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How to choose a cleanser your skin will love! With just 4 simple steps.

How to choose a cleanser your skin will love! With just 4 simple steps.

How to choose a cleanser your skin will love! With just 4 simple steps.

How to choose a cleanser your skin will love! With just 4 simple steps.

Cleansing the skin has been part of daily skincare rituals for as long as we can remember.

As the simple days of soap and water have long since passed (for most), however, cleansing options have evolved.

A one-step routine has turned into ten. Processes have become more sophisticated. Formulations are more complex.

One of the most common questions the Biologi customer service team gets asked is ‘how do I choose a cleanser?’. With a myriad of supposed hard-working ingredients to choose from, it’s no surprise that consumers are confused.

We fully promote the use of natural actives in skincare and encourage consumers to avoid exposing cells to toxins where possible. But with so much conflicting information surrounding synthetic ingredients, greenwashing and what the skin really needs to thrive, we understand it can be confusing to know which products to choose to cleanse skin in the healthiest way.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the perfect cleanser.

Skin type, individual skin concerns and lifestyle factors such as quality of sleep and gut health all play a part when choosing the ideal cleanser. For this reason, it’s impossible for us to tell you which cleanser is most suitable.

While you should always receive a personal recommendation for specific products, here are our general tips for choosing a cleanser your skin will love.


Do your research

Many consumers use a cleanser simply because it’s what they’ve always used. This can mean skincare products which may not benefit the cells have become a go-to product for no valid reason. We encourage you to thoroughly research what your skin cells need for optimal health and choose a cleanser based on your skin type and individual skin concerns.

If a cleanser tingles, stings or burns, it doesn’t matter what the label says or what you’ve been led to believe, the product is harming your cells. While we’ve been taught that a cleanser that makes your pores feel tight is benefitting the skin, this is your cells way of letting you know they’re unhappy.

Your skin should feel smooth and fresh after cleansing, but never tight or irritated.


Learn what the ingredients mean

While you might think you need a science degree to decipher your ingredients label, there are some simple ways to understand what you’re really putting on your skin.

We won’t ever name brands that don’t support optimal cellular health but look for the common ingredient ‘propylene glycol’ on your cleanser or makeup remover label. It may also be labelled as PEG, PG or propanediol, hexylene glycol.

This is a common ingredient in mainstream cleansers that can damage cells leading to irritation and sensitivity. It’s also an ingredient used in de-icer and brake fluid. We definitely don’t want that going anywhere near our pores!



Biologi’s sister company, Plant Extracts, is a wholesale supplier of natural extracts. This means we know exactly how much it costs to provide quality extracts.

While we understand not everyone has the luxury of paying for expensive formulations, if the price seems too good to be true, it’s likely the product is packed with synthetics that can increase the toxic load on your skin.

If your budget can’t stretch to a quality cleanser, consider saving up or adding one to your birthday wish list. Quality skincare is worth the investment.


Avoid fragrance

Fragrance is one of the most common allergens in Australia. The harsh formulations are often responsible for damaging skins barrier causing sensitivity leading to stinging, redness and irritation.

Fragrance provides no benefit to the skin and is added purely to mask the often-pungent smell of formulating chemicals.  Always choose a fragrance-free cleanser (different to unscented), to avoid toxic overload and sensitisation.

We can’t advise you on which cleanser to choose but we can offer you a personalised customer service that will help you decide on the best product for your skin. To receive tailored skincare advice personalised to you, contact our customer service team today.


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