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Cleanser: Why Bc Refresh Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever need, whatever your skin type!

Cleanser: Why Bc Refresh Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever need, whatever your skin type!

Cleanser: Why Bc Refresh Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever need, whatever your skin type!

Cleanser: Why Bc Refresh Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever need, whatever your skin type!

Cleansing is one of life’s non-negotiables.

Regardless of skin type or lifestyle, we actively encourage everyone to cleanse twice a day. Not only does daily cleansing clear pores and remove all traces of dirt and impurities, but it also prepares the skin’s surface to absorb the active ingredients found jam packed in Biologi serums.

You’ve probably heard the news by now that Biologi has achieved what we once thought was impossible!

The recently released Bc Refresh Cleanser is the world’s FIRST 100% active, single-plant ingredient cleanser. Biologi’s latest innovative hero is here to give consumers a revolutionary cleansing experience and give us all a new way to cleanse.

Bc Refresh is a single-plant ingredient cleanser extracted from soapberry. As a natural foaming fruit, the potent phyto nutrients all work together to build antioxidant protection, strengthen barrier function and promote a healthy skin microbiome.

While cleansing is important, if you’re using products formulated with harsh synthetics, it is possible to over cleanse and strip the skin of its natural oils. In these cases, cleansing too much can be as detrimental as not cleansing enough.

If you notice any of the following signs, we recommend you reassess the cleanser you’re using stat:

  • Stinging or tingling after cleansing
  • Tight pores
  • Dryness
  • Frequent breakouts
  • General sensitisation
  • Lack of natural oil

If you suspect your cleanser may no longer be working for your skin, we can’t recommend enough that you stop using it immediately and switch to Bc Refresh. The newest kid on the Biologi block is packed with nourishing actives that wash away impurities to leave skin fresh, clean and clear without contributing to the toxic load on the skin and harming delicate skin cells.

If you’re scouring the market for a new cleanser, here are three reasons why Bc Refresh Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever need, whatever your skin type!

1) It’s fragrance-free

While fragrance must be listed on an ingredients label, the ingredients used to formulate fragrance do not. This means that harsh synthetics are being applied to the skin and consumers have no idea what they are, or where they come from.

With fragrance a common allergen in Australia, it’s these formulating ingredients that can damage skin cells and compromise barrier function. A damaged barrier function can impact the skin’s natural hydration processes leading to dehydration and skin sensitivity.

The only reason to add fragrance to a cleanser is to make it smell nice and mask the often-offensive odours of chemicals used to formulate a product. Fragrance provides no benefit to the skin whatsoever and should be avoided.

2) The active phyto nutrients aren’t diluted with water

If water or aqua are the first ingredients listed on a product label, the activity of natural extracts is diluted. This means that while you might experience a clearer complexion, results are purely synthetic contributing to the toxic load on the skin’s protective barrier.

Bc Refresh is pure soapberry extract and completely free from water or other diluting agents leading to faster and longer-lasting results.

3) It’s free from synthetic surfactants and activators

Propylene glycol (also labelled as PEG, PG, propanediol or hexylene glycol) is a common ingredient in cleansers, makeup remover and micellar water designed to remove oil-based makeup. Glycols are actually synthetically manufactured for industrial purposes commonly found in car coolant and brake fluid.

While the quantities in cosmetics are regulated, the harshness of the ingredients remains the same and will lead to toxic build-up causing cellular damage and sensitivity.

The soapberry fruit naturally creates a light foam. When dispersed through a foaming pump bottle and combined with water, the hardworking active compounds form a lather and gently wash away dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin’s surface wholly removing the need for synthetic surfactants which can cause skin irritation and damage healthy cells.

Bc Refresh is free from synthetic foaming agents that can traditionally strip pores and leave the skin feeling tight. Instead, the revolutionary cleanser relies on a non-irritating, single-plant ingredient to remove all traces of dirt without disturbing the skin’s natural oils and moisture essential for hydration.

To try Bc Refresh cleanser for yourself, click HERE to shop today!

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