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Oil Soluble Versus Water Soluble Ingredients And Why The Skin Needs Both

Oil Soluble Versus Water Soluble Ingredients And Why The Skin Needs Both

Oil Soluble Versus Water Soluble Ingredients And Why The Skin Needs Both

Choosing skincare products that can achieve healthy, glowing skin requires more than a marketing claim on the side of a bottle!

The key to a bright complexion instead lies in a solid understanding of how the skin functions and the active ingredients required to support natural hydrating processes.

Today, it’s time to put our science caps on! Keep reading as we discuss oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients, and let you know how the products you choose can help the skin function optimally…based on science!


How does the skin hydrate?

The skin receives natural hydration from both oil and water. Unlike oil, the skin can’t produce water by itself. The only way to increase hydration is therefore by consuming it (through drinking water, smoothies and in food) or applying water-based products.

Oil, on the other hand, is produced in the pores with a key purpose to hydrate and protect the skin.

Dehydrated skin is a result of a lack of water and may be tight or dull even after moisturiser has been applied. Dehydration stems from a range of factors including alcohol consumption, overexposure to air conditioning, free radical damage and sun exposure. This lack of water in the skin cells can contribute to early ageing and a damaged barrier function which can cause sensitivity.

With dehydration having such a significant impact on the overall health of cells, it’s therefore extremely important to regularly apply water-based products containing active nutrients that can be absorbed by the skin.

Dry skin is the result of a lack of oil and may display as rough or flaky skin.


What are water-soluble ingredients?

A water-soluble ingredient is simply one that’s dissolvable in water.  Water-soluble vitamins are more easily absorbed by the body and ideal for balancing dehydrated skin.


What are oil-soluble ingredients?

Similarly, oil-soluble ingredients can only be dissolved in oil. Oil-soluble ingredients commonly used in skincare include essential vitamins such as, vitamin A and vitamin E. Oil-soluble ingredients are suited to hydrating dry skin.

The full range of Biologi serums is jam-packed with water-soluble vitamins found in plants. Active ingredients such as vitamin C and phenolic acids are easily absorbed into the deeper dermal layers to provide a range of benefits to the skin such as reducing inflammation and defying the visible signs of ageing.


How to treat dehydrated skin

Skin cannot produce water itself, so it needs to be hydrated regularly. Avoid dehydration by drinking more water, avoiding the sun and applying water-soluble, easily absorbed serums. Bf serum contains a unique combination of fruit acids that nourish and protect the face and body. The potent combination of tryptohan and pherulic acid work in synergy to lock moisture into the skin to aid hydration.


How to treat dry skin

Applying oil-based products isn’t always necessary as the skin produces its own oil. If you’ve recently found that the skin is dry, however, you can apply an oil product such as Br rosehip oil.

Br oil contains a combination of natural oil-soluble nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and beta carotene designed to reduce sensitivity, hydrate, reduce blemishes and build antioxidant protection.


The verdict

The skin may need both water and oil-soluble nutrients to balance the moisture. The key to getting the best results is to always apply your water soluble serum before your oil. .

We recommend applying serum in the evening and waiting a minimum of ten minutes before applying your oil over the top.

A large part of the battle of choosing the best skincare products can be won with a thorough understanding of how the skin hydrates itself naturally. To find out more, contact our team today.


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