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Bd – Luminosity Face Serum

Davidson Plum
93 reviews

Bd is a potent, 100% active, water-soluble serum. Designed to invigorate dull skin, improve complexion and clarify skin prone to oil and breakouts.

Using Australian native Davidson Plum that boasts 4 incredible phyto-nutrients which have a broad range of skin efficacies.

  • Gallic acid has astringent properties and can help to calm and reduce redness
  • Tartaric acid helps improve the appearance of pores and redness, and reduces sunspots
  • Anthocyanin is naturally stimulating helping improve cell turnover, it is also a potent antioxidant
  • Quercetin offers antioxidant protection and strengthens the skin’s barrier


*NB: If a skin is highly sensitive then we recommend you start with the Bf or Bk serum first to help improve the barrier function of the skin. The Bd can then be introduced thereafter. Due to Bd having high potency, it is common to experience skin purging when you first introduce this serum to your regime – click here to read more about why this is one of the best things that can happen to your cells.


  • 30ml
  • 5ml

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93 reviews for Bd – Luminosity Face Serum

  1. EMily (verified owner)

    I was so skeptical about this serum, but was desperate to find something to keep my post pill skin at bay. My Bd serum arrived 4 days ago and I’m absolutely blown away. I wasn’t expecting to see much change in the first week but my acne scarring has dramatically reduced. I also love how simple my skincare routine is now. Thank you biologi for making such a beautiful product!

  2. NICOLE JACKOWSKI (verified owner)

    Best hydration for my skin Ive ever used.

  3. isabellatattam (verified owner)

    I have been using this serum for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I have suffered from acne since I was 14 and this is by far the best product I have ever used. Of course you still need to address the root cause of your acne but this serum has definitely helped me to fight off hormonal acne, especially since coming off the pill earlier this year. The 30ml bottle lasts me approximately 10 weeks of use morning and night so it’s really not as expensive as you first think. Some nights I will also use the rosehip oil on top if my skin needs it but otherwise, you need nothing else. I recommend this product to anyone who has even mild acne as I think it’s amazing.

  4. Kristen (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with the Bd serum. Since using it I have noticed my skin is a lot smoother and my blackheads have reduced! First product I have found to actually make a difference. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

  5. Renee Rushbrook (verified owner)

    I use this serum before biologi rosehip oil each night – my skin loves it! It’s cleared up irritation, rosacea and dryness, reduced pores . I could see a difference after a few days ❤️ Great product – used during my pregnancy and breastfeeding too .

  6. Victoria (verified owner)

    I was recommended to use the Bd supplemented with the Bqk pack. I battled with large cystic acne on my chin and it progressively got worse due to gut inflammation. In conjunction with remedying the gut issues, I can’t recommend this product enough! I saw results within 2 weeks. Reduced my extensive skin regime and now only use the serum, a cleanser, and exfoliate once or twice a week. Have yet to encounter a breakout since. No purging, and a little goes a long way, so worth the price. Plus you reduce the amount of money you would normally spend on numerous other products.

  7. MaDDIE King (verified owner)

    I’m not being dramatic when I say THIS PRODUCT CHANGED MY LIFE! I had trialed every acne treatment under the sun, stripping my skin and destroying the skin barrier and nothing would help my acne flareups. Simplifying my routine with just a cleanser and the Bd serum did wonders for me – cleared all my breakouts, scarring and texture and saved me so much time and money I used to waste on useless harsh products that didn’t help my skin. It feels lovely on the skin, isn’t sticky & is perfect under makeup. I also love that I know it’s 100% natural with no nasties.

  8. Jasmine

    The Bd serum is amazing!! It honestly makes my face look and feel so fresh every time I use it. After struggling with adult acne for the last 5 years & trying various medical & dermatology treatments (chemical peels & prp) I can say without hesitation that I have noticed the biggest improvement in my skin in just 4 weeks after using this serum! TRULY AMAZING.. THANK YOU BIOLOGI ❤🌻🌙

  9. AschA (verified owner)

    Using the Bd serum completely transformed my skin. I experienced extensive hormonal breakouts through the early stages of my current pregnancy and had tried different things to calm the inflammation. I started Bd in collaboration with a new Quite Frankly cleanser and I’m blown away by the result. I haven’t had an active breakout in close to 2 months now, and will now look to focus on the scarring. Amazing!

