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Hormones and your skin: How to naturally reduce the signs of post-pill acne

Hormones and your skin: How to naturally reduce the signs of post-pill acne

Hormones and your skin: How to naturally reduce the signs of post-pill acne

The contraceptive pill is formulated with synthetic versions of the hormones naturally produced in a woman’s ovaries.

While the primary use for the pill is to avoid unwanted pregnancy, many women also choose the medication to help clear skin conditions, particularly acne.

What happens to the body when you take the pill?

Androgens are the hormones responsible for sebum production. The synthetic hormones estrogen and progesterone can reduce androgens in the body which helps to regulate oil flow and reduce breakouts.

Unfortunately, when you take synthetic hormones, this can also disrupt the natural hormone system leaving sex hormones failing to regulate the way they’re supposed to.

Whether you’re taking the pill to avoid pregnancy, to help clear breakouts or for another reason entirely, when you stop putting the artificial hormones in your body, you must prepare for a detox period caused by the drastic changes in hormone levels.

Synthetic estrogen suppresses the sebum that causes breakouts so when the pill is stopped, the surge in sebum replicates what the body goes through during the teenage years. Enter pimples, breakouts, and in extreme cases, cystic acne!

Post-pill acne can start anywhere from the last pill up to nine months later. There’s no guessing how long it can take skin to return to normal but often as long as two years later.

How to cure post-pill acne

As with all types of acne, there’s no specific cure for post-pill acne. The skin only returns to normal once hormones regulate which can take as little as one month or up to two years.

While many turn to topical applications to reduce the spots, and even resort to going back on the pill, there are some natural things you can do to regulate hormones and reduce the signs of the breakouts.

  • Reduce toxins

What you eat and drink can have a significant effect on the appearance of acne. Reduce toxins that are known to cause inflammation such as sugar, alcohol and dairy and increase consumption of water and whole natural foods to reduce the irritation caused to your skin.

Taking the pill can also lead to the depletion of some nutrients essential for hormone regulation. Consider a consultation with a naturopath who can guide you specifically on magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and omega 3’s – all essential for healthy skin.

  • Consider a skin detox

You might be tempted to apply harsh, synthetic products to curb persistent breakouts but some of the formulation ingredients in these products can often lead to more problems than they solve.

Try to remove as many synthetics from your skincare routine as possible. Retinols are often found in anti-acne products and can be harsh on the skin and cause dryness, flaking and sensitivity. Foundations used to cover acne can also contain silicones which can block and irritate pores leading to sensitivity and more breakouts.

Benzoyl peroxide is another common ingredient in anti-acne skincare. While it can reduce blemishes, it also attacks healthy cells causing dryness, peeling, redness and sensitivity.

While there’s no topical ‘cure’ for acne, Bd Luminosity Serum harnesses the power of hardworking phyto actives to calm the skin, reduce redness and inflammation and gently exfoliate the pores.

Gallic acid and quercetin work together to reduce the prominence of post-pill acne and prevent further breakouts. Tartaric acid works as a natural enzyme exfoliant to break down dead skin cells, regulate oil flow and keep pores clear. It’s these hard-working nutrients that can reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts.

Post-pill acne can appear up to nine months after you stop taking the pill and may last for a significant amount of time. Before natural hormones regulate, it’s common for women to resort to medication to cure acne with many even going back on the pill.

These natural solutions will help manage sebum production while androgen levels return to normal leaving you with healthy, glowing skin, and a chemical-free body!

If you’re still taking the oral contraceptive, incorporate Bd Luminosity Serum into your skincare routine up to two months before your last pill to prepare your skin as much as possible.

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