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Happy Birthday to us…Biologi is 3!

Happy Birthday to us…Biologi is 3!

Happy Birthday to us…Biologi is 3!

Happy Birthday to us…Biologi is 3!

Biologi was founded in 2017 as the first and ONLY brand in the world who could provide consumers with 100% active, 100% potent plant extracts in skincare.

As we celebrate our third birthday this week, we’ve remained steadfast in our promise to only provide unadulterated extracts that work on the skin just as they do in the plant…and nothing else.

The Biologi difference

Over the past three years, we’ve received thousands of testimonials from customers showing us how their skin has responded to the pure plant extracts contained in Biologi. Inflammation has reduced, pigmentation has healed, the skin is more balanced and hydrated, and the signs of ageing are slowing down.

These incredible results are all because we have perfected the extraction of living cells from plants and can hold them in stasis and transfer their properties into skin cells.

We’re committed to providing only high-quality, single-plant ingredients sourced directly from nature while continuing to develop and release products that really work.

This is the Biologi difference and is the reason we’ve grown beyond imagining since our launch three years ago.

With thanks to everyone who buys Biologi, likes and shares our posts, and has given us feedback over the past three years, we have achieved A LOT. Here are just some of our significant achievements.

Eight game-changing product launches

From our signature range of serums, Bk Rejuvenation Serum, Bf Hydration Serum and Bd Luminosity Serum, our range has quickly and decisively grown to eight products.

The addition of Bl Nourish Lip Serum, Br Organic Rosehip Oil, Bqk Radiance Serum and BC Refresh Cleanser and microfibre cloths means we’ve almost released two new products a year!

Will the product range expand any more before the year is out? Watch this space…!

Telstra Business Award finalist

Just after our second birthday, Biologi was selected as a finalist in the ‘Emerging and Energising’ category in the Telstra Business Awards. While we weren’t winners on the night, knowing that our potential to grow the brand has been recognised in such pivotal circles has only spurred us on further.

Over $20,000 raised for foundations close to our hearts!

While Biologi is a business first and foremost, we’re passionate about using our platform to spread awareness and raise funds for important social issues. On November 25, the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we donated 100% of all sales to Rize Up to support Australian victims of domestic violence.

Prior to that, we donated 100% of all sales on International Women’s Day 2019 to Breast Cancer Awareness in honour of Biologi Ambassador Sofi Leota and to support all Australian women living with breast cancer.  Watch this space as we raise awareness about organisations making a difference in the future.

Developed a world-first with our new Bc Refresh Cleanser

When Biologi launched in 2017, we believed that a single plant ingredient truly natural cleanser was impossible. Our scientific research told us that synthetic surfactants must be added to make the cleanser foam for it to be effective.

We were wrong.

Commitment to research and innovation led us to the soapberry and the world’s first 100% natural cleanser was born.

While we’re proud of all of our achievements, knowing that there are still many more ‘world firsts’ to come is perhaps the most exciting part of our journey for you, for us and for the industry.

Thousands of amazing before and after photos

Besides all our products and achievements, it’s the testimonials we receive from YOU that mean the most to us. We’ve seen people reduce their acne scarring, restore complexion, heal complex skin conditions, visibly reduce the signs of ageing and rebuild confidence.

For that, we’re extremely thankful to everyone who’s joined us in our first three years. We’re looking forward to where the next part of the journey takes us.

To celebrate our third birthday, we’ve created a LIMITED EDITION anti-ageing serum using extract of mountain pepper berry. These exclusive serums are only available as a gift FREE with every order, but only while stocks last! Click here to shop today and receive a third birthday present from us to you!

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