Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have consistently clear skin?

That, even with little to no makeup, their complexion is balanced, hydrated and just seems to glow?

Well, let us tell you why.

Of course, a combination of good genes and the products used as part of a daily skincare routine will have an impact on creating an even, clear complexion, But they’re not the only factors to consider.

Here are five things people with clear skin do every day:

  1. They cleanse

You can’t move away from the fact that skin cells must be regularly cleansed to stay clear. Regardless of how much makeup is worn, toxins from the environment, including pollution and dust particles will block up pores, leading to a dull complexion.

Biologi recommends: Double cleanse at the end of every day to remove debris from deep in the pores. Cleanse again in the morning (before applying serum and sunscreen) to remove particles from pillows, sweat and bedding.

2. They exfoliate

Skin cells have a lifecycle of approximately six weeks. At the end of the cycle, they die and shed which can leave a complexion dull. Regular exfoliation keeps dead skin moving to make sure the only cells on your skin are healthy, bright and hydrated contributing to a radiant glow.

Biologi recommends: Apply a gentle exfoliating treatment once to twice a week being careful not to over-use harsh scrubs that can strip away the skin’s natural oils.

3. They pay attention to gut health

There are direct links between the health of the gut and the brightness of your complexion. Food intolerances, hormonal imbalances and general inflammation are critical factors to identify when dealing with issues such as acne, irritation and sensitivity.

Biologi recommends: Consume a balanced diet low in sugar and rich in essential oils for healthy skin. If you have specific skin issues, consult with a gut health expert to identify and combat particular imbalances.

4. They get enough sleep

While you sleep, your skin cells get a natural boost to brighten the complexion. Skin cells work all day to protect against environmental damage and sun exposure. During slumber, cortisol levels decrease, which can also help repair the damage from the day. Sleep is also the prime time for collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Biologi recommends: Get as much sleep as possible, but a minimum of seven hours of unbroken sleep will give cells time to repair.

5. They drink lots of water

The skin is the bodies largest organ but one that the brain sees as the least essential. When you drink water, it’s naturally distributed to the organs that keep you alive first, such as the brain and heart. The skin is the last place the water is distributed to once the other organs are hydrated.

Biologi recommends: Drink between two and three litres of water a day to assist the skin’s natural hydrating processes that leave skin cells bright and complexions dewy.

The quality of your skincare products (often combined with your genes) undoubtedly has an impact on a clear complexion. Get into these five simple daily habits too to for skin so bright it glows.

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  • Thanks for sharing these tips. It is so true that Sunscreen is everything. And knowing your skin type is definitely the first step to take care of your skin.

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