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Men’s skincare: Natural solutions to four common skincare problems experienced by men.

Men’s skincare: Natural solutions to four common skincare problems experienced by men.

Men’s skincare: Natural solutions to four common skincare problems experienced by men.

Men’s skincare: Natural solutions to four common skincare problems experienced by men.

Stereotypically, men have it much easier than women when it comes to skincare.

As marketing campaigns would have you believe, women appear to spend much longer than their male counterparts applying luxurious face masks and indulging in complex skincare routines.

Men, on the other hand, can get away with a quick facial rinse, a 30-second shave and a splash of cologne all in super-quick speed!

We’re not convinced this myth is true and know without a doubt that many men pay just as much time and attention to their skincare routine as women.

Whichever end of the skincare spectrum the men in your life currently sit, the skin is the largest organ and must be properly cared for to function at optimal performance. Skincare problems don’t discriminate between gender, and nor do we!

Here are some of the most common skincare problems faced by men, and our top tips to overcome them naturally.

Men…this is for you!

  1. Oily skin and acne

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sebum production. Men who experience elevated levels of testosterone are more prone to oily skin which can lead to acne.

Too much sebum can cause blockages in the sebaceous glands as excess oil mixes with dead skin cells and debris such as bacteria. Blocked pores can cause inflammation which then leads to angry, pus-filled breakouts.

While testosterone production generally starts in the teenage years, unlike women, men’s hormones stay reasonably consistent throughout their life meaning those prone to oily skin and acne are likely to face this as an ongoing challenge.

Biologi solution:

Rather than treating oily, acne-prone skin with harsh treatment cleansers designed to dry out sebum, instead opt for a natural cleanser to clear blocked pores followed by an application of Bd serum.

The naturally-occurring tartaric acid in Davidson plum reduces redness while working as a delicate enzyme exfoliator to gently clear pores of excess sebum and dead skin reducing the likelihood of breakouts.

Apply Bd serum once or twice a day after cleansing to keep skin cells clear.


2) Ingrown hairs

Of course, one of the most noticeable differences between women and men’s skin is facial hair.

Unless a beard is the style of choice, shaving becomes a regular grooming event for adult men which can lead to a whole host of skin problems, none more painful or irritating than ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are more common in areas that are shaved as the constant movement of the razor places ongoing stress on the delicate facial area and can cause hairs to turn back on themselves and grow inwards.

If ingrown hairs are left untreated, the hair follicle may become infected and require clinical intervention.

Biologi solution:

Always use a sharp razor and shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid disturbing the natural course of the hair. If a hair does grow back into the follicle, regularly apply a warm compress to open up the pore and encourage the hair back outwards.

If a hair follicle becomes inflamed, regularly apply Bd serum to the whole face. Quercetin is a natural flavanol that lowers inflammation and reduces skin redness.

Remember that if a hair follicle becomes infected, only prescribed antibiotics will clear the infection, so use Bd serum regularly as a prevention, but never as a cure for infected skin or pores.

Regular exfoliation will also avoid incidences of ingrown hairs. Removing dead skin cells will leave the pores clear so the hair has a clear path outwards instead of.


3) Sensitive skin

Men’s skin is naturally much thicker than women’s but regular shaving, harsh aftershaves and lack of attention to skincare routines can often lead to sensitive skin that is just as uncomfortable and sore as it can be for a female.

Products formulated especially for men often take into account the fact that men’s skin is much tougher, so they may contain harsher ingredients on the misleading understanding that a man’s skin can better withstand the ingredients.

Biologi solution:

  • Avoid aftershave

The main ingredient in aftershave is alcohol, and it’s traditionally sold to help dry out pores and minimise the risk of shaving cuts and nicks. The next most prominent ingredient is fragrance, many of which are chemically-occurring and may cause allergies and further irritate already sensitised skin.

Both alcohol and fragrance may interrupt the natural moisture of the skin which can damage the dermal barrier causing painful, sensitised skin.

If you can’t leave home without any aftershave, consider spraying a handkerchief with your favourite cologne and carrying it in your pocket.

  • Avoid harsh cleansers

To improve sensitised skin, you must first repair the damaged barrier function. Remove harsh facial washes from your skincare routine that may contain harmful activating ingredients and instead opt for a natural cleanser followed by Bf serum.

Tryptophan is an amino acid found in finger lime which helps to repair the barrier function of the skin to reduce the symptoms of sensitivity.


4) Shaving rash

Shaving rash is a common problem with few completely escaping the pressure a razor places on delicate skin cells. Shaving rash may occur from prolonged irritation to sensitive areas, putting too much pressure on the skin by using a blunt razor, or simply lack of hydration when shaving.

Whatever the cause, shaving rash can present all over the face and neck and can be painful, unsightly and embarrassing.

Biologi solution:

  • Avoid shaving

Whether or not you’re a fan of the bearded or designer stubble look, a shaving rash is your skin’s way of telling you it’s not happy. The rash or spots are an inflammatory response indicating that hair is not growing as it should and pores aren’t clear. Give your skin a break and avoid shaving while the skin cells repair.

The anthocyanin in Bd serum promotes the skin’s natural hydrating processes and locks moisture into the deeper dermal layer while the quercetin soothes the skin and reduces the redness caused by the rash.

While men’s skin may be up to 25% thicker than women’s, it deserves just as much care and attention to function at its best and protect the body. Men, we’ve got your skincare woes covered too, click here to shop Biologi today!

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