better in the short term, alcohol holds zero nutritional content, and can have an extremely negative impact on your skin.

Yes, even if you dilute it with ice cubes!

If you’ve ever woken up with a dry mouth and thumping head, even though you may not be able to feel it, here are some of the effects on your skin.


Dry patches

Have you ever noticed that you get to a point after a couple of drinks where you can’t stop urinating?

That’s because alcohol is a diuretic.

This means it increases the production of urine so that the liver can process and expel the toxins faster. The more you drink, the more you urinate, but the more dehydrated you become in the process.

Unfortunately, this can leave your skin dry and lacklustre for up to three days after you’ve had a few drinks.


Redness and puffiness

Alcohol causes inflammation in the body. As your skin flares up in response, it can present as red patches and puffy skin that can be impossible to cover up with makeup.


Spots and breakouts

Ever wondered what makes those delicious cocktails taste so delicious? Well…it’s mainly the sugar, and a lot of it!

Most alcoholic drinks are incredibly high in sugar content that can react to your skin as the liver tries to cleanse the onslaught of toxins.

Your chin is a common exit point for these toxins so if you notice spots there, take that as a sign that your body’s working overdrive to try and cleanse your system.


Disruption to healthy gut bacteria

The good bacteria that live in your gut are known as the microbiome which can be severely impacted by alcohol. An imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria may be responsible for skin conditions such as eczema and acne so diminishing the microbiome can cause flare-ups.

I’m sorry to say that alcohol will never be a tonic for your skin. It takes approximately three days for the liver to dispose of all the toxins from the alcohol but if you need to salvage tired, dehydrated or blotchy skin after a big night out, stick rigidly to the following three suggestions:

1) Drink water

And lots of it.

Before, during and after you consume alcohol, drink as much water as you can. The hydration will help your body get rid of the toxins faster and replenish dehydrated skin cells to reduce the dulling effect that alcohol has on your skin.

2) Use Bd serum

And, again, lots of it!

Bd serum is pure extract of Davidson Plum which is known for its anti-oxidising properties. The following active phyto nutrients found in Bd serum work wonders on alcohol-ravaged skin.

Gallic acid

Gallic acid is a phenolic acid that helps to reduce skins redness caused by inflammation caused by alcohol

Tartaric acid

The fruit acid is well known for its anti-acne activity and works to reduce redness and clear any pore blockages caused by bacteria and toxins.

The tartaric acid will also work to plump up the telling under-eye area to reduce the effect of dark circles caused by lack of sleep after a big night.


This wonder flavonoid helps skin hydration to give skin its glowing effect that we lovingly refer to as luminosity. Your skin will be glowing and bright on the outside, even if you don’t feel it on the inside!


This flavonol reduces the inflammatory effect of toxins to reduce any redness and blemishes caused by alcohol consumption.

3) Thoroughly cleanse before bed

We understand how tempting it is to kick off your dancing shoes and crawl into bed after a late night, but we can’t urge you any more strongly…take your make up off before you do.

You’ll thank us in the morning!

If you can muster up the energy, double cleanse to clear the environmental toxins from the night and open up the skin pores. Follow with Bd serum to allow the pure plant extract to penetrate the deeper dermal layers and get to work hydrating and repairing while you slumber. Your skin will wake up fresh as a daisy, even if you don’t!

When you wake up, follow with another cleanse, apply Bd serum and drink another big glass of water.

To be honest, the best thing you can do for your skin is to avoid alcohol altogether. If you’re faced with a celebration where alcohol is a must, pack your Bd serum and water bottle in your handbag for instant hydration at your fingertips.

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