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How to repair and strengthen a damaged skin barrier for healthier skin

lady smiling in front of window

How to repair and strengthen a damaged skin barrier for healthier skin

lady smiling in front of window

How to repair and strengthen a damaged skin barrier for healthier skin

If a glowing, flawless complexion is what your skincare dreams are made of, it’s time we talked about the skin’s protective barrier.

Now, if you can put your science cap on for a moment, it’s time to understand how the skin is formed.

The skin consists of three layers.

The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

The outer dermal layer of the epidermis functions to lock moisture into the skin and keep toxins and potential irritants out of the deeper layers.

Still with us?

When the protective layer becomes damaged, the nerve endings in the dermis become exposed and easily irritated. Toxins can then get into the deeper layers leading to the following:

  • Stinging or redness when you apply specific makeup or products
  • Irritation is extreme weather such as wind or sun
  • Skin that is impossible to hydrate
  • Dry, itchy, red, flaky or skin that stings to touch.

There are many causes of a damaged barrier. Stress, overexposure to pollution and environmental toxins and lack of sleep are some of the more common.

While many products target sensitised skin (the most common sign of a damaged barrier), these are often filled with synthetic formulating ingredients that can make the problem much worse.

Enter some skincare education!

The most effective way to repair a damaged barrier is to first heal the cells. Next, we can strengthen the barrier to avoid future damage.

Follow these simple tips to help repair and strengthen a damaged skin barrier.

Avoid touching your face

The hands are covered in millions of bacteria that can irritate skin and clog pores.

While we advocate for good hand hygiene at all times, the only way to avoid putting bacteria on your face is to avoid touching it unless absolutely necessary.

Wash hands thoroughly before applying products but don’t forget to dry skin properly before applying Biologi serums. You might already know that water can dilute the active ingredients and reduce efficacy.


The skin cells get their hydration from the water you consume.

If cells become dehydrated, this can irritate and damage the cells further. Drink a minimum of two litres of water every day to support the skin’s natural hydrating processes.

Get familiar with the ingredients label

Once a barrier is damaged, the ingredients applied to the skin can often make the symptoms much worse. When toxins contact the damaged nerve endings, the result can be stinging or tingling. Avoid synthetic formulating ingredients while you give the barrier a chance to heal.

Harsh ingredients such as synthetic acids, fragrance, fillers and many preservatives will almost certainly react to a damaged barrier by inflaming already delicate skin cells so avoid at all costs.

Avoid occlusive products

While we won’t ever name products to avoid, petroleum-based products and some heavy creams used to treat wounds can lock bacteria and foreign objects into the skin making irritation worse.

Emulsifiers used to create the thick consistency of moisturisers can block pores and further damage the protective barrier.

Avoid products marketed towards sealing in hydration as these ingredients can often trap other nasties beneath the skin’s surface leading to pain and discomfort.

Exfoliate once to twice a week

We don’t recommend using a harsh scrub on delicate skin, but it is important to keep pores clear and free from bacteria where possible.

Avoid choosing abrasive scrubs and instead opt for a gentle enzyme exfoliant to use on damaged skin.

Apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum contains a powerful synergy of hard-working active nutrients designed to heal and repair a damaged barrier and reduce the symptoms of sensitised skin.

The extract of Australian finger lime is a natural source of tryptophan chosen because of its ability to reverse the damage and repair the barrier function of the skin.

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is also a source of plant-based vitamin C. Fully active and completely stable; the vitamin C works in synergy with the bioactive nutrients to reduce redness, inflammation and ease pain and discomfort.

How to introduce Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of a damaged skin barrier, we recommend removing as many products as you can for at least two weeks. By removing synthetic ingredients, you’ll avoid further damage and give the barrier chance to heal.

Apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum morning and night until you’ve used a whole bottle. You can then introduce another serum of choice to nourish and strengthen the barrier to avoid further damage

A damaged dermal barrier can lead to pain, discomfort and, in extreme cases, avoidable chronic skin concerns. To shop Bf Restore Face & Body Serum, visit our website today.

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