As a new mum or mum-to-be, you’ll understand the all-to-familiar apprehension of wanting to do the very best for you and your bub.

Nutrition. Health. Wellness. There’s no doubt motherhood can be a minefield with each decision carrying responsibility and potentially more overwhelming than the next.

Throughout pregnancy and into childhood, there are many things that won’t be able to control. But where you do have a choice is what you put on your and your baby’s skin.

When you fell pregnant, you may have been advised to cease using harsh retinol-based moisturisers or chemical enhancers such as Botox to protect your unborn baby during pregnancy. Or,  with the ingredients in your skincare products penetrating the skin and potentially entering your system, you may have taken more of an interest in the actives and ingredients in your products and made a conscious choice to move towards low tox products.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or you’ve just given birth here’s why – if he or she could talk – your baby will thank you for using Biologi.


It won’t harm them when breastfeeding

Regular body moisturisers may smell nice, but to a breastfeeding baby, the residue can taste foul. Not only that, toxic synthetic ingredients used to formulate hydrating body creams and bio-oil recommended for the breast area can quickly enter the baby’s system while feeding posing a health risk.

Biologi products are all single-plant ingredient serums free from emulsifiers, fragrance and synthetic activating agents. Biologi nourishes and hydrates the skin and is so pure you can drink it, making it completely safe for breastfeeding babies.


It’ll help their cradle cap

There’s nothing worse for a baby than when they’re getting ready for a photo shoot or to meet important guests, and their cradle cap is flaking into their bonnet! As a baby’s delicate skin adjusts to their new environment after being in the womb, skin cells can become dry, particularly on the head area.

While cradle cap may be a visual concern, it can also cause itching and stinging, which can irritate the baby.

Bf serum contains the active ingredient tryptophan, which is an alpha amino acid that repairs the outer layer of skin and strengthens the protective barrier. Further hydration comes from the active ferulic acid which retains the natural moisture within the cutaneous layers of the skin to leave baby’s head smooth, soft and supple.

Free from synthetic activating agents, Bf serum can be applied multiple times a day without risk of causing irritation.


It’ll help with irritation caused by nappy rash

Nappy rash is a common newborn ailment which can cause pain and sensitivity. Barrier creams are the most common treatment to stop chemicals found in urine penetrating the delicate skin and causing pain.

The counter effect of this is that while toxins can’t get in, they also can’t get out. Pores blocked with toxins and occlusive ingredients can halt the skin’s natural healing and hydrating processes delaying healing and causing further irritation.

Bf serum is a natural source of tryptophan which helps build protein hydrolysate moisture into the skin helping it breathe while hydrating. The potent natural active helps avoid irritation and sensitivity caused by trapping toxins in the cell’s deeper layers.


It’ll protect them from environmental toxins

Once the baby has left the safety of the womb, they’re no longer protected against free radical damage caused by the sun and pollution.

While you can lather up your newborn with SPF, sunscreen won’t provide antioxidant protection that can damage skin cells.

Bd serum is a natural source of the potent actives gallic acid, tartaric acid, anthocyanin and quercetin. Working in synergy, these natural actives hydrate and build up the skin’s barrier to protect against UVA rays and other harmful toxins found in the environment.

The full range of Biologi serums is 100% active and free from artificial fragrance, synthetic activating agents and occlusive ingredients. Safe enough to drink, trust us when we say, your baby will thank you for choosing Biologi.

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