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National Vitamin C Day – Celebrating six reasons plant-based vitamin C is a must in skincare!

National Vitamin C Day – Celebrating six reasons plant-based vitamin C is a must in skincare!

National Vitamin C Day – Celebrating six reasons plant-based vitamin C is a must in skincare!

National Vitamin C Day – Celebrating six reasons plant-based vitamin C is a must in skincare!

What was once known as an ingredient effective for boosting immunity and warding off colds and flu, these days, vitamin C is firmly placed as a must-have ingredient in skincare.

And because of it’s significance, Sunday April 4 is marked as National Vitamin C Day!

To celebrate this essential skincare ingredient, we’ve chosen to mark the day by sharing six reasons we can’t live without vitamin C in skincare.

1) It helps you look younger for longer

As we age, the collagen responsible for keeping the skin smooth and supple starts to slow down. Vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin to increase skin elasticity and slow down the visible signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles.

2) Reduces pigmentation

Vitamin C is known to inhibit melanogenesis. What this means for your skin is that it reduces the coloured pigmentation to create a more even skin tone. Applied regularly, vitamin C can reduce the visibility of sunspots and brighten the complexion.

3) Reduces the appearance of dark circles

While dark circles can be genetic, they can also be caused by the thinning of the delicate under-eye skin which exposes the blood vessels. Applying vitamin C directly to the delicate under-eye area can strengthen cells and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Yes, even after a bad night’s sleep!

4) Helps skin combat damaging rays from the sun

The sun emits damaging UV rays which can damage cells and dry out the skin. Vitamin C hydrates dry cells and aids cutaneous metabolism to prevent skin alterations and defy the early signs of ageing.

5) Antioxidant potential

Vitamin C strengthens the skin’s outer layers and builds up antioxidant protection to defend against damage caused by free radicals.

6) Reduces inflammation

Vitamin C works hard to repair damaged cells to reduce redness and help the skin recover from irritation and overexposure to the sun.

Applied regularly, it’s easy to see why vitamin C is non-negotiable in skincare.

Whether you’re focussed on anti-ageing, hydration or simply to heal, repair and nourish the cells, vitamin C contains a powerhouse of micronutrients that can repair a multitude of skincare sins.

Vitamin C extraction technique

Unfortunately, while vitamin C in skincare IS essential, choosing effective vitamin C products ISN’T as straightforward as it sounds.

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable once extracted. Within 30 seconds of contact with air or water, the vitamin starts to deteriorate and provides no benefit whatsoever to the skin. To combat this rotting, in most skincare brands, vitamin C has been replicated with a synthetic formulation labelled as some form of synthetic ascorbic acid. Traditionally, this is the only way vitamin C has been included in skincare products. What this means is that vitamin C in traditional skincare is inactive and any results achieved are entirely synthetic.

Biologi has developed a revolutionary extraction system enabling us to be the first (and so far, only) skincare brand in the world that can extract stable vitamin C and provide fully active vitamin C in your skincare bottle.

We do this by also extracting the phytonutrient protection (PNP™) that keeps the vitamin C active, stable and mimics the function in the skin cells just as it does in the plant.

If you’re ever unsure whether you’re applying natural or synthetic vitamin C, always read the ingredients label before you apply a product. Synthetic vitamin C is formulated with potentially harmful toxins and will always be labelled as ascorbic acid or a derivative thereof.

To celebrate National Vitamin C Day, we’re giving away a FREE Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum (5ml) with every order over $99! To get yours, click here to shop today.

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