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COVID-19: How the pandemic could be harming your skin, and Biologi’s skincare solutions!

COVID-19: How the pandemic could be harming your skin, and Biologi’s skincare solutions!

COVID-19: How the pandemic could be harming your skin, and Biologi’s skincare solutions!

COVID-19: How the pandemic could be harming your skin, and Biologi’s skincare solutions!

As the world responds to the global pandemic, the skin is not escaping unscathed.

Extended periods of isolation, frequent mask-wearing, and ongoing stress and anxiety are all causing skin conditions, both new and recurring.

Unfortunately, in these times, there’s little we can do to avoid the impact of the pandemic, but we can give our skin a helping hand.

Here are some common skin concerns caused by the impact of COVID-19 and Biologi’s solution!


Many states and countries are now enforcing or strongly recommending wearing face masks in public.  While wearing a mask may protect you from catching or passing on COVID-19, the ongoing wearing of a mask can also cause acne and frequent breakouts, also known as maskne.

While maskne might now be more widespread because of COVID, it’s actually not a new condition. ‘Acne mechanica’ is a condition caused by the ongoing wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) which health professionals have been living with for years.

The skin needs to breathe just like any other organ. When pores are blocked, breath and sweat can create a moist environment which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Biologi recommends:

  • Make sure skin is always thoroughly cleansed before applying a mask

The less bacteria on the face that can get trapped under the skin’s surface, the better. Bc Refresh Cleanser cleans the surface of the skin without adding toxic ingredients to the skin biome and without stripping the natural oils required for hydration.

  • Reduce the toxic load on your skin

If you can go makeup-free while wearing a mask, you reduce the bacteria that can penetrate pores and lead to breakouts.

  • Wash your mask regularly

Facial masks can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you wash your mask often using fragrance-free detergent.

The extract of Davidson plum contains tartaric acid which works as an enzyme exfoliant to clear blocked pores and keep debris moving.  Naturally rich in gallic acid, Bd Serum also reduces redness on the skin to reduce the signs of breakouts.

Irritated hands

There’s no denying that handwashing has become the norm in 2020. Unfortunately, most effective hand sanitisers contain alcohol.  Along with the excess cleaning products hands are exposed to, skin is drier, flakier, more sensitive and pre-disposed to chronic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Biologi recommends:

There are no two ways about it, handwashing cannot and should not be avoided during a pandemic.  In the meantime, we recommend repairing and strengthening the skin’s barrier to avoid sensitivity and cracked skin.

The water-based serum is extract of Australian finger lime which contains naturally occurring alpha-amino acids to strengthen and repair cracked cells.

Working in synergy with ferulic acid and vitamin C, tryptophan may also repair damaged skin cells, reduce inflammation and lock in the skin’s natural moisture.

Applying Bf Restore Face & Body Serum between washes will keep the hands nice and hydrated. We recommend you carry the new 20 ml travel size serum with you at all times (remember to wait five minutes after hand washing to make sure skin is completely dry before use).

Chafing behind the ears

With many masks secured with elastic, the friction might be irritating skin behind the ears which might not be used to the pressure.

Biologi recommends:

Apply active ingredients to keep the skin behind the ears hydrated and strengthen the barrier to protect against chafing.

Ongoing friction could lead to more severe skin concerns such as eczema and dermatitis. Keep skin supple to avoid unnecessary irritation.


Covering the most sensitive areas of the skin with a synthetic mask potentially pre-treated with harsh chemicals can easily lead to irritation and in severe cases, dermatitis.

Biologi recommends:

  • Apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Applying active ingredients can strengthen the outer dermal layer and improve the barrier function of the skin to potentially avoid the onset of skin conditions such as dermatitis.

By hydrating the skin from the inside out and removing as many toxins as possible often found in traditional moisturisers and skincare products, the skin’s natural hydrating processes are promoted.

  • Avoid washing masks with scented detergents

Scented detergents often contain artificial fragrance and other synthetic ingredients which can irritate the skin. While it’s important to keep masks clean, opt for natural cleaning solutions to avoid adding to the toxic load on the outer protective layers.

During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to apply active ingredients to build the barrier function of the skin and nourish the outer dermal layers.  To find out more about how to treat specific skin conditions, contact our customer service team today.

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