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Multiuse skincare: Clean cosmeceuticals the whole family can enjoy!

Multiuse skincare: Clean cosmeceuticals the whole family can enjoy!

Multiuse skincare: Clean cosmeceuticals the whole family can enjoy!

Multiuse skincare: Clean cosmeceuticals the whole family can enjoy!

How many mums have ever told your daughters to stop stealing their skincare? Or wives shouted at your husbands for taking a sneaky squeeze of cleanser?

We understand that when you find skincare you love, you want to keep it to yourself, but this is where Biologi is different!

Biologi is a range of multiuse serums that rely on a powerful combination of hard working phytoactives and a revolutionary extraction system to give never seen before skincare results.

While age, gender and skin type are traditional demographics for skincare manufacturers to market their products, because Biologi treats the skin on a deeper level to improve cellular function, the clean cosmeceutical range is suitable for anyone with, well, skin!

Share Biologi with the whole family!

Biologi’s full range of clean cosmeceuticals is suitable for the whole family. Buy in bulk and stock up the bathroom cabinet, here’s why every member of your abode can enjoy the benefits of Biologi, from newborns right through to grandparents.

For the pregnant or breastfeeding mama

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave new or expectant mamas with limited choice around skincare. Retinol-based products or those formulated with synthetic activating agents can be advised against during pregnancy and especially for those breastfeeding where the baby will come into direct contact with the product.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum (now available in 100 ml) is free from any of the nasties that we’re used to seeing in traditional products. Apart from the natural smell of the extracts, it’s even free from fragrance to avoid irritation for mum and bub.

Apply to the growing bump to help with stretchmarks knowing the hydration is from a natural source.

For the time-poor husband

When time-poor dads and husbands want just one product they can grab and go, Bd Luminosity Serum is the ideal choice. The nourishing actives found in Davidson plum hydrate skin while reducing redness and soothing shaving-irritated skin. Best of all, because the only scent in Biologi comes from the natural actives, there’s no flowery aroma that lets everyone know he’s stolen his better half’s products!

For the precious newborn

As the skin adjusts to their new environment, newborns can be susceptible to many skin conditions including cradle cap.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is extract of finger lime and contains the active ingredient tryptophan which can strengthen the protective barrier and repair the outer layer of skin. Ferulic acid provides further hydration by retaining the natural moisture in the cutaneous layers to leave the babies skin smooth and supple.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum can be used all over the body including on nappy rash! Where traditional barrier creams can stop toxins getting into the skin, they can also block delicate skin cells to delay natural healing leading to further irritation.

The potent natural actives in Bf Restore Face & Body Serum help avoid irritation and sensitivity caused by trapping toxins in the cell’s deeper layers.

For the hormonal teenager

As hormones surge throughout puberty, teenagers can be susceptible to breakouts and skin irritation. While Bd Luminosity Serum is no cure for acne (curing acne relies on identifying and eliminating the cause), the powerful fruit acids work as a gentle enzyme exfoliant to reduce redness and irritation caused by blemishes and excess oil to keep cells clear.

For anyone with skin concerns

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is the all-rounder for everyone in the family and especially those with a sensitised or impaired skin type.

The actives can help nourish and protect cells while gently repairing an impaired barrier function to reduce the symptoms of some of the most severe skin conditions.

For the shower or bath

Keep a bottle of Bc Refresh Cleanser in the bath or shower for the whole family to gently wash their face after a hard day. The cleanser also works as a gentle shaving foam that nourishes and protects the outer layer of the skin while providing a moisturising base for razor contact.

For the bathroom cabinet

Br Organic Rosehip Oil is the bathroom cabinet staple the whole family can enjoy. From newborns to grandparents, the nourishing fatty acids are powerful yet gentle enough to moisturise all skin types whatever the age.

Biologi’s clean cosmeceutical range of multiuse serums is suitable for the whole family!  Click here to shop the full range today.

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