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Five simple steps to keep a skincare routine on holiday!

Five simple steps to keep a skincare routine on holiday!

Five simple steps to keep a skincare routine on holiday!

Five simple steps to keep a skincare routine on holiday!

As the world slows down for the summer holidays, skincare routines are often taking a break too.

With days at the beach, more drinking, and Christmas festivities, it’s easy to focus more on the fun and less on exfoliating, cleansing and choosing products your skin will love.

But just because you’re on holidays, it doesn’t mean your skincare routine should fall by the wayside!

Here are our five simple steps to stay on top of your skincare this holiday.

1) Listen to your skin

‘Intuitive skincare’ is the most effective way to make sure your skin receives the active nutrients it needs each day. Biologi’s plant extracts have been specifically chosen based on their unique benefits to the skin and by learning what the skin needs and when, you can make daily choices that cut out all unnecessary steps.

For dry skin, give skin a big burst of hydration with Bf Restore Face & Body Serum. If the complexion is uneven, apply Bd Luminosity Serum to reduce redness and give you back your glow. If you’re feeling like the fine lines and visible signs of ageing are creeping in, apply Bm Regenerate to smooth fine lines and hydrate tired skin.

Once you learn what the skin needs, it reduces the time spent thinking about the products you need giving you more time to have all of the fun!

2) Drink water

If your skincare habits are likely to fall out of routine while you’re on holiday, try and drink as much water as you can each day. Skin cells function at their best when they’re adequately hydrated so the more you hydrate naturally from within, the stronger they are and the brighter they glow.

3) Avoid alcohol

Unfortunately, alcohol and the skin are never going to be the best of friends. Alcohol is a diuretic which means that it increases the frequency of urination to release the toxins from the body faster. This process, while it exists for the benefit of the body, dehydrates the skin and the complexion suffers.

If you do drink alcohol (and we’re all about balance!), try to alternate alcohol with water or choose water-based mixers such as soda. Always have a big drink of water before going to bed and do the same when you wake up.

4) Remove makeup

Party season is in full swing and for many, that means late nights and extra cocktails! If you only do one thing for your skin each day, please remember to remove makeup. By wiping away dirt and grime with a microfibre cloth, (and following by cleansing the debris from the day), you’re clearing pores to help cells function optimally.

By failing to clean skin, you can block pores with makeup, bacteria and environmental toxins. Not only can these particles cause breakouts and inflammation when combined with the skin’s natural oils, but cleaning the pores helps the serums penetrate further for longer-lasting results.

5) Apply Biologi

Biologi Serums are multiuse meaning that just one product can combat several skincare concerns. While you can listen to your skin to choose your products for the day, we recommend that over the holidays you pack one serum to simplify your routine meaning you never forget to apply the power of skin-loving actives.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is now available in 20 ml making it the perfect holiday serum. The bioactivity of the natural tryptophan keeps sun-exposed skin nice and hydrated while the powerful combination of vitamin C and ferulic acid reduces redness, combats the visible signs of ageing and gives skin an overall holiday glow!

Over the holiday period, it’s easy for a skincare regime can take a back seat. Follow these simple steps to make holiday skin your best skin yet!

To find out more, contact our customer experience team today.

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