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Moisturiser versus serum is a hotly contested debate in the skincare industry.

While many prefer to lather their skin in thick, hydrating creams and lotions; others prefer the lightness of a water-based serum.

Some say you need both.

Others say you need neither.

At Biologi, we’re all about presenting the facts to help consumers make their own informed choices.

No marketing. No gimmicks. Just facts, pure and simple…just like our products.

What’s the difference between serum and moisturiser?

Moisturiser has been manufactured commercially and sold as an essential part of a skincare routine since the late 19th century.

Moisturiser is creamy in texture and is designed to hydrate, protect and repair damaged skin.

Over time, moisturisers have developed into a product that consumers rely on. As ingredients and technology have evolved, the creams are created with complex formulas and arguably more synthetics and chemicals to achieve the results that consumers are looking for.

Moisturisers are explicitly designed for every part of your body – face, hands, body, eyes, lips and even feet and toes.

Wherever in the world you are, and whatever your skin concern, we guarantee there’s a moisturiser that claims it can fix it.

Serums, on the other hand, are water-based allowing the ingredients to penetrate the skin at a much deeper level.

Serums lack the thick, heavy occlusive ingredients that create the full texture of traditional moisturisers and because they’re not formulated with chemically-based emulsifiers and thickening agents, they generally contain more natural active ingredients that won’t get spoilt by interaction with chemicals and water.

With a full range of completely natural serums designed for face and body, it’s no secret that here at Biologi, we favour serum over moisturiser.

And the primary reason for this is that while moisturisers are fulfilling their claims of smoothing out fine lines and reducing the sensitivity of skin, we’re aware of the long-term damage that moisturisers may cause your skin.

And that’s what we want to share with you.

While some moisturisers contain better quality ingredients than others, the texture of a cream or lotion alone should be an indicator of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that have been used to manufacture your product.

Even if the cream contains extracts of a natural source (which would have to be in extremely low levels to withstand the chemical solution it’s presented in), it is pure chemicals that create the style, texture and smell that you’re used to in your moisturising pots.

And those chemicals can have a long-term impact on your skin, and not necessarily in a good way.

Here are some potential implications associated with long-term use of moisturiser.


Long-term sensitivity

In a study published by PubMed, skin barrier function was evaluated after long-term use of moisturiser containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a popular ingredient in many moisturisers and lotions.

The results suggest that long-term treatment with moisturisers on normal skin may increase skin susceptibility to irritants and damage barrier function.

A damaged barrier function means that skin cells don’t hold in natural moisture. This damage can lead to skin sensitivity, dryness, and acne that can take a lot of time and effort to repair.

SLS is a binding or foaming agent that isn’t needed to make water-based serums work meaning that the ingredients don’t create the same sensitivity.

While moisturisers may provide some short-term relief to dry skin, they work by trapping the body’s natural moisture beneath the skin. On the flip side of this, they also trap chemical irritants found in those moisturisers potentially increasing sensitivity further.

Serums, on the other hand, don’t form this barrier and allow the skin to breathe as it’s designed to do reducing the likelihood of sensitivity.


Skin becomes less able to care for itself

Long-term moisturising can disrupt the natural hydrating processes. If the skin feels as though it has enough moisture, the body becomes lazy and doesn’t naturally produce hydration itself.

While you sleep, the body naturally rejuvenates and creates new healthy cells, releases toxins and stabilises oil production. Using heavy night-time moisturisers that claim to work while you sleep can effectively block pores and keep impurities trapped IN the skin.

On the surface, it may feel like your skin is smooth and hydrated, underneath it’s doing the exact opposite and hindering the natural process.

In comparison, serums are more likely to support the body’s natural processes including hydration and cell rejuvenation by penetrating active ingredients at a deeper level.



The body is made up of billions of skin cells which begin their lifespan deep in the dermal layer, long before they become visible.

In the dermal layer, individual hair follicles are attached to sebaceous glands.  These glands produce sebum, an oily substance that helps carry the dead skin cells to the surface of the skin where they shed to make way for the new cells.

If the pore becomes blocked with toxins, bacteria or irritants such as chemicals or dead skin cells, the oil flow can be disrupted leading to breakouts or acne.

Over time, thick, heavy moisturisers can disrupt the pores ability to breathe and cause blockages that lead to breakouts.

Serums are absorbed much more efficiently and don’t create an artificial barrier that can trap synthetic ingredients and impurities leading to pimples.


Biologi serums are an all-in-one skincare solution that can replace the need to use all moisturisers. Night cream, day cream, body lotion and eye cream can all be replaced with a Biologi serum designed to solve your individual skincare concerns.

We strongly recommend against using Biologi serums with a moisturiser.

Applying a moisturiser over the top will dilute active ingredients, potentially cause occlusion, and reduce the efficacy of our naturally active product.

Biologi serums work in harmony with the skins natural processes to hydrate, even out skin tone, reduce the signs of ageing and minimise the likelihood of breakouts and acne.

Choose one natural product, choose Biologi. Click here to shop today.


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