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Less Is More : A Beauty Changing The Skincare Game

Less Is More : A Beauty Changing The Skincare Game

Less Is More : A Beauty Changing The Skincare Game

A-Beauty is the homegrown Aussie beauty trend capitalising on our nations’ love for anything fast, easy and effective.

In stark contrast to the complex K-Beauty (born out of Korea) movement where results hinge on complicated steps and products, A-Beauty focuses on native extracts, simple steps and natural results.

The up and coming ‘Australian’ Beauty trend is quickly becoming a global phenomenon that Biologi is enthusiastically getting on board with. Aligned with the traditional Australian laidback lifestyle, there are two defining elements of A-Beauty:

1) The use of native ingredients

The ‘Land of Plenty’ is never a more appropriate name than when referring to Australia’s natural botanical resources.

Native plants have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing reasons by Indigenous communities across Australia. Providing hydration, nutrition, pain relief and protection against the elements, Australia’s botanical sources are fresh, effective and available in abundance.

Chosen for their naturally potent healing and soothing properties, native fruits such as Kakadu plum, quandong and Australian finger lime are all key ingredients that form the foundations of A-Beauty skincare.

2) Simple and effective

A-Beauty formulations traditionally adopt a less is more approach to beauty products.  The actives found in A-Beauty skincare are clean, effective and multifunctional meaning they do the hard work, so consumers don’t have to!

Aligning with the laid-back Aussie culture, A-Beauty products get the job done quickly and efficiently meaning less time spent on skincare and more time spent enjoying our lifestyle.

While Biologi didn’t coin the term, our full range of single native plant ingredient serums is a keen front runner in the A-Beauty game. Here’s why we love the trend, and why you should too!

All the skin needs is active ingredients

Traditional skincare products are packed with toxic ingredients including chemical activators, irritating fragrance, occlusive emulsifiers and even water to dilute natural actives.

None of these formulation ingredients make the natural actives work any better, but they do reduce the efficacy of products and can also cause sensitised skin and irritation.

Once you remove harsh formulation ingredients and toxins, all you’re left with is active phytonutrients vital for the optimal performance of each cell.

Supports skin fasting

Skin fasting involves removing all (or as many as you can) makeup and skincare products to reduce the build-up of toxic load on the skin. The concept is based on reducing reliance on synthetics which your skin may not really need to help restore natural hydrating processes, balance PH levels and strengthen the natural protective barrier.

Beauty routines that overload the skin with synthetics are, according to our research, unnecessary and can damage the protective barrier that protects the body.


When you apply plant serums to the skin, the natural actives work in synergy to produce a range of benefits. Multiuse A-Beauty products mean the consumer has less to buy and therefore more savings!

How Biologi is A-Beauty approved

A-Beauty promotes the use of Biologi’s full range of single-plant ingredient skincare, and we couldn’t be happier!

All Biologi products harness the power of one native plant extract. Existing serums are extracted from Kakadu plum, quandong, Davidson plum and finger lime.

At Biologi, we understand that toxic ingredients used in common skincare products may lead to sensitivity, acne and chronic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. We’ve stripped back skincare routines to include only what the skin needs; untouched, active plant nutrients that work on the skin just as they do in their original plant source.

To purchase A-Beauty-approved skincare, click below to choose an Australian native serum that works on the skin just as it does in the plant.

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