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BHydrated: Signs the skin is dehydrated and your complete skincare solution in one easy purchase!

BHydrated: Signs the skin is dehydrated and your complete skincare solution in one easy purchase!

BHydrated: Signs the skin is dehydrated and your complete skincare solution in one easy purchase!

BHydrated: Signs the skin is dehydrated and your complete skincare solution in one easy purchase!

While the terms are often used interchangeably, dry skin and dehydrated skin are very different skin concerns.

Dry skin is the result of a lack of oil in the body and is classified as a skin type. It is caused by internal factors such as genetics, hormones, food intolerances or gut imbalances.  While someone’s skin type can’t be changed, the symptoms of dry skin can be reduced by addressing the causes and simultaneously nourishing the skin with active ingredients.

There is no cure for dry skin. The symptoms may be as minor as a dull complexion, but dry skin can also lead to chronic skin complaints such as eczema or dermatitis.

What is dehydrated skin?

By contrast, dehydrated skin is caused by external factors that deplete the water content in the body. Common causes of dehydrated skin include alcohol or caffeine consumption, cold weather or lack of hydration in the air, failing to drink enough water, and/or lack of nutrients in the diet

Signs of dehydrated skin include:

  • Itchy, flaky patches
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Increase in the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines
  • Dull complexion

Dehydrated skin can fluctuate throughout the day, weeks and seasons. As it’s generally caused by external factors within the environment, dehydration is usually completely reversible by making some simple lifestyle changes and using products that specifically target dehydrated skin.

Introducing Biologi’s BHydrated skin bundle!

Biologi’s BHydrated bundle pack has been carefully curated and tailored to all our customers who experience dehydrated skin.

The pack consists of three 100% active skincare products all designed to pack a hydrating punch. The hand-chosen products in the BHydrated bundle contain vital phytoactives and micronutrients to cleanse, protect and nourish the skin on an ongoing basis.

BHydrated Bundle includes:

Bc Refresh Cleanser

For cleaner, fresher skin Bc Refresh is a world-first cleanser that contains active phytonutrients to provide a deeper clean to remove impurities.

The cleanser is free from synthetic foaming agents and contains the pure extract of soapberry which gently but effectively cleanses away makeup, dirt and impurities from the skin.

The cleanser also helps to provide a healthy skin barrier and promote hydration.

Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum

Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum is jam-packed full of nourishing active ingredients. Kakadu plum has been specifically chosen as the single-plant ingredient extract for the eye serum because it is rich in plant-based vitamin C and micronutrients which hydrate and target the classic signs of dehydration such as dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum to the eye area and the whole of the face if required. No other moisturiser or hydration products are required.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Bf Restore Face and Body Serum is a multiuse face and body serum specifically designed to target dehydration for all skin cells.

After a day in the sun or if the body is showing the signs of dehydration, apply Bf Restore to the body and/or face to take advantage of the active ingredients such as tryptophan, ferulic acid and vitamin C suitable all over the face and eye area.

The active ingredients work in synergy to give dehydrated skin a thirst-quenching drink of hydration and to energise a dull complexion.

PLUS bonus microfibre cloth

Biologi’s microfibre cloths are activated by water and gently lift makeup, dirt and impurities away from the skin. Dampen the microfibre with water and gently sweep across the face to remove makeup and dirt before cleansing. Use post-cleanse to remove any residue of Bc Refresh Cleanser.

The BHydrated skin bundle is on sale NOW! Click here to treat dehydrated skin and shop today!

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