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As we head into a New Year, we couldn’t be more excited to witness the evolution that’s starting to take place within the skincare industry.

In 2018, consumers have been paying more attention to the ingredients used to formulate their products.

Not only that, customers are learning and understanding what they need to do to clear up long-term skin complaints, reduce sensitised skin and achieve healthier, more hydrated complexions.

We’ve also witnessed an increase in the respect of the integrity of natural plant extracts used in products, and a more thorough understanding of what phyto actives are really capable of without any extra help from synthetics.

Stepping into the New Year, the skincare industry is set to evolve even further. Here are seven skincare trends to watch out for in 2019.


1)Pure actives will be used more in skincare

Biologi is the world’s first 100% active, plant-based skincare serum and you’ll often hear us talking about the power of our natural actives.

Active ingredients are those which have been proven to change the structure of your skin at a cellular level. It’s the activity in a natural extract that does all the work. Everything else on your ingredients list is a synthetic filler designed to make the product work, smell nice, stretch further, or stay on your skin.

The level of activity in a product is important.

Most ‘naturally-derived’ products contain pure extracts that sit at about 2% activity. With such a low level of activity, the other 98% of the product is made purely from synthetics which can cause the symptoms of sensitive skin and exacerbate existing skin conditions

In 2019, you can expect consumers to choose products based on the level of activity – the higher, the better.

How Biologi is setting this trend: The full range of Biologi serums are made from extracts that are 100% active, so every last drop of serum changes the skin at a cellular level without relying on synthetics.


2)There will be a positive shift towards ethical skincare

As the planet starts deteriorating right in front of us, consumers are becoming much more conscious about sustainability and are looking for products that are not only natural and organic but also kind to the environment.

How Biologi is setting this trend: Biologi is the only skincare company in the world that controls every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish. We source botanical ingredients directly from Australian growers, own and manage the revolutionary extraction process, and oversee the fulfillment of orders.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we guarantee ethical processes and materials every step of the way; from plant to bottle.


3) Consumers will move away from moisturiser in favour of serum

Have you ever noticed that the more moisturiser you use, the more your skin relies on it?

This is because when you put moisturiser on your skin, your cells receive the message that they’re hydrated enough which slows down the internal hydration processes. Effectively, the more moisturiser you use, the drier your skin becomes. Eventually, skin cells stop hydrating naturally causing heavier reliance on moisturiser.

Serums differ because they seep deeper into the dermal layers and promote the skin’s natural hydrating processes rather than hydrate artificially as moisturiser does.

How Biologi is setting this trend: Biologi is the world’s first single plant ingredient serum that contains no synthetic emulsifiers or activating agents. Biologi replaces moisturiser, eye cream, face masks and face packs and any other moisturising product that is primarily formulated with artificial ingredients that make it easier to apply, smell nice and stretch further.


4) Multi-use skincare products will become more popular

Multi-use products are those which are used to treat a range of skincare concerns rather than layering multiple products as we’ve traditionally done.

Skincare routines have become more complex as time has progresses, and now consumers rely on many steps to hydrate, reduce the signs of ageing, reduce pigmentation, brighten complexion and reduce the symptoms of sensitivity.

How Biologi is setting this trend: Each serum in the Biologi range has been chosen to solve a variety of skin concerns, and we guarantee you can throw everything else out of your cupboard apart from Biologi, cleanser and exfoliator.


5) There will be a move towards transparency in the skincare industry with consumers questioning the formulation of their products.

Marketing messages in the skincare industry can be convoluted at best. At worst, downright untruthful.

Terms such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ don’t always meet the consumer’s expectations of the word and ingredients claiming to enhance a product (such as fragrance) can be known irritants that harm delicate cells leading to sensitised skin and aggravating existing skin conditions.

Consumers have the right to choose their skincare products but understanding all the information before they do so is essential. In 2019, we’ll see consumers adhering to their right to ask more questions.

How Biologi is setting this trend: Biologi is committed to providing a level of education about our products that doesn’t exist with any other skincare brand. We share Live broadcasts on our social media channels, regularly produce informative and educational written content and we reply to every single email, DM and private message we receive.

Our team of in-house experts provide personalised skincare recommendations unique to your skin type and concern free of charge, and we encourage everyone to question everything they’ve ever been told about skincare.

2019 is set to be the biggest year yet in the skincare industry, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to watch it grow.

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