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How Biologi is leading the way in Clean Cosmeceuticals

How Biologi is leading the way in Clean Cosmeceuticals

How Biologi is leading the way in Clean Cosmeceuticals

How Biologi is leading the way in Clean Cosmeceuticals

‘Cosmeceutical’ is the word on conscious consumers’ lips.

As the search for highly efficient products that harness the natural power of bioactive ingredients continues, cosmeceuticals are providing the eager masses with all the answers.

The term was created in 1984 and is formed from a combination of ‘cosmetics’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’.

Cosmeceutical products stand out because the active ingredients change the skin on a cellular level and improve the functionality of cells. Giving consumers what they really want from skincare, results from cosmeceuticals are generally faster, more noticeable and longer lasting.

Typical cosmeceutical products and ingredients include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Vitamin C
  • Plant actives
  • Antioxidants
  • Hydroxy acids – AHA and BHA
  • Botanicals
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin A

Clean skincare products are mindfully manufactured and free from ingredients that may harm health. As Biologi heals, nourishes and protects the skin using the power of highly performing plant actives alone, we sit firmly in a category of our own. Clean cosmeceuticals.

What are Clean Cosmeceuticals?

Clean cosmeceuticals are ethically developed, free from potentially harmful ingredients and rich in active ingredients to have a deeper, more positive effect on the skin.

You won’t ever find SLSs, artificial fragrance and colours, silicones, parabens, glycols, emulsifiers or even water in clean cosmeceuticals. In other words, when you choose clean cosmeceuticals, you’re choosing power in every drop.

With our range of fully active, undiluted products, we are proud to lead the way in the clean cosmeceutical space in the following ways:

Biologi products contain extracts in their purest and most active form and nothing else

Apart from a small amount of preservative required to keep the actives intact and working at optimal performance (sodium benzoate at 0.2%), every last drop of Biologi is fully active.

We don’t add any ingredients to enhance the results and help the actives perform better (because our unique extraction system means we don’t need to). Biologi products are all free from fragrance, water and any other ingredients that provide no benefit to the skin but may lead to sensitisation or irritation.

Every last drop of Biologi is fully active and heals, protects and nourishes skin on a cellular level. This is the clean cosmeceutical difference.

Biologi is committed to innovation

When Biologi was founded over three years ago, we’d known for a long time that our extracts were truly unique. At the time of launch, we’d ruled out creating products like cleanser believing surfactants and other synthetic ingredients would be required to make these effective.

We were wrong.

Earlier in 2020, after extensive research and trialling, we launched the world’s first truly natural cleanser harnessing the cleansing power of soapberry extract, and nothing else.

We are the first company in the world to perfect the extraction of living cells from plants, hold them in stasis and transfer their properties into skin cells. At the time of publishing, no other cosmeceutical brand in the world has learnt how to do this making us truly unique in the clean cosmeceutical space.

This breakthrough innovation demonstrates the commitment to creating a full range of products that doesn’t begin and end with serums.

Biologi is the world’s first phytonutrient skincare backed by data

The potency of every Biologi extract is available for public viewing. All extracts are tested at Southern Cross University’s Plant Science Analytical Services to identify the levels of active phytocompound content in every batch. A Certificate of Analysis (CofA) is provided and is available on request.

Biologi is the world’s first – and so far, only – provider of stable, active, plant-based vitamin C.

Traditionally, vitamin C is a highly unstable active ingredient often lasting less than 30 minutes post-extraction before it starts to decay and lose efficiency. Because of its instability, synthetic derivatives of plant-based vitamin C, usually ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, are used in skincare (check your ingredients label to confirm) where vitamin C is marketed as a hero ingredient.

Biologi serums are created using a revolutionary extraction method unavailable anywhere else in the world

Following years of research, Biologi founder, Ross Macdougald, designed and developed a revolutionary extraction system that mimics the plant’s closed internal cellular matrix. No one else in the world has learnt how to do this.

The cold liquid extraction closed system (CLECS) captures the plant’s phytoactive nutrients at their most powerful providing maximum benefit to the consumer.

Biologi is the first skincare company in the world to master the entire production process from plant to bottle

Biologi is accountable for the whole process from sourcing the organic ingredients to manufacturing and retail. No other skincare company can give as much transparency to the consumer over their products or can guarantee environmental sustainability in every area, even the packaging. This transparency allows us to make ‘clean’ choices that other cosmeceutical brands can’t.

Biologi is leading the way in clean cosmeceuticals. With more products and developments on the horizon, we’re working to make even more of an impact to truly revolutionise the skincare industry. To shop Biologi, click here today.

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