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Skin Care Sets and Bundles

Whether you want to get a skincare set that will have all the products you need in one place or you are looking for a great gift option for any kind of occasion - Biologi skincare bundles are your perfect go-to option!

Multi-Purpose and Minimal Skincare Sets

At Biologi, we are all about combining traditional knowledge about healing plant properties with the well-researched, safe formulas of science. Our skincare sets are no exception - all the products are formulated to make a fantastic combination to give you the best skin possible. Here are a few points to help you guide through our collection of skincare bundles:
  • Bbright Skin Bundle is a perfect skincare bundle for those who want help to even out the skin tone, brighten it or help reduce pigmentation. The main active product is Bqk Radiance Face Serum Duo featuring natural vitamin C extracted from the Kakadu Plum Fruit. This morning and evening serum set works synergistically to help gently brighten the skin tone and hydrate your skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.
  • BHydrated Skin Bundle helps to fight dehydration and skin dryness. Bc Refresh Cleanser delicately cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oils, while Bf Restore Face and Body Serum and Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum (full of antioxidants and amino acids) aim to restore the water balance of the skin and lock moisture into the skin layers, making your skin feel hydrated and plump.
  • BAge-Defiant Skin Bundle is perfect for those looking for a product to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Bc Refresh Cleanser helps to cleanse effectively whilst retaining its moisture while Bm Regenerate Anti-Aging Serum’s special formula encourages collagen production, while the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry found in Bm helps to naturally promote skin elasticity, increase hydration and support ageing skin.
  • BClear & BControl Skin Bundles help to fight breakouts and acne without drying out your skin. The main active serum is the Bd Luminosity Serum which contains 100% active phyto-actives and phytonutrients from the Davidson Plum, rich in natural tartaric acid to encourage cell turnover and flavonoids that help to reduce the redness associated with breakout prone skin conditions.
  • BCalm Skin Bundle is a great option for people with skin prone to inflammation. Bc Refresh Cleanser gently cleans the skin, while Bf Restore Face and Body Serum aids in hydrating and restoring the skin barrier, soothing irritation and reducing skin redness.
  • Save My Skin Bundle contains not one, not two, but three Biologi serums that work in harmony to target a variety of skin concerns: dehydration, scarring, pigmentation and discolouration as well as sensitive, acne and breakout prone skin. If you want to make sure you have control over your facial skin health and appearance - this skincare set is a must!
  • Complete Cleansing and Exfoliation Bundles. These two bundles are great as individual steps in your skincare routine to cover the basics. Try the Cleansing Bundle which features our Bc Refresh cleanser, wash bag and microfibre cloths to remove impurities and promote healthy, hydrated skin. Our Exfoliation Bundle also includes the Bc Refresh cleanser, cloths and wash bag in addition to 15 sachets of our Bx Reveal exfoliant. Discover the capabilities of Soapberry extract when you introduce our powerful exfoliant into your skincare routine.
If you are just starting out on your skincare journey and are unsure which products to buy or what kind of routine to follow, read our article on the ideal skincare routine and our glossary outlining different skin concerns. If you want to know why Biologi is the best skincare brand, learn all about our plant-based vegan ingredients here.

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  • Complete Cleansing Bundle
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  • Complete Exfoliation Bundle
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  • BBright Skin Bundle
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  • BHydrated Skin Bundle
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  • BAge-Defiant Skin Bundle
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  • BClear Skin Bundle
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  • BCalm Skin Bundle
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  • BControl Skin Bundle
    $130.00 & & & & & & & & & &
  • Save My Skin Bundle – Serum 3 Pack
    $240.00 & & & & & & & & &
  • BRecover Post Treatment Kit IN CLINIC EXCLUSIVE ONLY
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