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How to use Biologi products with professional skin treatments

How to use Biologi products with professional skin treatments

How to use Biologi products with professional skin treatments

How to use Biologi products with professional skin treatments

While we understand the power of using plant nutrients to nourish and strengthen cells and treat a range of skincare concerns, we also understand that for many skin concerns, Biologi is just one pillar to healthy skin.

When concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation and premature ageing are present, often professional skin treatments can accelerate the cellular healing process and strengthen cells for the future.

At Biologi, we’re skincare experts.

Managing director, Lucy Macdougald, is a professional dermal therapist who understands skin and what the cells need to thrive. Our products are developed based on the plant nutrients chosen for their specific benefits to the skin.

In many cases, adopting a multidimensional approach to skincare and integrating Biologi with specific professional treatments is where the true power of plant nutrients can shine.

If you’re unsure of where to start, here’s our complete guide to using Biologi serums alongside professional skincare treatments.

Choose a Biologi stockist for your treatment

Not all professional skin treatments were created equal. We highly recommend choosing a clinic that stocks and uses Biologi and is aware of the positive impact of using plant nutrients for the benefit of the skin.

Our business partners are located all over Australia and even in Europe but if you’re unable to get to a specific stockist for your treatment, we recommend ringing ahead and asking if you can take your serum with you in place of their products. Depending on the salon this may be acceptable, or it might not be so it’s best to check in advance.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that refines the skin and encourages cell renewal. The painless treatment can help those looking for fresher looking skin and to minimise fine lines.

Other benefits of ongoing microdermabrasion can include:

  • Smoother skin
  • Brighter skin tone
  • Better skin colour
  • Shrunken pores
  • Reduced age spots


LED (light emitting diode) uses wavelengths to provide different biological effects on the skin.

Red light LED stimulates the fibroblast cell to increase blood flow and collagen production and can be used for:

  • General skin rejuvenation
  • Ageing
  • Sun damage and healing

Blue light LED reduces the over activity of the sebaceous gland and is recommended for:

  • Acne and oily skin

Serums to use

After non-invasive treatments, apply ¼ pump of Bk Rejuvenation Serum around the eyes and your chosen Biologi serum to the rest of the skin. If added nourishment is required, we recommend applying Br Organic Rosehip Oil to the face after the serum has penetrated.

Skin needling

Skin needling is designed to create trauma to the skin to stimulate and generate new collagen and skin tissue formation.

The skin is punctured hundreds of times creating micro channels that begin the process of wound healing and leads to skin regeneration. This also allows active ingredients in serums to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Numbing cream

Skin needling can cause short-term discomfort so many therapists will apply numbing cream. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we advise that you DO NOT apply numbing cream before the treatment.

While this might make the short treatment less relaxing, numbing creams contain harsh synthetic formulating ingredients. When the pores are opened, these ingredients can inadvertently be pushed down deeper into the dermal layer if they’re not removed properly. This can damage cells and cause sensitised skin and irritation.

  • Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Because skin needling causes trauma to the cells, it can leave skin red and slightly bruised. We recommend applying Bf Restore Face & Body Serum as the antioxidants can promote healing to help skin repair faster. Avoid wearing makeup for as long as possible and avoid direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours post-treatment.

There’s a place for professional skin treatments as part of a multidimensional approach to skincare. When used in conjunction with Biologi, results are faster, more noticeable and longer-lasting. Click here to shop Biologi today.


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