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Four ways Bd Luminosity Serum gives you the Biologi glow!

Four ways Bd Luminosity Serum gives you the Biologi glow!

Four ways Bd Luminosity Serum gives you the Biologi glow!

Four ways Bd Luminosity Serum gives you the Biologi glow!

Bd Luminosity Serum is a Biologi OG.

Released as a signature serum at Biologi’s launch of clean cosmeceuticals, the extract of Davidson plum has withstood the test of time as a firm favourite among our customers.

And that’s no coincidence.

We chose Davidson plum because of its unique skin-loving actives. Not only do the nourishing phytonutrients hydrate while providing antioxidant protection, but regularly applying Bd Serum can also reduce redness and blemishes leaving users with the luminous glow we’ve all come to know and love.

Whether you’re a regular user of Bd Serum or your considering trying the unparalleled performance skincare for the first time, here are four ways Bd Luminosity Serum can give you the Biologi glow!

1) It can help reduce the symptoms of acne

Now, don’t misinterpret this. There is no topical cure for acne. Treatment of acne involves learning the particular triggers for your body and working backwards.

What Bd Serum can do, however, is utilise the power of the actives that work in synergy to keep pores clear and reduce redness. Not only can this reduce the anger in cysts and zits, but it can clear the rest of the complexion filling you with confidence in the process!

2) It’s a natural exfoliant

Bd Serum contains a powerful combination of skin-loving fruit acids including tartaric acid which works as a gentle enzyme exfoliant.

While we still recommend exfoliating with a manual exfoliant, applying Bd Serum daily can help regulate oil flow and clear pores to leave skin fresh and glowing.

3) It can reduce redness

Quercetin is a flavanol that lowers inflammation in the cells to reduce skin redness. Whether your skin has been overexposed to the sun or you’re experiencing blemishes caused by acne and breakouts, the antioxidant potential can help strengthen skin and build protection against damaging free radicals.

4) It contains anti-ageing actives

While Bk Rejuvenation Serum and Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum are our go-to’s for reducing the visible signs of ageing, Bd Serum also provides the benefits of gallic acid and anthocyanin, two potent anti-ageing actives.

Regularly applying the high performing plant actives can reduce the potential for early aging and delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use Bd Luminosity Serum

If you’re using Bd Serum for the first time, we recommend introducing it gradually to monitor how your skin responds to the fully active ingredients. Start by applying Bd Serum every other night while continuing to use your existing skincare products. After a week, introduce Bd Serum daily.

Applying active ingredients can cause the skin to go through a purging process as the toxins are eliminated. While all skin types respond differently, you may experience slight breakouts or a sticky sensation for a short time term after first using Biologi. Your skin may not purge at all, but if it does, this is a good thing. It means your pores are cleansing from all the toxins that have previously been applied.

Once your skin adjusts to the potency of the Davidson plum extract, apply to freshly cleansed skin as often as required. You can use Bd Serum twice a day, or alternate morning and night with another of your favourite serums.

Bd Luminosity Serum is currently 30% off for a limited time! To experience all of the amazing benefits of Bd Serum for yourself, click here to shop today. It won’t ever be this price again!

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