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Four things the skin loves more than ‘natural’ skincare

Four things the skin loves more than ‘natural’ skincare

Four things the skin loves more than ‘natural’ skincare

Four things the skin loves more than ‘natural’ skincare

Long before manufacturers started developing products for consumer use, the power of plants has been used to heal, nourish and protect the skin.

Over time, the skincare industry has evolved as manufacturers have learnt how to create synthetic versions of what the skin needs with marketing teams more than equipped to sell it.

In more recent times, brands have been working their way back to where the concept of skincare began.

More and more products are labelled as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘naturally derived’ to provide consumers with the (often false) confidence that what they’re putting on their skin is free from synthetics.

Unfortunately, natural skincare products aren’t always as pure as they seem.

Loose regulations surrounding what can be labelled as ‘natural’, ambiguous interpretations of ‘naturally derived’ and confusion surrounding what it means to be ‘organic’ aren’t always accurate when helping consumers choose what to put on their skin.

While we can talk all day about what natural really means, what we’d rather do is tell you what to look for instead of seeking out ‘natural’ on a label.

1)Active ingredients

The activity of a product refers to the bio ingredients and how they change the function of a cell. Products that are non-active achieve results purely from synthetics. If a product contains a natural ingredient at 2%, it is safe to say that 98% of the product is made up of synthetic ingredients or water that dilutes any activity.

2) Fragrance-free

Fragrance is one of the most common causes of skin irritation. Even essential oils added to give a product a natural smell are highly irritating and can cause skin sensitisation. Always choose products that are fragrance-free to reduce the toxic load on the skin and avoid impairing the barrier function. Fragrance (natural and synthetic) is only ever added to a product to make it smell nice or mask the smell of chemical ingredients, it serves no function to the skin whatsoever.

3) Repairing skin cells rather than treating symptoms

Consumers are in the habit of treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, sensitised skin and ageing with products designed to ‘cure’ the symptoms. Rather than applying synthetic solutions which can often do more damage than good, we recommend healing the deeper layers to repair broken barriers (the cause of many skin conditions) and nourish the skin on a cellular level. For conditions such as eczema and acne, there is no topical cure. Symptoms will only reduce when you repair the barrier function and identify and work on the causes rather than treat the symptoms.

‘Natural products’ are often formulated with synthetic ingredients that can have the reverse effect on the skin of what you’re trying to achieve.

4) Bio-active cellular skincare

The full range of Biologi products has been created from harnessing the power of pure plant extracts. We have combined nature with science and using a world-first extraction system can now extract plant nutrients in their active, stable state so consumers can apply them directly to the skin.

Our high performing plant extracts are fully active and repair, nourish and protect the skin on a cellular level making changes to the skin faster, more noticeable and longer lasting.

To shop Biologi’s range of fully active bio-active cellular skincare, visit our shop today.

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