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Healthy skin is always in season! Seven skincare tips your winter skin will love

Healthy skin is always in season! Seven skincare tips your winter skin will love

Healthy skin is always in season! Seven skincare tips your winter skin will love

As the temperature drops across Australia, your skin will be showing the signs. Last season’s dewy glow and hydrated complexion have likely been replaced with skin that is dull, dry and perhaps itchy and sensitive.

But at Biologi, we believe that a healthy complexion is always in season! Much of a healthy glow comes from how we treat the cells so we want to share our best tips for healthy skin, whatever the weather!

  • Avoid hot showers

We know that a hot shower is the most tempting thing in the world on a cold day, but your cells won’t thank you.

Hot water can strip the cells of it’s natural oils meaning that not working as hard to hydrate themselves. Combine this with the drop in humidity in the air (which is where the cells get their hydration from), and you’re left with dry, flaky skin which can become irritated.

Keep showers to a minimum and as cool as you can tolerate.

  • Regularly exfoliate

As skin cells shed, it’s important to buff away dead skin cells to reduce dullness and keep pores clear. Use a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week choosing products carefully to avoid causing irritation.

  • Always wear sunscreen

We understand sunscreen might not feel essential during the cooler months, but trust us, it is! The weather can be unpredictable and particularly in Australia where even the dullest of days can clear with a moment’s notice, skin cells rely on UV protection.

You can read more about the importance of sunscreen HERE.

  • Use active serums instead of moisturiser

Winter is a marketer’s dream with products lining the shelves promoting the treatment of extra dry skin caused by the cold weather.

Unfortunately, moisturiser can have the opposite effect as it contains synthetic ingredients that hydrate from the inside out which can interrupt the skin’s natural hydrating processes. The more moisturiser you use, the more your skin relies on it and the more you need to stay hydrated.

An active serum such as Biologi’s Bd serum is rich in anthocyanin to hydrate the skin and give it a glowing, luminous effect. Our single-plant ingredient is extract of Davidson plum that works with your skin’s natural hydrating processes rather than against them to create more natural moisture.

Bf Hydration Serum is our go-to serum for winter-ravaged skin. Bf Hydration serum is extract of Australian finger lime and rich in ferulic acid which hydrates and conditions cells.

If you’re prone to eczema flare ups or extreme dryness in cooler temperatures, the tryptophan will help build barrier repair the barrier function while giving an immediate bust of hydration.

Br Rosehip oil is the perfect product to hydrate dry cells. Naturally bursting with fatty acids that strengthen the cell walls, applying regularly keeps natural moisture locked in.

When applied to dry patches, the potent combination of vitamins A and C also promotes cellular turnover to help brighten up a dull complexion.

Because Biologi products are fully active and the ingredients don’t actually like each other, we recommend you wait for five minutes after applying serum before applying Br oil over the top. This makes sure you get the full benefit of the active ingredients instead of them cancelling each other out.

  • Don’t forget the lips

The lips are made up of fewer layers of skin than the rest of the face which is why they become chapped and more sensitive in the cooler months. Before you go out into harsh winds or cooler temperatures, focus on strengthening the cells by applying Bl Nourish Lip Serum. The revolutionary serum is extract of blood red finger lime and rather than blocking pores or sitting on top of lips as other lip balms and glosses can, the active ingredients penetrate deeper to build protection in the lips.

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