  10. nana bagashvili

    Due to my oily and acne prone skin (I don’t have active/inflamed acne though) this particular serum made the most noticeable changes on my skin (in a few days!) as it visibly cleared my pores and evened my overall skin texture. Bd added a natural and healthy glow to my skin leaving it hydrated and plump. Can’s stop looking into the mirror after this serum, so drastically it changes the texture of my skin. Less is more is about all the Biologi products. I can’t thank you enough for the magic happening on my face

  11. Jessica Alexander

    After struggling for years with hormonal acne, sensitive skin and giving up hope in ever having ‘normal’ skin I bought Biologi. The Bd serum, I’ve only been using a couple weeks after buying a trial pack, has made me cry tears of joy! Malassezia runs in my family as well as Marfan Syndrome (degenerative fibrillin) most serums wouldn’t even absorb into my skin let alone do anything as dramatic as this! I have spent thousands on dermatologists, naturopaths, products and treatments, nothing has come close to your magic serum! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my skin feel like skin again! If you’re reading this review I implore you to give it a try, you will never look back! I know I won’t!

  12. Tracey-Maree Smith (verified owner)

    I have to let people know that my skin and my daughter’s skin got much worse when using the BF, BD and BK. I have been through menopause and my skin was clear from acne for the first time in my adult life. The products made it break out in strange clear congestive lumps and it gave me perioral dermatitis which I am prone to with some natural ingredients. It took about 4 weeks to heal when we stopped using the product. I do love the concept of the product and the all natural ingredients, I just think that some skin types do not work well with it and should not continue through what may not just be a purge stage. I am however thinking of trying the newest product to see if it reacts with my skin, so I will post a review if I do.

  13. Gabby

    This is the best product I’ve used on my face! I have sensitive acne prone skin, and since using the Bd serum morning and night for the past 4 months, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin. I haven’t experienced any breakouts in months, and my scarring is slowly fading. I’m on to my second bottle and will continue using!

  14. Jasmine (verified owner)

    Can I just say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for providing me with the best skin care I have ever used in a bloody long time! My break outs were absolutely terrible and my skin was horrible dry and flaky. I was at rock bottom and lost all my confidence leaving the house bare face. And skin care treatments seemed to be doing nothing.
    But after I purchased the Bd and Bf serums my skin has done a complete 360 and I’m absolutely loving it! I use the Bf during the day and Bd at night and it’s a routine I’ll be sticking to. I’ll definitely recommend this product to anyone and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I’m finished with my serums.
    Thank you so much Biologi ❤️❤️

  15. Brooke

    Wow!! Biologi has changed my life! I am now 26, I have struggled with hormonal breakouts (mostly cystic) and congestion since I was 17. I have used every single product, had every facial you name it I have tried it. I have currently been using the BD serum for around 6 weeks now and my skin is amazing! The purge was brutal not going to lie and lasted about 3 weeks but it is well worth it the wait. I can’t wait to see how my skin progresses further!

  16. AROHA TREACHER (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the luminosity & eye serums religiously for 2 months now. It has definitely hydrated my skin like no other. My dry patches are gone, and I no longer have to moisterise multiple times during the day. However my pigmentation has not improved at all, it’s still the same as the day I started. So I’ll give it a few more months to see if there are any improvements.

  17. Isabelle (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, I saw very little change in my skin after using up an entire bottle. It’s possible it needs more time to see visible results, but for me it was not worth purchasing another bottle considering the price.

