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BControl: How to regulate oil flow naturally the Biologi way!

BControl: How to regulate oil flow naturally the Biologi way!

BControl: How to regulate oil flow naturally the Biologi way!

If you’ve ever experienced oily skin, you’re living with what is known in the business as an over-active sebaceous gland!

Excess oil is caused by an excess of sebum (the skin’s natural moisturising solution), combined with skin cell lipids and sweat.

While oily skin is a concern with the shine often unable to be covered with makeup, it can also lead to breakouts, blackheads and enlarged pores, all of which are even harder to cover up.

But, as with most skincare concerns, treating oily skin at the cause is often much more effective.

Oily skin can come and go with many factors causing the shine including:

  • Stress leading to excess cortisol
  • Nutrition such as food tolerances
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Skin type – some people are just prone to more oily skin than others.

Four ways to treat oily skin

As with all skin conditions, we firstly recommend you identify the cause as the most effective way to regulate oil flow. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to try and balance the oil with the products you use.

Now it’s important to remember here that you don’t want to get rid of oil altogether. While some brands recommend harsh, alcohol-based toners that can dry out skin cells, the skin needs a certain amount of sebum to hydrate cells naturally and protect against harmful bacteria. In most cases we will recommend that products designed to remove sebum completely should be avoided.

Add AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) into your routine

AHAs such as lactic acid and glycolic acid penetrate the skin at a deeper level. AHAs contain natural replenishing and exfoliating properties that regulate the natural flow of oil help avoid sebum from building up on the surface of the skin and reduce shine and blockages.

We recommend you use acids in skincare with caution. Always check the ingredients label and confirm that any acid is included in its most natural state. Due to its potency, improper use can cause damage and sensitivity to healthy cells.

Introduce an enzyme exfoliant

While exfoliation is essential for oil-prone skin, harsh scrubs formulated with synthetics can often damage healthy skin leading to  redness and irritation.

A daily gentle enzyme exfoliant balances the skins natural oil production by gently cleansing away excess sebum that can cause the skin to become too oily.

Fruit acids such as tartaric acid (naturally occurring in Davidson plum) work to break down the protein bonds from the inside to avoid the clogging pores that can lead to oily skin.

Avoid product build up

Remove makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants from the skin’s surface using a microfibre cloth. Follow with a cleanser for a deeper clean and to make sure products don’t build up on the surface of the skin blocking pores and leading to excess oil.

BControl tailored skincare bundle

The BControl skincare bundle has been uniquely created to target, balance and hydrate oily, breakout-prone skin for calmer, more even, luminous complexion.

Valued at $130, BControl consists of two 100% active skincare products that contain vital phytoactives, micronutrients and minerals to ensure oil flow is regulated and complexion is clear.

Using products to effectively refine skin texture and reduce breakouts, the BControl bundle contains the following products:

The bundle includes;

  • 50ml Bc Refresh Cleanser
  • 30ml Bd Luminosity Serum
  • + Bonus Biologi Microfibre Cloth

Bd Luminosity Serum

Bd Serum is single-plant extract of Davidson plum. Chosen specifically for its skin -refining properties, Davidson plum is a potent source of tartaric acid which is a natural enzyme that helps break down dead skin cells to promote oil flow regulation and stop pores becoming blocked.

Bc Refresh Cleanser

Bc Refresh Cleanser is a serum cleanser extracted from soapberry. Bc Refresh is free from synthetic foaming agents to avoid irritation and jam-packed with fully active phytonutrients that heal on a cellular level.

Soapberry harnesses a potent combination of amino acids, phenolic acids and amines to gently wash away dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin’s surface while healing damaged cells and without disrupting the skin’s natural oils and moisture essential for hydration.

PLUS bonus microfibre cloth

Biologi’s microfibre cloths gently lifts makeup and impurities away from the skin using the power of water alone. Wet the cloth and sweep it across the face before cleansing to prepare the skin’s surface to receive the active ingredients found in the serum cleanser.

Repeat the process post-cleanse to remove any residue of Bc Refresh Cleanser.

BControl is a complete skincare routine in a bundle that helps to regulate oil flow and nourish the skin to leave the complexion bright and glowing.

The ideal routine is as follows:

  • Cleanse (use a microfibre cloth first in the evening)
  • Apply Bd Luminosity Serum
  • Sunscreen (morning only)

The BControl bundle is the next in our range of tailored, simple and effective routines.

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