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Festive skin: Tips to protect your skin this Christmas

Festive skin: Tips to protect your skin this Christmas

Festive skin: Tips to protect your skin this Christmas

Festive skin: Tips to protect your skin this Christmas

The festive season is all but upon us!

Social calendars are filling up fast and even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to fall out of routine at this time of year.

Meals out, late nights and over-indulging in food and alcohol are all par for the course as we enjoy party season. But while these things are fun at the time, it won’t be long before you start to feel the effects.

While you’re burning the Christmas candle at both ends, along with many other side effects, you might notice your skin starting to suffer.

Dry patches, dull complexion and breakouts are all signs of partied-out skin that needs a little extra TLC.

But don’t fret.

You can still enjoy the festivities without your skin having to suffer.

Here’s how to make the most of party season without your skin being any the wiser!


Drink water with alcohol

For most of the population, there’s going to be an increase in alcohol consumption over the Christmas period.

Even if you’re not a big drinker, raising your glass to toast another year here, or cheers-ing the birth of Baby Jesus there, you’re likely to indulge more than you would normally.

Alcohol is a diuretic which dries the skin significantly. Not only do you need MORE water than usual to combat the dehydrating effect, as you already have a drink in your hand it can be harder to consume water in the first place.

Hydrate between alcoholic drinks by alternating water with alcohol and always have a huge glass of water before you go to bed after a night out to help your internal hydrating processes along while you sleep.

We always talk about water being the most natural skincare remedy for dry skin, and this isn’t a myth!

Your skin is an organ and needs water to function just like your heart, lungs and liver. When cells dehydrate, they become dry and lacklustre leading to a dull complexion.

If you need to set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to hydrate every hour to keep cells bright – do so.


Always take your makeup off

It can be tempting at the end of a long night to collapse in bed with a face full of makeup.

Unfortunately, when you do, it’s not only makeup that blocks your pores while you sleep. It’s also pollutants found in the environment such as cigarette smoke, smog, dust and bacteria. Tiny particles will clog up pores while you sleep leading to breakouts, sensitivity and dehydrated skin.

If you can’t find the energy to double cleanse like we recommend before bed, keep some clean face halos handy and simply wipe off the surface layer of makeup and follow with a Biologi serum of choice – fresh skin in no more than ten seconds.

Leave your cleansing products on the bedside table so you’re reminded to cleanse before bed!


Stop smoking

Cigarette smoke is packed with toxins that dry out skin cells and enhance the signs of ageing. For every cigarette you smoke, your skin will visibly suffer.

We understand stopping smoking at the most social time of the year may not be easy, but if you can use nicotine patches or chew gum instead, your skin will thank you!


Eat skin-friendly foods

Good skin really does come from a healthy gut and the more skin-friendly your diet, the more you’ll glow throughout Christmas.

Opt for salmon at main courses, carrots and celery as snacks and lots of nuts, berries, tomatoes and leafy greens. All rich in good fats and antioxidants.

Don’t miss out completely because, after all, Christmas only comes once a year. But where you can, swap out processed foods and refined sugars as these can have an ageing effect on the skin.


Use Bd serum

Bd serum is an absolute powerhouse of 100% active phytonutrients and really will be your skin’s best friend throughout the festive season.

Rich in 100% active gallic acid, the extract of Davidson plum will help reduce dark circles underneath the eyes and reduce redness caused by junk food breakouts and late nights.

The tartaric acid in Bd serum will also build up the skin’s protective barrier to reduce environmental damage caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, dust and bacteria.

If you’ve spent too long in the sun, quercetin is the active ingredient that will reduce redness and help skin recover from overexposure to the harsh UV rays, so you don’t have to rush those long leisurely lunchtime catch-ups.

And if that wasn’t enough!

Anthocyanin is the active ingredient that will give your skin a big dose of hydration morning, noon or night and give tired, dry skin that festive glow!

Apply Bd serum morning and night (or alternate between Bk serum for a burst of plant-based natural vitamin C to hydrate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles) to cover up the tell-tale signs of the festive season!

Click here to buy Bd serum today.

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