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Fact or fiction? Two truths and the biggest skincare lie

Fact or fiction? Two truths and the biggest skincare lie

Fact or fiction? Two truths and the biggest skincare lie

‘Two truths and one lie’ is a light-hearted ice breaker game often used at networking and social events to help people get to know each other.

The game does exactly what the name suggests. Someone gives you three statements and participants guess which is the lie.

In skincare, a lot of ‘misinformation’ circulates the industry. So much so that as consumers become accustomed to hearing so many statements, it can be hard to differentiate between the truths and the lies.

At Biologi, we believe that education is critical to creating the best skincare routine for your skin. So here’s our little icebreaker that will help you get to know your skin even better! Here are two truths and perhaps the biggest lie consumers have been led to believe about their skin.  And we think you’ll be surprised at this significant untruth!

Truth: You must cleanse every day

This is undeniable. In fact, we recommend you cleanse every morning and double cleanse at night.

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to toxins and particles from the environment, makeup and general pollution. A thorough cleanse helps remove these particles that can damage skin cells leaving skin dry, sensitised and susceptible to the signs of premature ageing. Cleansing with fully active products helps to build antioxidant protection and clear the skin cells to help active ingredients in serums penetrate deeper for faster, longer-lasting results.

Bc Refresh Cleanser is a world-first serum cleanser jam-packed with naturally occurring amino acids and amines that work together to remove all traces of dirt while protecting the skin’s natural oils and moisture. Remove makeup and surface dirt with a microfibre cloth before preparing the skin’s surface to receive the goodness of an active serum  with a deeper cleanse.

Truth: Less is more in skincare

While consumers have become accustomed to lining the bathroom shelves with moisturisers, lotions, masks and thick creams, the truth is that less really is more in skincare. While your own personal routine is determined by what works for YOUR skin type, an effective routine need only consist of three products: A good cleanser, a multiuse serum of choice and an exfoliant. That’s it!

When you choose active products, there’s no need for separate eye creams, face masks and intense moisturisers and a host of other products boasting bigger and better claims than the one before.

Lie: All skin needs moisturiser

There are many misconceptions we’ve become accustomed to hearing but this one is perhaps the most notably incorrect.

The skin does not need any kind of moisturiser, ever. In fact, moisturisers contain occlusive ingredients that can block pores and damage the outer dermal layer leading to sensitised skin and in some cases, chronic skin conditions.

The skin has its own internal hydrating processes and when you apply moisturiser, the skin thinks it doesn’t have to work as hard. The more moisturiser you apply, the drier the skin becomes naturally.

The truth is, all the skin needs to heal, nourish and repair are active ingredients applied in a serum form that won’t disturb the natural processes. When you apply plant extracts that work on the skin just as they do in the plant, serums penetrate deeper for faster, more noticeable and longer-lasting results without blocking pores or causing occlusion.

It’s worth noting that there are plenty more untruths that consumers are told every day. The only way to get to know your skin on a deeper level is to question what you hear and start to find out what YOUR skin really needs to thrive. Because one thing that is an undeniable truth is that all skin types are unique and there is no one size fits all approach to the most suitable skincare routine.

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