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As winter in Australia gets underway, your skin may be showing signs of the lack of moisture in the air.

Gone is the environmental humidity that keeps skin cells naturally hydrated and gives you your dewy glow.  Instead, you might notice dry, tight and flaky patches that don’t seem to improve regardless of the products you use.

What causes dry skin in winter?

The skin of a healthy adult is made up of approximately 64% water  which, among other things, keeps cells naturally healthy and hydrated. This water is sourced from nutrition, fluids, and the environment.

When the humidity in the air drops and the environment becomes cold and dry, as it does in winter, the drop in moisture levels can lead to dry and flaky skin that needs a helping hand to improve.


The problems

As consumers, the first thing we do when skin becomes dry is reach for moisturising products targeting winter skin problems.

While this is understandable because this is what we’ve been told to do, in many cases, this can intensify rather than solve the problem because excessive moisturising essentially causes the skin to become lazy.

Finding moisture from external sources slows down the natural process of water production and the skin then becomes reliant on thick, creamy, synthetic products for hydration. Products which are often filled with harsh chemicals that block pores and potentially harm the barrier function of the skin.

And a damaged barrier function leads to…that’s right, dry skin.

When the air warms up, the dryness is often still present because the skin has now become dependent on the external sources of moisture.

While these moisturising products appear to provide short-term relief to dry winter skin, they’re essentially creating a vicious cycle that doesn’t really solve the problem at all.


The solutions

At Biologi, we understand skin, and we know that to maintain adequate levels of hydration, even during the winter months, you need to work with your skins natural hydration processes to encourage skin to produce moisture for itself.

Healthy adults can mostly maintain adequate hydration for healthy skin, follow these simple steps to help keep skin hydrated even during the winter months.

  • Take shorter, cooler showers

While standing in a hot steamy shower at the end of a cold day will appeal to most, this is the worst thing you can do for dehydrated skin.

Long, hot showers strip your skin of naturally produced protective oils. Without these natural oils, the cells have to work a whole lot harder to hydrate which, without the extra hand from the environment, often results in dry skin.

Turn the water temperature down as much as you can tolerate and make your showers fast to preserve the natural self-moisturising oils.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine are both considered diuretics meaning they increase the amount of urine produced and can lead to dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, skin cells become dry and flaky in appearance. Avoiding these two dehydrating culprits will help skin maintain natural hydration levels and remain supple.

  • Drink more water

The skin is the bodies large organ, and it relies on at least two litres of water a day to function at optimal performance. Yes, even when it’s cold outside!

While the skin is a barrier that protects your vital organs from environmental damage such as toxins, water is pumped to the vital organs (brain, lungs, heart and kidneys)  first, and the skin secondary.

As the skin is the last organ that receives water, it’s the first place you’ll notice lack of hydration. Without the air humidity to keep you hydrated you need to make sure you’re quenching the thirst of all your organs, skin included.


The ideal winter skincare routine

Even if you do everything you can to support water production in the skin naturally, you can also give your skin a helping hand from the outside too by following these simple steps.


  • Buff and exfoliate

Every two to three days, use a gentle exfoliator to buff and remove the build-up of dry skin cells. Left on the surface, dead skin looks flaky, patchy, and can cause clogged pores which can leave your face and body looking dry and dull.

Regular exfoliation as part of a winter skincare routine keeps skin bright and hydrated and will help new cells shine through.


  • Use Bf serum all over the body daily

Our Bf body serum is a wonder serum during winter months. The pure extract of finger lime in Bf is rich in ferulic acid which is a nourishing anti-oxidant that hydrates and protects the deeper layers of the skin.

The serum is water-based which allows for better penetration into the dermal layers.  The fruit acids in Bf serum offer an enzyme exfoliation which keeps dead skin cells moving to reduce the appearance of dry skin and to avoid occlusion.

Further, Bf serum is entirely natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetics to disrupt the body’s natural processes which can lead to long-term problems with hydrating naturally.


  • Use Bk serum on the face at night

Bk serum is rich in vitamin C which combats the UV damage that can lead to dry skin. Bk serum is pure Kakadu Plum extract and contains potent antioxidants to protect from drying free radicals. While Bk serum is essentially designed for the eyes, if you’re experiencing dry, winter skin, apply all over the face every night after cleansing and let the natural serum penetrate the deeper layers overnight.


  • Use Bd serum on the face daily

Rich in Rich in Gallic Acid and quercetin, Bd serum is a powerful anti-oxidant that keeps moisture locked into the deeper layers to help the natural hydration process. Apply Bd serum in the morning before your sunscreen to keep skin naturally hydrated throughout the colder days.

Biologi serums are completely natural and don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can dry skin even further and cause sensitivity and reliance on synthetic products.

When you choose Biologi, you don’t need an eye cream, day moisturiser or night moisturiser. Our serums are so naturally powerful they keep a plant healthy and hydrated in winter, and because they’re 100% active, they’ll do the same for your skin cells too.

Stay hydrated naturally this winter, click here to shop Biologi today and hydrate winter skin once and for all!


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