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Product Expiry Dates How To Tell If Your Skincare Has Passed Its Best

Product Expiry Dates How To Tell If Your Skincare Has Passed Its Best

Product Expiry Dates How To Tell If Your Skincare Has Passed Its Best

Product Expiry Dates How To Tell If Your Skincare Has Passed Its Best

When you go to the fridge, it’s immediately clear if food has expired.

The smell will be off, or the texture will have changed. And, if those key indicators don’t give it away, the printed ‘use by’ date is the ultimate decider!

When it comes to skincare, however, a printed expiry date isn’t a legal requirement in Australia. Some products might display a best before date or a recommended months usage after opening, but skincare expiries generally require a little more guesswork.


Why expired products are cause for concern

As you’re not directly consuming skincare products like you do food, it’s logical to ask why using expired skincare products might be an issue.

The biggest problem with an expired product is that the formulation ingredients can decompose.

At one end of the scale, this can leave the product useless. At the other, the rotting ingredients can cause toxic build-up on the skin which can lead to blemishes, acne, and even infections.


How to identify expired products

Without the requirement for packaging to identify when a product has expired, and without a taste test being an option like it is with food, it is not always initially clear whether a skincare product has passed its best.

Here are the two most effective ways to check:


  • Change of smell

If the smell changes, throw it out. Most (not all) traditional skincare products contain fragrance. As fragrance has no proven benefit to the skin and is usually added simply to mask the smell of the synthetic formulating ingredients, if these ingredients change structure to the point they overpower the fragrance, they’re definitely no longer safe to put on your skin.

  • Change of texture

To create moisturisers, lotions and creams, a variety of formulation ingredients are required to get the smooth, silky texture that you’re used to. If these ingredients start separating, become lumpy or bind together, it means the chemical makeup has changed and the formulation ingredients no longer complement each other.

Because of the potential damage that expired ingredients can cause to the skin (yes, even natural ones), we don’t recommend you ever test a product and see. If your products change in smell, sight or texture, throw them away.


How to avoid skincare products expiring

There’s nothing worse than throwing out your favourite product but we never recommend you use anything that shows signs of being out of date.

To save money and avoid waste, these tips will help you get the most from your skincare purchases:

  • Always buy one skincare product at a time

While ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘three for two’ offers might seem tempting, the more products you buy, the less chance you’ll use them all within the recommended date. Buy products one at a time and give your skin a chance to respond in the process.

  • Keep products in a cool, dry room

We know the bathroom is traditionally where skincare is kept, but make sure it’s in a cupboard and away from shower steam and direct sunlight. The humidity and extreme temperatures can accelerate the degrading process causing ingredients to become less effective sooner.

  • Avoid products in pots

Every time you put your hands into a pot of moisturiser or lotion, you risk transferring the millions of bacteria that are harboured in your fingertips into the product. The bacteria are then left to fester in the pot and transferred back to your face the next time you use it. Choose products in air-tight pumps or tubes to avoid exposure to contaminants.


Biologi serums expiry date

Biologi serums are the first and only single-plant ingredient extracts on the market. The serums are made up of one plant extract and a small amount of sodium benzoate preservative at 0.2%.

Active ingredients (those that change the skin on a cellular level) can degrade over time and with exposure to air, water and bacteria.

Because our serums only contain one single-plant ingredient, we can say with certainty that the natural extracts are effective for approximately six months once opened, and two years unopened.

If you have a bathroom full of expired products, throw them away! While the best-case scenario is that the products may not work anymore, at the other end of the scale you could seriously damage delicate skin cells leading to infections and ongoing skin concerns.

To purchase Biologi, visit the website today.


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