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Our ingredients: A spotlight on Blood Red Finger Lime.

Our ingredients: A spotlight on Blood Red Finger Lime.

Our ingredients: A spotlight on Blood Red Finger Lime.

Our ingredients: A spotlight on Blood Red Finger Lime.

When we chose the single plant ingredient for our newly released Bl Nourish Lip Serum, extensive studies and research led us to the blood red finger lime.

Known for its distinctive sweeter edge on traditionally sour limes, the blood red finger lime is a hybrid cross between the red finger lime and the Ellendale mandarin. It’s a relatively new kid on the fruit extracts block only being commercially available since the early 2000s.

As with all our extracts, blood red finger lime can be eaten straight from the tree or added as an ingredient in sauces, condiments or beverages. You might also find blood red finger lime used in garnishes and salads.


Why did we choose blood red finger lime for Bl Nourish lip serum?

When designing the Bl Nourish Lip serum, we knew we were bringing something truly unique to the market.

We didn’t want a gloss or balm that sat on top of the lips causing congestion like traditional lip products can. This extract needed to be more efficient and contain actives that naturally nourish while penetrating cells deeper to work faster and for longer.

With high performing actives that naturally meet the cellular needs of the lips, read on to find out why blood red finger lime is the only fruit extract to consider putting on your lips.


It’s naturally hydrating 

Blood red finger lime contains an uncompromising combination of active nutrients including amines, phenolic acid and flavone glycosides.

Unlike the rest of the face, the lips don’t have sebaceous glands which means they lack natural oils and are more prone to dryness and cracking, particularly in extreme weather.

Lips are also made up of significantly fewer layers of skin than the rest of the face making it harder to retain moisture. Applying phyto nutrients that nourish the lip cells exactly as they do in their natural source keeps lips smooth and supple without the need for any other synthetic.


Natural antioxidant protection

Blood red finger lime is an Australian bush food well known for its antioxidant potential. Lips are generally less protected from sunscreen than the rest of the face so building cellular protection is essential for healthy lips.


It tastes delicious!

Blood red finger lime is burgundy in colour with a uniquely sweet and sour flavour. When you first apply Bl Nourish lip serum, the hardest part is not licking it off your lips before the actives have had time to penetrate the cells! We don’t add unnatural flavours or fragrance to any of our products, so we’ve chosen a fruit rich in sugar alcohol (deoxy glucitol) so it tastes nice naturally.


Available all year round

Blood red finger lime thrives in warmer climates but can survive in cooler seasons too. All our extracts must be readily available all year round to ensure we can consistently deliver the products that you love best!


Reduce redness and irritation

The lips are less protected than the rest of the face making them more susceptible to dryness and irritation. Blood red finger lime is supercharged with flavone glycosides and phenolic acids to naturally diminish redness and irritation (but are not a substitute for sun protection) to keep lips supple and healthy.


Safe to use around the mouth

We know that the products you use on your skin and especially around the mouth can end up in the body, so we choose only the purest, most natural ingredients. Because blood red finger lime naturally contains everything we need to hydrate, nourish and protect the cells, we don’t need to add any toxins that can harm the system.

Bl Nourish Lip Serum is single-plant extract of Blood Red Finger Lime and sodium benzoate at 02%. Apply Bl Nourish Lip Serum daily to nourish the cells as an overnight treatment, or throughout the day for a burst of hydration and shine. Click here to shop Bl Nourish Lip Serum today.

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