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The Beauty Diary: What is clean beauty? We explain it all.

News.com.au | March 2020

News.com.au’s beauty columnist Rebekah knows a thing or two when it comes to beauty, so needless to say we were honoured to make this feature on clean beauty.

As Rebekah explains, there are a lot of Beauty Diary readers chatting about Biologi in their Facebook group – and in Rebekah’s words ‘that’s because it’s so darn good’. Speaking of Biologi’s Bqk Serum duo, ‘holy guac, these two serums together are like magic’.

From the first morning application, Rebekah’s skin was instantly brightened and less puffy around the eyes, an area she struggles with being a night owl who has to wake up before sunrise every day.

Further explaining that Biologi’s Bqk is the most simple product, with just two ingredients in each, noting that it will definitely simplify your skincare routine if you’re looking to strip back and get back to basics.

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