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Cleanse, Biologi, sunscreen: The essential skincare routine for healthy skin

Cleanse, Biologi, sunscreen: The essential skincare routine for healthy skin

Cleanse, Biologi, sunscreen: The essential skincare routine for healthy skin

Skincare routines have evolved.

As product ranges grow, each new addition is aimed at solving a different consumer problem. These days, it can be harder, not easier, to create the perfect skincare routine.

Traditionally, we’ve been taught to ‘cleanse, tone, and moisturise’ as the ideal routine. But with Biologi serums wholly replacing the need for moisturiser, and consumers now armed with the new knowledge that toner can cause unnecessary damage to cells, where does this leave your routine?

At Biologi, we’re simplifying skincare. Here are our tips for the ideal skincare routine. We’ve also answered the question on everyone’s lips; ‘what order should I apply my products?’.

The importance of cleanser and sunscreen

Shortly after our launch in 2017, we published an article detailing the importance of using cleanser and sunscreen every day – you can read it here.

This article highlights the popular philosophy that cleanser and sunscreen are two of the most pivotal steps in a skincare routine. If you don’t have these essential steps at the beginning and end of your routine, then no other product will be as effective.

Cleanser removes dirt, makeup and impurities and prepares the skin’s surface to receive any active ingredients. If you don’t apply sunscreen as the last step, you expose the skin to more damage undoing the work of your products.

The serum we recommend in between cleanser and sunscreen (that’s right, all our serums are multiuse so you only need one!) depends on your personal skin concerns.

The below is just a guide based on some of the most common skin complaints, but we strongly recommend you reach out to our customer service team for personalised advice: CONTACT LINK

Acne – Bd Luminosity Serum

No external product can cure acne, but Bd Serum may help clear pores and reduce redness and inflammation caused by breakouts.

Bd Serum is rich in tartaric acid which works as an enzyme exfoliant to clear pores and reduce the build-up of oil and debris that can lead to breakouts. The potent antioxidant potential can reduce the appearance of acne scarring and give a glowing complexion.

Sun damage and pigmentation – Bqk Radiance Serum

Bqk Radiance Serum is a two-step morning and evening ritual created to reduce the impact of sun damage and pigmentation. Extract of Kakadu plum, the morning ritual is rich in natural vitamin C which contains gallic and ellagic acid, both intense pigment-inhibiting phytoactives.

The evening serum is single-plant ingredient extract of quandong.

As a natural source of chlorogenic acid and rutin, the essential nutrients work to reduce pigmentation and redness while working in synergy with the ferulic acid and tryptophan to prevent further pigment from forming.

Oily skin – Bd Luminosity Serum

Davidson plum is a natural source of tartaric acid, the highly performing active that breaks down the protein bonds that clog pores and cause oily skin. The enzyme exfoliant also gently clears excess sebum to balance oil production and reduce the greasy appearance.

Anti-ageing – Br Organic Rosehip Oil

While Bk Rejuvenation Serum contains vitamin C which we highly recommend for anti-ageing, rosehip oil is our next go-to to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Br oil is cold-pressed and unrefined and a natural source of plant-based vitamin A which works hard to reduce the visible signs of ageing for all skin types.

Sensitised or sensitive skin – Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Bf Restore Serum is a natural source of tryptophan which may help strengthen the protective cells and repair the damaged barrier function that can cause dehydration, stinging, redness and sensitivity.

Apply Bf Restore daily to repair the barrier function before introducing products designed to treat more specific skin concerns.

No skin type is created equal. The best advice we can give you when designing the ideal skincare routine is to do what’s right for your skin! Learn what the ingredients mean and take a personalised approach to feeding skin with the nutrients it requires.

To summarise:

As we mentioned in 2017, as long as you cleanse at the start of the routine and finish with sunscreen, the products you use in the middle (chosen because of their unique benefits to your skin) will always be more effective.

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  • Angel Taylor

    05 . 07 . 2021

    Hi Tamara, we have emailed you some options. Kindest, Angel

  • Tamara

    02 . 07 . 2021

    Could you also please advise which sunscreen to use.

  • Angel Taylor

    03 . 11 . 2020

    Hi Trish, we have just sent you an email.

  • Trish

    02 . 11 . 2020

    What sunscreen would you recommend that’s clean like your products?

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