Ferulic acid is a naturally-occurring hydroxycinnamic acid well known for its anti-oxidising properties.

And for those who haven’t had their morning coffee yet, let’s re-phrase that!

Commonly found in the walls of a plant, ferulic acid protects cells against environmental free radical damage that can cause the visible signs of ageing and dehydrate cells.

So, if the plant-based compound can protect plant cells against environmental damage and keep leaves young and healthy, it makes perfect sense to draw ferulic acid from its natural source and put it into skincare products so it can have the same impact for consumers.

A simple concept.

With plant and skin cells functioning in the same way, ferulic acid in its pure form offers protection against damaging free radicals to provide many benefits for the skin including:


Oxidative stress is damage to cells caused by toxic free radicals found in the environment. Visible signs of oxidative stress include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and dehydration.

Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that counteracts the damage caused by oxidative stress. Applying ferulic acid topically to the skin will protect and repair cells on a deeper level to keep skin looking young.

Prevents skin alterations such as sunspots

UV radiation can cause sun spots, age spots and skin blemishes. Ferulic acid provides substantial protection from UV radiation to reduce the onset of noticeable skin blemishes.

Hydrates skin

Ferulic acid helps the skin retain moisture within the cutaneous layers to aid the natural hydration processes. And as we all know, a hydrated complexion is a healthy complexion!

How to get the best results from ferulic acid

As an anti-oxidising natural nutrient, there’s no denying that ferulic acid is an essential ingredient in a skincare routine.

Here are our top tips for choosing ferulic acid in skincare:

Avoid moisturisers

When anti-oxidants such as ferulic acid are added to moisturisers, they essentially lose their effectiveness.

Moisturisers always contain water as a primary ingredient which dilutes the natural activity of the compound. Further, moisturiser hydrates skin from the outside which negatively works against cells slowing down the internal natural hydrating processes.

A water-based serum is free from occlusive synthetics which block pores and penetrates at a deeper level to support the cells natural hydrating processes.

Use in conjunction with vitamin C

Ferulic acid is the most effective when used in synergy with other anti-oxidants such as vitamin C which also brightens the skin and stimulates collagen production to reduce the signs of ageing even further.

Use in a 100% active serum

Bf serum is a single plant ingredient extract of finger lime which is a natural source of both ferulic acid and vitamin C.

Biologi uses a unique extraction method which keeps plant serum in its unique cellular matrix keeping it 100% active (which means it changes skin on a cellular level rather than artificially).

When you choose Bf serum for the face and body, ferulic acid and vitamin C are both active and stable, so the serum works on the skin just as it does in the plant.

Reduce the signs of ageing, hydrate, and protect skin from damaging environmental factors with ferulic acid that works on the skin just as it does in the plant – just the way nature intended.

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