Your complexion tells your story.

Whether you’re getting enough sleep, using the right skincare products for your skin, or spending too long in the sun, all show up in a complexion that’s lost its glow.

But, what about when you’re doing all the right things?

How about if you cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously, you lather on the sunscreen, but your complexion is still sallow and lifeless?

If you’re experiencing dull skin that doesn’t wow the people before you, it’s likely to be down to that little thing we know and love…science!

While there are many skincare products aimed at combatting dull skin and giving the complexion a glow with a za za ziiing, moisturisers and makeup aimed at covering up dull skin, may be part of the problem.

But, don’t worry, Biologi’s skincare experts have always got a solution for your skincare woes!

Here’s why you might have dull skin, and what you can do about it…naturally.


What causes dull skin?

Dull skin is caused by a lack of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the outer layers of the skin. When nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood is pumped through to the body’s largest organ, your complexion glows. When anything interrupts that process, the results are clearly visible.

Here are some of the main culprits and how you can combat them naturally:



Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and nicotine which are the biggest causes of dull skin.

Apart from overloading the body with toxins, nicotine also reduces blood flow to the skin. Carbon monoxide impairs the flow of oxygen, both of which leave your skin dull and sallow. Nicotine can also starve the surface of vital nutrients such as vitamin C which provides an anti-oxidant defence that keeps skin bright.

What to do about it

Firstly, stop smoking. Today.

Secondly, use a serum such as Bf or Bk serum rich in natural vitamin C to hydrate cells and replace the nutrients depleted through smoking.


Blocked pores

Skin cells have a lifecycle appearing as dry, lacklustre specks that fail to attract natural light as they die. Dead skin cells can also block pores and disrupt natural oil flow contributing to a dull complexion.

What to do about it

Gently exfoliate two to three times a week to keep dead skin cells and debris moving leaving brighter more healthy cells exposed on the surface. Daily use of a gentle enzyme exfoliant (such as Bd serum) will break down the protein bond that stops dead skin cells from clearing and promote healthy cell turnover.



While you sleep, skin cells regenerate, and collagen production is boosted. Lack of or poor-quality sleep can leave you with skin that looks as tired as you feel.

What to do about it

Aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night. Wake up a tired complexion by applying Bk serum. The natural source of vitamin C boosts collagen production to reduce dark circles and hydrate exhausted cells.


Bd serum: The key to luminous skin

If you’re getting enough sleep, have ditched the cigarettes, can’t remember your last alcoholic drink and you’re regularly cleansing and exfoliating, the key to dull skin could lie in the nutrients your skin receives.

Bd serum is single-plant ingredient serum extracted from native Davidson plum. Bd serum is a powerhouse of natural nutrients that hydrate, reduce inflammation, protect against damaging free radicals and brighten up a dull complexion to leave the skin luminous.

Active phytonutrients in Davidson plum include:

  • Gallic acid
  • Tartaric acid
  • Anthocyanin
  • Quercetin

Bd serum is 100% active meaning the nutrients get to work on a cellular level rather than from the outside in.


How to use Bd serum to combat dull skin

In the morning:

  • Apply Bd serum every morning after a cleanse.
  • Follow with sunscreen
  • Apply makeup as normal.

At night:

  • Thoroughly double cleanse
  • Apply Bd serum to the whole face
  • Follow with a jade roller to help serum penetrate deeper while you sleep.

Bd serum earnt the name ‘luminosity’ as the synergistic power of natural ingredients gets to work to combat dull skin to leave your complexion as bright as nature intended.

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  • Hi that’s a great blog.. I’m just wondering if you can recommend where to buy a jade roller?

  • Hi Rachael!

    We recommend Krystle Knight Jewellery or The Lab Organics.

    Hope that helps!

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