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Father’s Day: How Biologi helps dads unlock healthy skin!

Father’s Day: How Biologi helps dads unlock healthy skin!

Father’s Day: How Biologi helps dads unlock healthy skin!

Father’s Day: How Biologi helps dads unlock healthy skin!

The stereotypical view of men’s skincare is that men’s daily routine is generally much more straightforward than women’s. A quick shower and shave and most men are ready to face the day in just a few minutes.

At Biologi, we know that all skin cells are created equal and deserve the same level of due care and attention, regardless of gender. The skin is the body’s largest organ and skin concerns don’t discriminate.

If you want to help the dad in your life look and feel a million dollars this Father’s Day, forget the chocolates and socks! Here’s why Biologi makes a rejuvenating gift that will revive skin for every dad who deserves healthy skin cells from the inside out!

  • Control oily skin and breakouts

Sebum production is caused by the male hormone, testosterone. When testosterone levels are elevated, men may be more prone to oily skin.

Too much oil can mix with debris such as bacteria and dead skin cells which can then lead to breakouts.

Rather than treating oily skin with harsh cleansers, applying Bd Luminosity Serum daily can naturally regulate oil flow. The tartaric acid which naturally occurs in Davidson plum works as a gentle enzyme exfoliant to clear excess sebum and reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

  • Reduces the chance of ingrown hairs

Any man that shaves regularly can tell you how painful ingrown hairs are.

Ingrown hairs are more common in shaved areas due to the constant stress the movement of the razor places on the delicate facial area. This ongoing pressure can cause hairs to turn back on themselves and grow inwards.  Ouch!

Regularly applying Bd Luminosity Serum hydrates the skin and strengthens the barrier function to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. If hair follicles do become inflamed, the natural source of quercetin also reduces inflammation and any accompanying skin redness.

  • Reduces the likelihood of shaving rash

Shaving rash is a skin concern that very few men who shave can escape from. The pressure placed on delicate skin cells can lead to prolonged irritation which displays as a painful rash across the face or neck. Further, a lack of hydration before shaving can also irritate the skin making the brunt of the razor just that little bit more painful.

While avoiding shaving is the only way to truly reduce the chance of shaving rash, Bd Luminosity Serum promotes the skin’s natural hydrating processes and locks moisture deep within the skin cells to hydrate the face which may protect against shaving rash.

As an added Father’s Day bonus, the combination of anthocyanin and quercetin soothes the skin and reduces the redness caused by the rash.

Bc Refresh Cleanser can also be used as a high performing alternative to traditional shaving foam leaving skin smooth, supple and hydrated before shaving.

  • It’s fragrance free

At Biologi, we harness nature without altering it. All our extracts are free from fragrance, synthetic activating agents and even water! Biologi serums don’t contain the traditional flowery or perfume smells often associated with skincare making it unisex through and through, just like nature intended!

Men’s skin is traditionally 25% thicker than women’s, but the skin concerns faced are often very similar. To hydrate, reduce pigmentation, reduce the visible signs of ageing, balance complexion, reduce redness and sensitivity and nourish and repair cells, celebrate the dad in your life with the gift of pure, performance-based skincare!

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