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New Year, New Budget! Six financially savvy skincare tips to help you save money in 2022

New Year, New Budget! Six financially savvy skincare tips to help you save money in 2022

New Year, New Budget! Six financially savvy skincare tips to help you save money in 2022

The New Year is upon us! And, post-holiday season, you might be like many consumers and want to focus on finances after a period of extended spending.

When creating a strict budget, skincare is often classed as unnecessary spending.

The luxe products you love so much are replaced with cheaper alternatives that we convince ourselves can achieve just as effective results.

But before you dial back your skincare spending, here are our financially savvy skincare tips that will help you save money WITHOUT forgoing your products. And that’s a skincare program we can all get on board with!

1)Drink more water

One of the easiest ways to improve hydration and restore skin clarity is to drink more water. Put down the expensive tagline and pick up a glass of H20, for free! Drinking water supports the body’s internal hydrating processes. By consuming up to three litres of water a day, you’ll notice stronger skin cells and a dewier complexion.

Did we mention this is free?!

2) Ditch the makeup remover

Removing surface dirt and makeup from the skin is an essential step in every skincare regime, but it doesn’t have to come with an ongoing price tag. Ditch the single-use wipes and bottles of synthetic solution and invest in microfibre cloths activated by water alone. With correct care and usage, each cloth can be used up to 200 times. Not only are microfibre cloths kinder on the wallet, but kinder to the planet too.

We recommend following makeup removal with Bc Refresh Cleanser for a superior clean that thoroughly deep cleans pores and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper giving more value in every last drop.

3) Choose multiuse products

While consumers are well-versed in applying a plethora of products to achieve outstanding skincare results, all the skin really needs to thrive is one thing. Active ingredients.

Bioactive ingredients that work on the skin just as they do in their original plant source can treat a range of skin concerns in one application. Biologi serums are jam-packed with thousands of plant nutrients that address a range of skincare issues with just one product.

If hydration is your biggest concern, we recommend applying an extract of finger lime (Bf Restore Face & Body Serum) which also provides stable, plant-based vitamin C for antioxidant protection and anti-ageing potential.

If acne and a dull complexion are your Achilles skincare Heel, Davidson plum (Bd Luminosity Serum) targets redness and irritation while helping to clear pores naturally and reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts.

One bottle of multiuse serum wipes out the need for every moisturiser product on the shelf. And that includes eye cream, day cream, night cream and face masks!  Not only are multiuse products kind to the bank account, but they save space in the bathroom cabinet too. Win, win!

4) Apply active ingredients

Our number one tip for saving money is to harness the power of active ingredients. Active products change the function of the skin on a cellular level leading to faster, more noticeable and longer-lasting results.

Biologi serums have potent active power in every last drop. When you choose 100% activity, you’re not paying the cost for expensive formulation ingredients that work synthetically, you’re paying for maximum absorption of phytonutrients without the toxic load on the skin.

5) Rely on Intuitive Beauty

Skin cells have an approximate 28-day cycle and the skin has different needs at every stage. You might be more prone to breakouts during ovulation, or perhaps you experience drier skin at the end of the cycle as cells shed and die. Intuitive Beauty helps you understand the skin you’re in and what it needs at specific stages. Learning about your complexion can help you make product choices based on the skin cells rather than listening to often-costly product taglines.

6) Consider a skin fast

The most cost-effective way to head into the New Year is with a skin fast.

Removing as many products from your skincare routine as possible (including makeup!) will help the skin restore natural cellular functions, increase hydration and balance PH levels.

Skin fasting is a short-term way to save money, but in the long-term can help you identify the products you don’t really need to save money in the future.

You get what you pay for

Remember, if the cost of skincare is too good to be true, it probably is. The only way manufacturers can produce products at a cheaper rate is by formulating active ingredients with harmful synthetics to make them stretch further. Unfortunately, this increased toxic load on the skin usually comes with the side effect of skin irritation and ongoing sensitivity.

Biologi has always taken a less is more approach to skincare. We believe in only applying the active ingredients the skin needs without adding synthetic formulation ingredients and even water that can dilute the natural activity.

To shop our full range of multiuse products, visit our website to shop today.

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