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Five skincare new year’s resolutions to help you achieve glowing skin in 2021!

Five skincare new year’s resolutions to help you achieve glowing skin in 2021!

Five skincare new year’s resolutions to help you achieve glowing skin in 2021!

Five skincare new year’s resolutions to help you achieve glowing skin in 2021!

The New Year is finally here! As we say goodbye to 2020, many of us are about to adopt the traditional New Year’s resolutions of getting fit and saving money. This year, however, we urge you to consider your skin!

Here are our top New Year’s Resolutions to resolve skincare concerns and walk into 2021 with skin so bright it glows!

Skincare resolution #1 – I will always take my make up off

Removing makeup and cleansing at the end of every day are the most essential elements of a skincare regime.

At the end of every day in 2021, use a microfibre cloth to remove makeup and surface dirt before following with Bc Refresh Cleanser – the world’s first truly natural cleanser. This double cleanse removes all traces of impurities and prepares the skin’s surface to receive the active goodness found in all Biologi serums.

Skincare resolution #2 – I will listen to my skin

While the labels on the most popular products tell you what they can do for your skin, in 2021, let your skin guide you towards the products it needs. Intuitive skincare is the technique used to choose your products based on what the skin needs rather than applying something just because of what it says on the label.

On average, each cell works on a 28-day cycle. In that time, skin cells are formed, mature, die and shed with cells responding differently at each point of the cycle. If you notice dry patches or breakouts throughout the month, for example, use the products accordingly rather than persevering with a product that isn’t matching your specific needs at that time.

Skincare resolution #3 – I will trust the power of clean cosmeceuticals

Clean cosmeceuticals reply on bioactive ingredients for performance. Active ingredients alter the functionality of the skin from the outside in leading to faster, more noticeable results.

Additionally, clean cosmeceuticals are also ethically manufactured and completely free from potentially harmful ingredients. Bursting with nourishing actives, clean cosmeceuticals achieve results without the addition of SLSs, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrance, emulsifiers and even water.

Consumers have been conditioned to rely on the power of synthetic ingredients for performance. In 2021, we urge you to trust the power of clean cosmeceuticals which rely on nature for the power in every drop.

Skincare resolution #4 – I will drink more water

The skin is the body’s largest organ but one that the brain sees as the least essential. When you drink water, it’s naturally distributed to the organs that keep you alive first, such as the brain and heart. The skin is the last place the water is distributed to once the other organs are hydrated.

Drink between two and three litres of water a day to assist the skin’s natural hydrating processes and ensure skin cells are bright and complexions are dewy.

Skincare resolution #5 – I will take the less is more approach to skincare

Did you know that the only thing your skin needs to thrive is active ingredients? Many of the products we use are applied purely out of habit. Why not consider skin fasting in 2021 (you can read more about that here) to reset the skin’s natural processes, or reviewing all your products to learn whether they need to be part of your routine?

All Biologi serums contain thousands of active phytonutrients and are multiuse which means that just one product can treat many skin concerns.

2021 is here! To find out more about how to give your skin the New Year it deserves, contact our customer experience team today.

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