  18. Jules

    I am so addicted to the Kakadu plum serum and only use this Davidson plum once a week. Every morning after using this, the previous night, my skin is brighter and clearer and just more beautiful.
    Think I need to use this on its own to see what it can really do.
    Bright, plumped, radiant skin is what it has delivered in combination with the others, so far.
    These products are the best on the market. Love them and recommend to everyone.
    I am lucky, didn’t have any purge as I have been Using genuine natural- no toxinn products for a while and take vital greens everyday – if you experience a purge this may help because the results of this product is phenomenal.
    I wear no make up, late 30s and people are asking what I do with my skin. Best it has looked in years. When I do wear my tinted zinc – I look in my 20s.
    Everyone needs these products. For me, mixing them up each day seems to work best. Cannot live without.
    Waited a while to review to really test these products over a longer period. Everyone needs to have these products.
    Have been using for a few months, to see how they really work and can say they continue to improve your skin overtime.
    So in love with all Biologi products. Thank you Biologi

  19. Mel Heuvel (verified owner)

    What I love most about the Bd serum is the glow that you get. Looove it

  20. Britt

    This product is EVERYTHING.
    I have struggled with acne, scaring and redness for years, which has left me feeling super insecure. My friend who works for a beauty brand told me about this product and suggest I give it a go as I have tried almost every serum you could possibly think of. I absolutely PRAISE her for getting me onto this. I found the first week – 2 weeks of using my skin broke out , but after that I have not had better skin in my life. The redness is all gone, I have no pimples at all, scaring has reduced and I can now confidently go down the street without feeling like I have to wear a face full of make up. I can not recommenced this product enough, it has seriously changed my life and self confidence for the better. worth every single cent!

  21. Maddie (verified owner)

    After so much research on products, trial and error with different brands and constantly being disappointed with ‘natural products’ that are full of synthetic materials, I am SO glad I found Biologi.

    I’ve never really had bad skin, just break outs around the time of the month, redness on my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes.
    I started off with the Bf Serum on my face and then progressed to the Bd Serum and loved it. It helped make my skin more even, super soft and I barely break out anymore (may one or two if I give into my sugar cravings). It also helped my dark circles tremendously, but I’ll also start using the Bk serum in that area as well.

  22. Emma (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the products for a while now and my skin has never felt better. I suffer from very dry skin especially on my face and this product kept my skin hydrated all through winter and til now. I pushed through the purge stage and my skin has now come out on top!

  23. Tatiana

    This product is not for every skin type! I have had my hormones checked, eaten the healthy nourishing foods (cut out dairy), used the product correctly and made sure all makeup / other products were silicone free. I persevered through the ‘purge’ stage, using biologi for almost 12 weeks- my skin never got better but just continued to get WORSE! I have never struggled with skin issues until using biologi. Before using biologi my skin was a bit dull with a few black heads and the occasional pimple… now I have cystic acne. My confidence has deminished and now I’m trying to fix my sore, inflamed and red skin.
    It’s a beautiful natural product but my advice is to use it for 4 weeks and stop if you see no results. I was told by Biologi to keep using it (finishing 1 bottle and starting a second), and regret it so much. My skin only got 10 times worse.
    I just wish I could get my old skin back and the $200+ I’ve spent on product. At this stage it’s looking like I might never have skin like I used to.

  24. Shelby (verified owner)

    Amazing product-I have only been using the Bd serum for a week now but already my skin is alot clearer and overall has a nice glow. I don’t have dry patches anymore and my acne has reduced. I can honestly say no other product I’ve used has had such immediate effects!

  25. Kelsey (verified owner)

    Where do I even start? I finally took the plunge and bought some biologi serums 5 weeks ago. I was tired of the constant trial and error of searching for a combination of skincare products that would suit my skin’s needs. I’m a 27yo mother, and my skin was dull, dry, prone to hormonal cystic acne breakouts, scarred from said acne, and also prone to pigmentation.

    After only a few days of using Biologi I could see and feel a difference in my skin’s texture, and overall condition. It was nourished, it wasn’t dry and itchy, or scaly. It was smooth, and it wasn’t irritated. Even from early on, I noticed positive changes due to my switch to biologi – a big one being my makeup was staying put for longer! Previously I was having to use so much more product to help my skin feel hydrated, which would often mean my makeup was basically sliding off my face due to the moisturiser residue I’d be left with from my conventional products.

    Fast forward 5 weeks to now, and I’m still over the moon. My skin feels so much better, it’s visibly healthier, my pigmentation and scarring are fading, my breakouts have almost disappeared, and the spots I do get are much more manageable anyway. I’ve stopped feeling so self conscious of my skin’s appearance, and I’m genuinely looking forward to a QLD summer where I can feel confident going bare faced more often!

