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While exact numbers are hard to quantify, veganism is a lifestyle choice that’s rapidly gaining momentum across Australia.

A vegan is someone who, either for ethical, health or environmental reasons, avoids consuming or using animal-based products.

While we primarily think of food choices, veganism also extends to the clothes people wear and the products they use.

In line with the growth of the popular trend, according to recent research released by Grand View Research, the vegan cosmetics market is forecast to reach 20.8 billion USD by 2025.

What this means as far as skincare is concerned, is that it’s in manufacturers’ interests to keep up with the choices consumers are making.


How to choose vegan skincare products

Products that have been certified vegan through Vegan Australia are easily identifiable by the Vegan Australia Certified stamp. For a product to receive this tick of approval the following criteria must be met:

  • “the product must not contain any ingredients derived from animals
  • animal products must not be used in the manufacturing process
  • the product and its ingredients must not be tested on animals by the manufacturer or a related entity
  • any ingredient that may be of animal origin must have a traceable supply chain
  • reasonable steps must be taken to minimise cross-contamination”

Unfortunately, with a piece of the 20.8 billion animal-free pie at stake, vegan skincare is one of those terms that may not be as clearly defined as it first appears.

With limited regulations surrounding skincare labelling, it’s easy for manufacturers to mislead consumers into believing their products are vegan with clever greenwashing strategies.

Marketing taglines like ‘cruelty-free’ (doesn’t need to be proven) and ‘animal-friendly’ (who isn’t?) are often used to build up a brand image without any further evidence that a product is actually free from animal products.

If a product’s marketing is focused on veganism and health but doesn’t have the vegan stamp, dig a little deeper into the company before you use the product.

Our consistent advice to consumers is to learn about the ingredients in your products so you can make informed choices about skincare. Here are some ingredients that can’t appear in ‘vegan’ skincare and should be avoided if veganism is your goal.



Honey is a natural antibacterial and antioxidant and is often found in face masks and products designed to soothe and calm irritated skin. While honey may seem like a natural alternative, it’s made from bees so if a product contains it, it’s not vegan.



Lanolin is an ingredient used in products designed to hydrate skin. While it’s designed to lock water in the skin, lanolin is an oil secreted by sheep to protect their wool and can’t be found in vegan products.



Vegan collagen in skincare or supplements is a myth. Collagen is a protein present in the body responsible for firming skin and creating elasticity. Collagen cannot be absorbed topically through the skin and natural supplements designed to boost collagen production and make people look younger are all taken from fish or animals and cannot be considered vegan. If collagen claims to be vegan, it’s completely synthetic and won’t work.



Glycerine (or glyceril) is a liquid compound present in many moisturisers and cleansers used for its hydrating properties. While glycerine MAY be derived from plants, the most common source is animal fat so if glycerine or any form of it is listed on the label, we’d urge you to proceed with caution.

Veganism is yet another area where consumers are at risk of greenwashing strategies. While a vegan lifestyle may have been chosen for health or ethical reasons, we urge you to do your research before using products claiming to be vegan.

Biologi’s full range of products are 100% vegan containing only plant extracts the skin needs for healthy cellular turnover. We don’t add animal products into Biologi because the skin doesn’t need them to be applied topically. And if the skin doesn’t need it, our products won’t contain it.

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