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Skincare on the move! Six reasons you shouldn’t leave home without Bc Refresh cleanser!

Skincare on the move! Six reasons you shouldn’t leave home without Bc Refresh cleanser!

Skincare on the move! Six reasons you shouldn’t leave home without Bc Refresh cleanser!

Skincare on the move! Six reasons you shouldn’t leave home without Bc Refresh cleanser!

With the world slowly but surely showing signs of opening back up post COVID-lockdown, travel plans are getting closer to becoming a reality.

We’ve spent the past year staying home with our skincare products neatly stored in the bathroom cabinet. But now is the time to start making plans for the products we’ll need when we finally hit the proverbial road.

And in exciting news, Biologi’s world first, revolutionary Bc Refresh Cleanser is now available in travel size!

That’s right! We’ve responded to popular demand, and you can now buy the extract of soapberry in a convenient 50 ml bottle to compliment your mini serums or 20 ml Bf Restore Face & Body Serum when on the go.

With this potent combination of nourishing actives now available for you to pop into your travel bag and go, here are six reasons you shouldn’t leave home without Bc Refresh Cleanser.

1) Now available in a convenient 50 ml bottle

The thought of lugging big, heavy bottles around can tempt many to leave the cleanser at home. Now you can have the luxury of a full range of products at your fingertips while away from home, but without your luggage allowance paying the price!

The 50 ml travel cleanser also complies with the current restrictions for air travel making it the perfect size to fit into your hand luggage for a refreshing cleanse mid-flight.

2) A deep clean on the move

Often when you travel, the regular skincare routine can take a hit and protecting and nourishing the cells can become less of a priority. When you pack Bc Refresh Cleanser, your complete skincare regime only needs to take one minute!

Remove makeup and surface dirt with a microfibre cloth, clean pores thoroughly with Bc Refresh Cleanser and apply your serum of choice. Regardless of how much fun you’re having, skincare can still remain a priority without taking up too much time!

3) It won’t dry out the skin

When you’re travelling by airplane, the skin can get dehydrated due to the cabin pressure and air conditioning which causes low humidity. While traditional cleansers rely on surfactants to create the foam and clean the skin, these are synthetic and can strip away the skin’s natural oils too.

Bc Refresh Cleanser is free from surfactants containing saponins as a natural foaming agent. The actives were formed inside the plant in a water-soluble environment so when they’re applied to the skin, they’re not looking for water and won’t dehydrate the skin.

4) Every drop in the bottle is hard working

Bc Refresh Cleanser is undiluted which means every drop is 100% active and works hard to clear pores and prepare the skin’s surface to receive the active ingredients in Biologi serum. While the travel size is smaller and more compact, less is more when every single drop contains nourishing actives that work hard to clean and prepare the skin.

5) It builds antioxidant protection

Whether you’re taking a city break or planning a rejuvenating holiday in the sun, while you relax, the  skin has to work a bit harder. Environmental pollutants plus free radical damage found in UV rays can lead to inflammation and dry out the delicate cells. The combination of amines, amino acids and phenolic acids found in soapberry are a powerhouse of antioxidants that can remove redness and build antioxidant protection to counteract free radical damage regardless of the pressure your skin is under.

6) It suits all skin types

Bc Refresh Cleanser is for everyone.

Because the organic extracts are in their purest form, the solution is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins. Cleansers specifically designed for oily skin can often contain more alcohol and therefore have a drying effect on cells which aren’t normally oily.

Regardless of whether or not you’re on holiday, cleansing is one of life’s non-negotiables.

We actively encourage everyone to cleanse twice a day to clear pores, remove all traces of dirt and impurities and to prepare the surface of the skin to receive the active ingredients found in Biologi serums.

Bc Refresh cleanser is the world’s first, 100% active single-plant ingredient cleanser, and it’s now available in travel size!

Take your revolutionary cleansing experience on holiday with you, or try before you commit to the full-sized cleanser. Click here to shop today.


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