    100% converted. Worth every cent, and will never look back!

  26. Lish

    Hi! I just want a say a massive THANK YOU for bringing out the Biologi range 🙌🏽 there’s a saturation of clean, high performance skincare products on the market at the moment but nothing I repeat NOTHING had stood out for me except Biologi. Multiple big reasons being:
    1. Your products are affordable and cater for the everyday person who can’t afford to spend $$$ on skincare
    2. Literally only 1 ingredient! I’ve grown to dislike always having to read extra long ingredient lists despite them highlighting certain “hero” ingredients that are most likely at the bottom of the list. Having 1 sole ingredients saves the time and hassle for the conscious skincare lovers
    3. Your products are multi-use. Ever since I got my hands on the Bf, Bd and Bkq serums I’ve phased out every other oil/serum/moisturiser/hand cream I’ve owned. Saves the pennies!

  27. Gracie Clough

    Hi Meg,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us. There is definitely an adjustment period when you start to use our serums. They are 100% plant extracts, so as you can imagine they are quite potent. It sounds like you are having a typical purge. This usually eases after you have been using the serum for a few weeks, and for some it can last a little bit longer. It’s basically just purging out toxins from the skin and is completely normal! I am going to email you some further advice on using our serums.


  28. Meg (verified owner)

    Hello! I’ve been using the bd serum every morning and the body face serum every night for about 5 weeks now. At first I would say my skin was about the same as usual, but unfortunately it’s now gotten worse…. I have white heads in places on my face I never usually get them and this has gone on for about 3 weeks now. I will keep persisting as I’ve spent a lot of money on these products but sadly I’ve not seen the miracle difference of other reviews…if anything changes and my skin does clear I’ll leave another review, but for now I’m a little disappointed 🙁

  29. Tiffany Temple (verified owner)

    I will never use another face serum again! I started using Bd as I came across Biologi’s Instagram and saw the amazing results! I’ve struggled with adult acne and have tried everything under the sun and nothing helped, until Bd. At first when I tried it I felt like I wasn’t putting enough on my face, using the recommended 1-2 pumps, it took me a week to get used to using a serum rather than a moisturiser. I kept going with the product for a month and then my skin started clearing. My skin was now craving the product and now my skin is near perfection and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve now finished my 4th bottle and will never use anything else! I’m so happy and I’ve recommended to all my friends!! I can’t wait until you get a stockist in NZ! Thankyou

  30. Tegan (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my skin reacts really badly to the Bd serum and made my acne 10x worse. I thought it was purging at first but after two months I had to stop using it and my skin immediately started to heal and stop breaking out. I’ve had a lot better results using Skinstitut Multi Active Oil.

  31. Michaela (verified owner)

    Just wanted to message to say OH MY GOD. My skin has never felt so good. I started using Bd two weeks ago and my skin has never felt so smooth and it is literally glowing! I get microdermabrasion’s often and can honestly say that my skin feels better now then it does after that! (Which seems crazy) so happy I tried it and I’ve got a few friends on the Biologi train now because they were so impressed! Thaaaaank YOU!

  32. Hannah Demerise (verified owner)

    This is an incredible product! It has completely healed my severe dermatitis/eczema (which I had almost completely given up with healing after trying everything!). I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from chronic autoimmune skin problems like I was! I have never had problems with acne, but my skin is also clearer and brighter than ever before!
    I started with Bf serum, but swapped to Bd because I love how might it feels on my skin!
    I cannot recommend this brand highly enough!! I no longer need any other skincare products. I wash my face with oatmeal, and stay away from soaps, moisturisers, and foundation altogether. This is the only product I need to keep my skin looking fantastic and heal my dermatitis/eczema.
    Make sure that you give this product a month to work its magic! My skin broke out with some small pimples initially, but that cleared in a few weeks, and now my skin is better than ever!

