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Biologi’s step-by-step guide to simplified skincare

Biologi’s step-by-step guide to simplified skincare

Biologi’s step-by-step guide to simplified skincare

If there’s one thing we all crave in our busy lives, it’s simplicity.

Between work, socialising, staying active and any other interests that demand our precious time, when it comes to a skincare routine, there’s not always enough time left in the day.

Biologi was built on simplicity.

Every day, we strive to provide products and give consumers the knowledge they need to simplify skincare and only give the skin what it truly needs to thrive.

If you’re caught up in a routine consisting of multiple products and rituals, let us tell you that many of them might be unnecessary. It’s time to forget what you thought you knew and read our step-by-step guide to simplified skincare.

Skin fasting

Skin fasting is not a new concept. But it is one that’s gaining momentum as consumers learn more about what skin cells need to be healthy.

Essentially, skin fasting involves stripping back as many products as you can from your routine to reduce reliance on synthetics that the skin might not really need.

Removing unnecessary ingredients can help restore natural processes, balance PH levels and strengthen the natural protective barrier.

While we understand that removing makeup and products that you rely on – even for a short period – is a daunting concept, it will help you eliminate unnecessary products from your routine and save time in the long run by promoting the skin’s natural processes.

You can read more about skin fasting HERE.

Multiuse products

Multiuse products are an absolute game-changer for anyone who wants to simplify their skincare routine. While many products claim to target specific skin issues such as dry, sensitised or ageing skin, it’s important to remember that in general, cells only need one thing – active ingredients.

With the right synergy of specific active nutrients, one product can treat a range of concerns. That’s right, the multiple moisturisers and lotions you’re used to applying each day can possibly be condensed into one easy-to-apply active serum! Start looking at the specific active ingredients on the products and learn which ones you truly need.

Drink more water

H20 is the key to unlock the skin’s hydration.

Many people don’t realise that the skin has a natural ability to hydrate itself. By simply drinking more water you will aid this process without spending a single second in front of the mirror. Drink up to three litres a day for a brighter, clearer complexion without adding anything to your routine.

Choose active ingredients

While an ingredients label might show that a product is naturally derived, the skin cells thrive on ingredients that are fully active and therefore alter the functionality of the skin on a cellular level. If a product is filled with water or synthetic formulating ingredients, any smidge of natural activity is reduced to nothing. Every drop of an active product is beneficial to the skin meaning results are faster, more noticeable and longer-lasting.

Biologi’s simplified skincare regime

Regardless of your skin type and skin concerns, our basic skincare simplified regime can be complete night and day in less than five minutes.



And that’s it! Add an exfoliant once to twice a week and if the skin needs some extra nourishment, introduce Br Organic Rosehip Oil into the routine, but as a minimum, our simplified routine includes everything the skin needs for cellular health.

To help simplify your skincare routine, Biologi has introduced six curated, simplified, complete skincare routines available in one easy purchase. Whether your skin is ageing, dehydrated, sensitised or acne-prone, we have a simplified skin bundle for you!

To find out more and shop today, visit our website!

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