Biologi is a revolutionary range of face and body serums changing the way consumers view natural skincare.

From the thousands of customers who have tried and now regularly use Biologi, the feedback we receive is overwhelming.

“I’ve never experienced anything so hydrating in my 59 years.”

“This is the best product I have ever used.”

“My skin is improving every day and I have so much more confidence because of it.”

From glowing skin, increased hydration, and evening out skin tone to reducing sensitivity and inflammation all within a few days. Biologi works, and our customers are proving it with their feedback every single day.

As the world’s first single plant ingredient serum, Biologi is a pioneering product in the skincare industry.

Unlike any other product on the market, all serums are free from fragrance, synthetic activating agents, chemical emulsifiers, and even water.

One of our objectives is to challenge the mis-conception that natural products don’t produce results as well as synthetics.

So, with customer feedback proving the gap between natural products and their efficiency is growing smaller with every person who uses Biologi, we’ve seen that natural products do, undoubtedly, work.

Now it’s time to explain just HOW Biologi works as a natural product…according to the science behind the serums.


The science behind the serums #1:
Biologi serums are 100% active

An active skincare product contains natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to change the skin at a cellular level (you can read more about activity here).

Put simply, the higher the activity, the better the results.

The reason many ‘naturally-derived’ products don’t seem to be as efficient as synthetic products is that the natural component, the part that costs money, is essentially void of natural activity.

By the time a natural extract has been diluted to make the product stretch further (the number one ingredient on most product lists is water or aqua), the initially-potent activity reduces. Next, natural ingredients are laced with synthetic emulsifiers to create texture rendering the natural components as good as useless without artificial activating agents to achieve results.

The majority of natural skincare products sit at approximately 2% activity. Whatever’s left, (in these cases, 98% of the product) has no natural benefit to the skin whatsoever.

Biologi serums are all 100% active single-plant ingredient completely free from synthetic activating agents. Results, therefore, all occur at a cellular level, so they’re longer lasting, faster and more noticeable.


The science behind the serums #2:
Biologi serums contain plant-based vitamin C, NOT ascorbic acid.

While the skincare benefits of vitamin C-based products can’t be ignored, natural, plant-based vitamin C is notoriously unstable.

Exposure to air or water damages the vulnerable molecules where all the benefits such as the following are contained:

  • Increased suppleness of skin
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Reduced visibility of sunspots
  • Skin hydration
  • Protection from damaging free radicals.

Destroying the double bonded molecule where all the natural benefits of vitamin C occur means that synthetic stabilisers must be added for the extracts to provide any benefit in commercial products. The result is ascorbic acid, or L ascorbic acid, which, while derived from natural vitamin C, is a purely synthetic ingredient.

The Biologi unique extraction system is the first of its kind that allows us to extract plant-based vitamin C and keep it stable to provide the natural skincare benefits our customers report.

The science behind the serums #3:
Powerful phyto nutrients work synergistically in their natural source

Phyto nutrients are substances found in plants that help protect living matter from germs, bugs, and environmental threats.

When extracted efficiently, phyto nutrients provide a range of health-based and cosmeceutical benefits.

Each serum in the Biologi range contains just one single-plant extract chosen based on the powerful benefits of the natural phyto nutrients working in harmony together, just as nature intended.

While traditional moisturisers and creams tend to draw out single phyto nutrients such as vitamin C, each Biologi extract contains the complete cellular matrix with nutrients that rely on each other to achieve results.

While the skincare results of our customers speak volumes for themselves, it is the science behind the serums that does the talking.

To find out more about how Biologi achieves skincare results based on science, follow our journey on Instagram or Facebook.


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