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Can Natural Skincare Cure Sensitive Skin Five Natural Ways To Beat The Sting

Can Natural Skincare Cure Sensitive Skin Five Natural Ways To Beat The Sting

Can Natural Skincare Cure Sensitive Skin Five Natural Ways To Beat The Sting

Can Natural Skincare Cure Sensitive Skin Five Natural Ways To Beat The Sting

According to studies, 60-70% of women overall are reported to have experienced the effects of some degree of sensitive skin.

Pain when trying a new moisturiser, flakiness after exposure to harsh weather, and an ongoing tingling sensation are just some of the symptoms that may all be associated with sensitive skin.

As a brand committed to providing education about what the skin needs to thrive, it comes as no surprise that some of our most common consumer questions relate to sensitive skin and how to manage it.

When addressing whether natural skincare can cure sensitive skin, we first need to understand a little more about how the skin works.


The difference between sensitive and sensitised skin

The most important factor to determine the best treatment for skin is to establish whether the skin is sensitive or sensitised.


What is sensitised skin?

Sensitised skin is often mistakenly thought to be the same as sensitive skin. Sensitised skin is caused by a damaged barrier function that leads to irritated nerve endings which can cause stinging, pain and irritation.

When the barrier function is damaged, the natural hydration processes also suffer which can cause dryness. This means the skin is less effective at defending against toxins which become trapped in the skin causing stinging and irritation.

If skin flares up sporadically in harsh weather or when introducing new products, it’s likely sensitised, not sensitive.


What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin may feel similar, but it refers to many conditions such as eczema, rosacea, allergies, or persistent chronic skin issues.

According to Biologi founder, Ross Macdougald, “sensitive skin is something you’re normally born with and sensitised skin is developed over time.”

Causes of sensitised skin may include overexposure to harsh products, environmental or pollution damage, stress or lack of sleep.


Can natural skincare cure sensitive and sensitised skin?

While treating sensitive skin relies on addressing the root cause, sensitised skin is something that can be treated with 100% active skincare and by making some changes to routine and lifestyle.

If sensitised skin is the result of a damaged barrier function, here are Biologi’s five recommendations to treat it naturally.



The skin is the body’s largest organ and needs internal hydration to function optimally.

Lack of hydration can impact the skin’s natural processes and weaken cells causing further damage. Reach your daily hydration intake by drinking water, smoothies and herbal teas throughout the day to support the internal processes and reduce dryness.


2) Understand skincare ingredients

Ironically to us, the products designed to treat sensitised and sensitive skin can be those which cause the most damage. Adding toxins and emulsifiers to an already damaged barrier function will do nothing to treat the problem and can actually make it worse.

Blocking pores with occlusive moisturisers can also lead to a toxic overload on an already damaged barrier which can worsen the sensitivity and cause more irritation.

Sensitised skin usually flares up when harsh synthetics are applied. We urge you to understand what the ingredients in your product mean to help make informed decisions about your skincare.


3) Avoid fragrance

Fragrance provides zero benefit to the skin and is only ever used to make a product smell nice.

According to Women’s Voices“fragrance is noted as one of the most frequently identified substances causing allergic reactions.”

Even though some fragrances may be labelled as natural, there are no regulations that state the formulating ingredients of a fragrance must be mentioned. It’s these ingredients that can be toxic and may seriously damage barrier function leading to sensitised skin.


4) Avoid products which block pores

If a product claims to lock in hydration, it can also trap bacteria and toxins in the skin’s layers too. To hydrate, always choose serums over moisturiser and petroleum-based products. Serums penetrate the cells deeper rather than sitting on the top layers causing irritation.


5) Exfoliate

While there might not be anything worse than the thought of using a harsh scrub if your face is inflamed, gently exfoliating will keep pores free from bacteria and dead skin cells that can cause blockages leading to sensitivity.

Always choose a gentle enzyme exfoliant rather than an abrasive scrub to keep debris moving while avoiding further irritation.


6) Use Bf serum daily

To treat sensitised skin, the first step is to repair the damaged barrier.

The best way to do this is to remove unnecessary products and replace with fully active skincare that repairs skin on a cellular level.

Bf serum is single-plant extract of finger lime. The serum is a natural source of tryptophan, a nutrient that can reverse damage to repair the barrier function. Use Bf serum daily until you’ve used one full bottle. This will help repair the damaged barrier function while active phyto nutrients work to simultaneously hydrate, nourish and repair skin cells.

Also potent in natural vitamin C, daily use of Bf serum may reduce inflammation to ease the symptoms associated with sensitised skin.

Switching to Bf serum means you can also remove all moisturisers and treatments that contain harmful toxins that cause the damage.

Once the symptoms of sensitised skin start to reduce, gradually introduce serums that strengthen and protect cells to avoid the problem returning in future.

If sensitive skin is the result of an underlying skin condition, it’s crucial to note that you must identify the root cause to treat the problem ongoing.

If you’ve tried everything we suggest and you’re still experiencing sensitised skin, contact our customer service team today for further advice specific to you.


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