  33. sallyhulsebags (verified owner)

    As a 45 yr old, I was looking for a natural product that would deliver plump, fresh looking skin and help with issues like pigmentation and fine lines. As soon as I started with Bd my skin looked noticeably better; stronger and more glowing. The big plus is my teenage daughter can also use it to help with her hormonal skin breakouts and we both are really pleased with our skin now. I am now wanting to try the other serums. Thanks Biologi.

  34. Sally (verified owner)

    Incredible! Blown away by the results of this product! From the reduction in the keratosis pilaris on my arms, & the settling of the occasional hormonal breakouts on my face, to my perfectly balanced complexion (normally combination). Perfect skincare routine for a busy mum – wash my face & apply my serum. Done! So worth the investment!

  35. Christine (verified owner)

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how much I’m loving the Bd serum!! It’s incredible! I have been using the Bf on my face for the past 6 months which I was really liking but recently swapped to the Bd and wow what a massive difference! Whilst it’s definitely reduced and almost completely eliminated any breakouts, it’s also just made my skin so much clearer and radiant. I feel so much more confident without make up now! I never really thought one product could have such a profound effect. The fact that’s it’s also completely natural is simply amazing and so important! I debated getting it for quite a while, hesitant to spend the money (on a student budget) but it’s definitely worth the investment. Thank you so so much!

  36. Jacqui (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product! After expensive facials, micro and dermaceutical grade products didn’t do any noticeable difference to my pores, I tried biologi! Wow! My skin is so much better – smaller less visible pores, more even skin tone and less fine lines! Thank you, I am a convert!

  37. Bodie Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore these products. My skin has never felt so amazing, and to know there is no harsh ingredients is incredible!

    I love just how many things you can use them for and can honestly see a considerable difference in my skin. I have even roped my Mum, dad and partner in they love it too!

    Would happily happily happily recommend this to anyone!

  38. Margwalpole (verified owner)

    I am totally blown away by these products, truly amazing … at 61 my skin looks amazing my face feels fresh and I absolutely love these products.
    For years i have had dry skin on my elbows not anymore thanks to Biologi…
    Please Ross make your next product be a serum to stimulate eye lash growth…that would be fantastic.

  39. Leona

    Give it a red hot go! I have now been using this he Biologi range since November last year and I won’t go back! My skin is glowing & youthful and I havd never found anything as amazing!

  40. Michelle

    I was a bit of a sucker for the Nourished Life reviews and claims of this product, so invested in the facial serum and body serum. Unfortunately I have seen no improvement in my skin tone, adult acne, scarring and pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. Just a lot of a hype if you ask me and I’m now $160 out of pocket. Very disappointed.

  41. Brooke (verified owner)

    Hey guys,
    I love Biologi I use it everyday and it has changed my life really, sounds silly and cheesy but it has, since I was 15 I have hated my skin, I had mild acne and my skin was uneven and scarred, I would wear a lot of foundation to hide it, I never wanted anyone to see me without make up on, not even my husband, I was always so self conscious I hated it and I let it stop me from enjoying a lot of moments in my life, since starting Biologi(about 8 months ago) my skin is completely different!!!! I nearly never wear make up anymore, my skin is clear, it’s even it’s bright and fresh and I love it! I want to thank you so very much 😘

  42. Georgia (verified owner)

    Love Bd! The only product I use on my skin (+ a cleanser). Began using this product almost a year ago, after trying anything and everything for my acne (never had pimples before 23, and most just made it worse). Before finishing my first bottle of Bd my skin was noticeably improved. 10 months later, my skin is the best it’s ever been, will never use anything else.

  43. Alana Chancellor (verified owner)

    As someone who has always invested a lot of time, money and research into their skin care regime, I can’t speak highly enough of this beautiful bd serum. This was the first product in the biologi range I tried about six months ago and I was instantly impressed! I have always been happy with my skin, however pigmentation really started to creep in over the past twelve months. The bd serum worked wonders within a very short period of two weeks and I have very confidently referred many friends to this product. Wonderfully, it is also so special to support a totally natural, Australian product!

  44. Jeanette

    This stuff is changing my face. Thanks for a great product.

