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Earth Hour : Join The Worlds Biggest Switch Off

Earth Hour : Join The Worlds Biggest Switch Off

Earth Hour : Join The Worlds Biggest Switch Off

Earth Hour : Join The Worlds Biggest Switch Off

At 8.30 pm on Saturday, March 28, 2020, Australia will take part in the biggest global initiative to protect the future of our planet.

Earth Hour is an annual event where millions of people across the world switch off power for 60 minutes. The proposed blackout is a sign of respect to the planet and symbolises solidarity among the world’s population.

Biologi is a brand committed to sustainability. We strongly believe each individual has a shared responsibility to make small but noticeable changes to protect the future of the planet.

Not only will we be joining Earth Hour, but for those who want to reduce their personal impact on the planet, we’ve also put together our best tips to help you achieve a more sustainable skincare routine.


Avoid face wipes

While convenient, traditional facial wipes aren’t biodegradable and will simply end up in landfill when disposed of with household waste.

Even the supposedly ‘flushable’ wipes aren’t safe to flush as there’s little guarantee they’ll biodegrade making them likely to end up in the ocean where they pose a serious risk to marine life.

What to do instead: The synthetic ingredients used to make facial wipes aren’t of any natural benefit to the skin either. We recommend using a face halo to remove makeup and grime from the day rather than a disposable wipe.  This a chemical-free, reusable solution that will last for up to 200 cycles that shows kindness to both the planet AND your skin.


Avoid petroleum-based products

Petroleum derived products are a staple in many makeup cabinets. While they’re designed to heal cracked skin and provide a protective barrier between the skin and the elements, as a by-product of oil, these products are made from a non-renewable source making them very unkind to the environment.

What to do instead: In all honesty, environmentally unfriendliness is only one of our concerns with petroleum products. Petroleum products provide a protective barrier which also traps toxins into the skin making them extremely unkind to your cells too. Avoid any products containing petroleum, paraffin oil or propylene glycol.

For hydrated lips, Bl Nourish lip serum is single-plant extract of blood red finger lime which is jam-packed with active nutrients designed to hydrate, protect and soothe leaving lips softer and more supple. Rather than sit on the top of lips like petroleum products, Bl Nourish penetrates deep into the cells for longer lasting and more noticeable results.


Choose sustainable accessories

Look at what’s in your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet, can you make more sustainable choices when it comes time to replace? Makeup brushes, razors, toothbrushes are just some of the beauty accessories that end up in landfill and will never biodegrade.

What to do instead: Next time you need to replace common accessories, choose those made from recycled materials such as bamboo or steel for a longer-lasting more planet-friendly solution.


Simplify your skincare routine

The less we consume, the better for the planet. Using fewer products means less packaging, less processing and less impact on the environment.

With manufacturers releasing single products to treat sole issues ranging from dry skin to anti-ageing or pigmentation, product cabinets are full and the impact on the environment evident.

While introducing multiuse products which treat a range of skin concerns in one application is a great start, look at what else you can remove from your skincare routine including makeup, moisturisers, face masks, cleansers and toners.

What to do instead: Skin fasting is a designed to reduce the toxic load on your skin, balance PH levels, restore natural processes and strengthen the natural protective barrier reset cellular function. Skin fasting involves using as few products as possible for a specific time frame with a long-term view to removing anything unnecessary from your routine. Look at the ingredients of your skincare and find out which of those the skin needs to function. Knowing that all the skin needs to repair, nourish and protect is active ingredients will also save you time and money in the process.

Earth Hour is at 8.30 pm on Saturday, March 28 and we urge you to get involved and show your commitment to the planet.

To find out more about Biologi’s commitment to sustainability, contact our customer service team today.


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