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BCalm: Soothe irritation and fortify the skin’s protective barrier for calmer skin

BCalm: Soothe irritation and fortify the skin’s protective barrier for calmer skin

BCalm: Soothe irritation and fortify the skin’s protective barrier for calmer skin

At some point or another, most people will have felt the tell-tale sting that lets you know the skin is unhappy.

Applying certain products, exposure to harsh wind or cold or even using certain makeup (no matter how expensive the brand!) can cause redness, irritation or cracked skin alerting you to the fact your skin is sensitised.

Sensitised skin is caused by a damaged protective barrier.

When toxins or particles penetrate the damaged barrier, painful or uncomfortable symptoms such as redness and itching are the result.

You might have always experienced sensitised skin and learnt to live with it, but the good news is sensitised skin CAN be cured.

Now it’s important to clarify here that sensitised and sensitive skin are different. Sensitive skin is a skin type. In some cases, sensitive skin is genetic making it harder to cure without addressing the cause and any underlying skin conditions.

Whether you experience sensitised or sensitive skin, if your skin is dry, itchy, red, stinging or flaky, our handy little guide will help you calm sensitised skin and nourish and protect cells into the future:


Hydrate cells from the inside out to strengthen the barrier function. Drink water and herbal teas to improve cellular function, strengthen the barrier and promote the skin’s natural hydrating processes.

Skin detox

Skin detoxing is the same concept as detoxing the body. Remove all synthetic products and toxins from your skincare routine and give the barrier a chance to heal. Ingredients used in products designed for sensitive skin can often be part of the problem. Study your ingredients labels and remove everything the skin doesn’t need.

Avoid fragrance

Fragrance is a common allergen and can irritate delicate skin cells. Yes, even natural essential oils can be harsh on sensitised skin. If you experience redness, stinging or dryness regularly, there’s little doubt that the fragrance used in your products can make this worse.


Using a gentle enzyme exfoliant on delicate skin cells will help remove bacteria that can further damage an already impaired barrier function. Avoid harsh scrubs but use exfoliants that contain natural ingredients that can gently clear clogged pores instead of scrubbing away at healthy skin cells to potentially cause more damage.

Avoid touching your face

One of the best things you can do for sensitised skin is to get out of the habit of touching your face. The hands are covered in bacteria that can penetrate a cracked barrier and irritate sensitised skin. Wash and dry the hands before touching the face but avoiding hand to face contact completely is preferred.

BCalm Skin Bundle

Biologi’s latest skin bundle contains every Biologi product needed to soothe skin irritation, reduce redness and restore your skin.

The expertly tailored regime was created for sensitive and sensitised skin and targets skin irritation and redness to gently calm inflamed skin.

Valued at $105, BCalm consists of two 100% active skincare products that contain vital phytoactives, micronutrients and minerals to ensure your skin is soothed and hydrated while gently strengthening the barrier for more resilient skin.

The bundle includes;

  • 50ml Bc Refresh Cleanser
  • 50ml Bf Restore face & Body Serum
  • + Bonus Biologi Microfibre Cloth

Bc Refresh Cleanser

Bc Refresh Cleanser is a serum cleanser extracted from soapberry. Bc Refresh is free from synthetic foaming agents to avoid irritation and jam-packed with fully active phytonutrients that heal on a cellular level.

Soapberry harnesses a potent combination of amino acids, phenolic acids and amines to gently wash away dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin’s surface while healing damaged cells and without disrupting the skin’s natural oils and moisture essential for hydration.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is an extract of Australian finger lime. As a natural source of tryptophan, ferulic acid and vitamin C, the powerful phytonutrients work to repair the damaged barrier function while reducing inflammation and redness to reduce the symptoms of sensitisation.

Use Bf Restore Face & Body Serum twice a day until you’ve used one full bottle to give the barrier time to heal and repair before introducing more serums in the Biologi range.

PLUS bonus microfibre cloth

Biologi’s microfibre cloths gently lifts makeup and impurities away from the skin using the power of water alone. Wet the cloth and sweep it across the face before cleansing to prepare the skin’s surface to receive the active ingredients found in the serum cleanser.

Repeat the process post-cleanse to remove any residue of Bc Refresh Cleanser.

The BCalm Skin Bundle contains everything you need to heal and restore a damaged barrier function and lock in vital hydration to encourage skin strength.

The simplified regime contains key phytoactives and micronutrients to calm sensitised skin and ensure your skin is nourished and revitalised.

The ideal calming routine is as follows:

  • Cleanse
  • Apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum
  • Sunscreen (morning only)

The BCalm bundle is the next in our range of tailored, simple and effective routines.

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