  45. Kathryn Kwok

    Biologi cannot fail you!
    I got rather nasty hormonal acne during my pregnancy. I knew biologi would deliver great results after the Bf completely clearing my children’s eczema.
    I started using BF at first to calm the redness and then alternating with the BK. Once the irritation was better i used the BD more.

    I love to use BD during the day and alternate between the BD and BK at night.
    8 weeks on and you would never have thought i had acne.
    Make sure to exfoliate!

  46. Amy (verified owner)

    All i can say is WOW. My skin type is combination, so oily T-zone and everywhere else drier. I have struggled with for years with the non-T-zone areas of my skin being extremely dry, while my T-zone area being extremely oily. I have never come across a product so hydrating, and one that just absorbs into the skin so well. And let me tell you i have tried SO SO MANY moisturisers and serums which when applied seemed to just sit on the surface of my skin and not absorb – unlike Biologi. Currently i am just alternating between the Bd and Bk serums every night for my face, and these serums will hydrate your skin for 24 hours easy. The Bd serum has also noticeably reduced the amount of breakouts i experience, and i have received multiple comments on how much my skin has cleared up. One very very happy customer over here. Would recommend it to anybody!

  47. Paige Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Great results from this product. After suffering from hormonal acne for over a year now I feel I’ve tried every topical treatment under the sun. I switch to all natural products 8 months ago and was recommended this product by a friend. I finally purchased my first bD serum a month ago and have been very happy with the results. My skin tone has evened out, acne has lessened and my skin is hydrated. Look forward to the results over the next few months.
    Thanks Biologi!

  48. Mueve Tu

    I absolutely LOVE this product! My face is quite dry and I get psoriasis pretty bad through my eyebrows and nose. After only 2 applications over 4 days I felt a big difference in the softness of my skin and my psoriasis has settled down to practically non existent! I will definitely keep using this product.

  49. Lauren Aster – The Blonde Granola (verified owner)

    I have been using Biologi Bd serum for 4 month now and can’t imagine using anything else! Within the first five days, I saw such an incredible change in my skin. Pigmentation spots has lightened, redness in the corners of my nose disappeared, fine lines around my eyes were less noticeable and my dull skin from sleepless nights had been given a new glow. It is also a great base for the days I wear make-up, and being made from natural ingredients I know it is safe to kiss my babies straight after application. So much love for this product!

  50. Candace

    I have been using the Biology skincare for the last 5 days now. No stinging, burning, irritation, tightness or itch which is always a big problem for my sensitive skin. No redness or pigmentation reduction yet so will continue to monitor this. Overall feels good so far. Feels hydrated and dewy.

  51. Disappointed

    I love a good skin care routine & I heard so many good thinks about this product… unfortunately I didn’t see any results. It looked nice and felt nice on the skin but far to pricey for the results I received and then having the pay shipping within Australia for a tiny beauty product that’s already over $90 is a rich for this product.

  52. Sky (verified owner)

    Game changer! Absolutely amazing!

    Before Biologi I really struggled with not touching my face and making things worse, my confidence was extremely low, and the thought of me wearing no make up out of the house was pretty much gone. My t-zone was oily, my jaws dry and I was starting to get psoriasis near my nose/brows for the first time. I was always wasting money looking for the right product. I truly think the unnecessary ingredients from other moisturisers, primers, pimple remedies just agitated my skin and all I needed was this!

    My skin was instantly happier and I was so excited to see what the next few weeks would bring!
    Its hard to put words to what a positive drastic change this has made to my life. I have waved goodbye to scanning my skin and looking dull or patchy without make up. Acne has cleared dramatically and hydration is never a concern (psoriasis symptoms disappeared in two days!) Confidence is my new normal again 💕

    This is worth every cent, a little does go a long way
    I’m a customer for life now, thank you so much Biologi

  53. pia.simone (verified owner)

    After switching to all completely natural skincare, make up, hair care etc nearly 4 years ago I have tried quite a few different natural skincare brands in hopes it would clear my mild acne, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and redness. All pale in comparison to Biologi. The hydration is second to none, my skin looks luminous, clear and happy, finally!
    I use all 3 serums and alternate with my skins needs.
    Bd is excellent for everyday, under mineral powder make up or tinted Mineral sunscreen for the beach.
    It makes skin literally glow!
    Most times now I can add a little cream stick concealer and thats all I need, when I used to not leave the house without at least mineral powder foundation on!

