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The skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar a year market.

With consumer tastes and needs evolving quickly, it’s crucial that to retain a share of the income pie, skincare companies keep up with current trends and meet consumer demand.

Biologi is immersed in the skincare industry, and 2019 saw a significant shift in the way manufacturers and consumers approached the market.

With innovation at the core of our brand, we need to reflect on how skincare movements change to ensure we’re continually meeting the needs of consumers. Here are four significant changes that occurred in the past 12 months and how Biologi is at the forefront of this change.


1) A greater focus on transparency in labeling and marketing claims

It’s no secret that the skincare industry is largely unregulated. Retailers can make any claims they wish without divulging real information.

In June of this year, The Natural Cosmetics Act introduced in Washington stated that the terms ‘natural’ and ‘naturally derived’ used on cosmetic packaging must legally contain at least 70% natural substances.

In an industry where ‘natural’ or ‘naturally derived’ can (and does) mean a concoction of harmful toxins – this is an absolute game-changer.

We advocate every day for a fairer, more transparent industry, and we can’t wait for Australia and the rest of the world to follow suit.

How Biologi is at the forefront: Biologi products are fully active and work without the use of synthetic activating agents, fragrance or even water. We work tirelessly to raise awareness of the ingredients in the most popular products and encourage all consumers to learn how to read ingredients labels to understand that ‘natural’ can also mean ‘toxic’.


2) Focus on more quality ingredients

Consumers are becoming savvier about the ingredients used to formulate skincare. Labelling often states ‘no’ for preservatives, sulphates, parabens and all the things consumers are aware of.

It’s encouraging that there is a more significant focus on using quality ingredients rather than synthetic ones that can lead to skin irritation and illness, however, we remind you that ‘no’ ingredients lists are often used to detract from the ‘yes’ ingredients which are often harmful and can cause irritation.  You can read more here.

How Biologi is at the forefront: Biologi was created on the foundation that all the skin needs to function is nutrients, and nothing else. Using revolutionary extraction technology to keep plant extracts stable and active, our serums work exactly as they do in the plant.


3) The rise of A-Beauty

A-Beauty is the term used to describe easy-to-use skincare products that are formulated with native Australian ingredients.

The focus is on nature, wellness and simple products that work.

How Biologi is at the forefront: While we didn’t coin the term, Biologi products align with A-Beauty concepts.

Each serum is made from Australian native plant extracts. Our serums are untouched, meaning the incredible benefits of the phytoactives are passed directly to the skin. All serums are multiuse removing the need to layer the skin with synthetic products to achieve noticeable results.


4) The increasing popularity of skin fasting

Skin fasting is the concept of putting your skin on a diet and removing all the unnecessary ingredients from your skincare routine. This clears pores and helps restore the skin’s natural function so it can hydrate without the use of toxins. You can read more about it here.

How Biologi is at the forefront: Biologi is the only product you need to hydrate, balance complexion, repair damaged skin cells, reduce pigmentation and defy the signs of ageing. Our serums are fully active, and the pure plant extracts are free from all toxins, including fragrance, activating agents and even water.

When you choose Biologi, you’re choosing a brand that supports the less is more approach to skincare and provides education on which products to remove from your routine to protect your skin.

The skincare industry is changing and taking noticeable steps towards greater transparency and more respect for the integrity of skin cells.

Stay tuned in 2020 as we continue to remain at the forefront of change to create more transparency that leads to consumers making better skincare choices. Click here to shop Biologi today!


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