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Biologi is FOUR: Introducing B4 Defence Serum, our gift to you this birthday!

Biologi is FOUR: Introducing B4 Defence Serum, our gift to you this birthday!

Biologi is FOUR: Introducing B4 Defence Serum, our gift to you this birthday!

This week, we’re celebrating FOUR YEARS of Biologi!

Over four years we’ve been proud to provide consumers with a clean cosmeceutical range of fully active single-plant ingredient serums that work on the skin just as they do in their original plant source.

And because we’re so thrilled with all your support along the way, to mark this significant milestone, we’ve created a limited edition serum as a thank you gift just for you!

Introducing B4 Defence Serum

The newest serum to hit the Biologi block is B4 Defence Serum. Potent extract of native Australian strawberry gum leaf, our revolutionary CLECS II technique has extracted the leaf of the strawberry gum tree.

We’ve responded to your requests and created B4 Defence Serum to address some of the most prevalent skincare issues of recent times.

B4 Defence Serum contains vital phyto-actives specifically chosen to help the skin build up a defence against environmental triggers and aggressors including blue light and pollution.

Blue light protection

There’s no denying that in the past 18 months, we’ve been spending more time in front of screens than ever before. Lockdowns, isolation and a remote working culture mean that laptops are open for longer each day and phones are on hand to help us connect with loved ones and meet work objectives.

And in our modern world, excessive blue light exposure is taking its toll on the skin.

Blue light can affect collagen production and damage delicate fibres increasing the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.  Cellular damage caused by blue light can also lead to dehydrated cells which can weaken barrier function and cause sensitive skin.


Exposure to pollution is also unavoidable in our modern world. Indoor and outdoor pollution can have a detrimental effect on the skin including the increase of inflammation and oxidative stress which can lead to a decline in skin health and accelerated ageing.

B4 Defence Serum active ingredients

Like all Biologi serums, the power of B4 Defence Serum comes from the natural blend of active ingredients that all work in synergy to produce faster, more noticeable, longer-lasting results. Strawberry gum leaf extract was chosen because of the following phytonutrients:

Amino Acids

Amino acids work to naturally condition skin while reducing redness and irritation. The significant antioxidant activity builds protection against free radicals to strengthen cells while leaving the complexion smooth and supple.


A plant polyphenol, this powerhouse antioxidant helps to fight against UV induced free radicals, aims to increase collagen, and reduce extracellular matrix degradation.

Flavonoid Glycosides

Flavonoid Glycosides are a group of phytonutrients that provide high concentrations of antioxidants to protect the skin and defend against free radical damage.

Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic Acid helps to brighten the skin, provides skin conditioning, and has antioxidant properties to fight against free radical damage.

Methyl Cinnamate

Provides the natural gentle floral note via the revolutionary CLECS II extraction of the Strawberry Gum Leaf Extract.

B4 Defence Serum ingredients:

  • B4 Defence Serum contains 100% Active extract of the Eucalyptus Olida (Strawberry Gum) Leaf Extract
  • 2% Sodium Benzoate.
  • Unlike any other Biologi serum, B4 Defence Serum also has a naturally derived odour profile, with distinct gentle floral notes.

How to use B4 Defence Limited Edition Serum

  • After cleansing with Biologi Bc Refresh Cleanser, apply to clean dry skin. Use one pump for the face and two pumps on the face, neck, and décolletage.
  • Start using once a day in the morning for the first week, and then use morning and evening for continually best protective results.
  • Not designed to be used around the eye area.

​While it might be our birthday, B4 is our FREE gift to you! For every order between now and September 16th, you’ll get a FREE B4 Defence Serum while stocks last. Visit our website to shop today.

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