    My partner commented on how great my skin looks and now steals it too!
    You guys are amazing!!

    Any chance you’ll produce a Cleanser & Exfoliant..?? 🙂

  54. Adele McAllsiter (verified owner)

    A friend just asked me if I had Injectables…. and I haven’t, best compliment ever! Biologi is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin. Everything they say is true, it’s the best, I will never use anything else.

  55. lauren.heydenrych (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for coming upto two year – I absolutely love it , from being on the pill to now coming off it and falling pregnant it has helped my skin through all those stages. I love the fact it’s the only product I have to use and I don’t have to think about it . I use the eye one on my full face also at night for more hydration when I need I have recommended this product to so many people who also love it – it’s worth every single cent and a little really does go a long way

  56. Carly

    I have always struggled with my skin and it has affected my self esteem.

    I am 30 years old and my skin is prone to breakouts and tends to be oily. I have tried so many products (natural and artificial) but nothing seemed to really give me the results I wanted and quite a lot had harsh chemical ingredients that dried out my skin in certain areas of my face and left my complexion dull.

    Then I bought Bd.

    It was a struggle at first. It took my skin about 5 weeks to adjust. During that time it felt like the serum was not being absorbed into my skin properly, it made my skin feel a little more oily than usual and I had additional breakouts – all part of the purge process, but not fun.

    Hang in there. I kept using this product because it was so expensive and the FAQ section promised me results! It’s actually all true – all of these glowing reviews. This product is the best product that I have ever used.

    I have been using this product for 8 weeks now and my complexion has improved so drastically. I haven’t had a breakout in 3 weeks and my skin texture is amazing.

    The only downside to this product is that it is pricey. It does work brilliantly though. I will never be without it now ❤️

  57. Amber (verified owner)

    I was so excited to use this product after seeing such good reviews. However I was disappointed when I first started using it as it caused my skin to break out. I stuck with the product for about a week before I stopped using it. I didn’t touch it for about 2 months then decided to give it another go. My skin did break out again but I stuck with it and my skin has never been so clear. I have actually stopped wearing makeup on a day to day basis. My friend even thought I was wearing makeup my skin looked that clear. So happy with this product and will be repurchasing.

  58. Lou (verified owner)

    Makes my skin so dewy and healthy! I have sensitive skin, prone to rosacea and a bit of acne. If I ever do get a pimple it always leaves a mark that takes ages to fade. This serum has definitely sped up the healing process. I was worried at first that as it’s a topical exfoliant it would aggravate my rosacea and skin sensitivity, but it’s very gentle and it’s actually done the opposite and my skin is more resilient now than it was before. My skin looks really smooth and my pores are more refined. You absolutely don’t need a moisturiser with this, it’s so hydrating. I can’t say enough good things about this product ❤️

  59. Michelle Davidson (verified owner)

    WOW! After years of trying so many products and wasting so much money I truly believe I have hit the jackpot! Right from day 1 it felt amazing, yes I had a slight breakout but that was advised this could happen and to persevere and I did. My skin is clear and glowing like never before. I have just had a week in Vanuatu in hot sunshine every day and I would honestly say this product was amazing keeping my skin lovely and hydrated. Every day I am sure it keeps getting better. One very happy customer indeed, cannot thank you enough for this amazing product, always a nice feel good feeling when your skin looks and feels great . Very happy customer indeed 💕

  60. Kirsten

    I was pretty disappointed that this product didn’t live up to the 5 star rating. I honestly havent found anything special from this product, it doesnt really soak in and gets on my pillow when I go to sleep. Have not noticed a difference in my skin, and is going pretty quick for how expensive it is.

  61. (verified owner)

    I stopped taking the pill 4 years ago and since I was fighting with hormonal acne. I tried plenty of products and have been on natural skin care for over a year but couldn’t find anything that really works. The Bd serum felt great from the first application. It kept my face (which gets very oily) well moisturised but less oily when I wake up in the morning. I didn’t even get the breakouts when starting the product which may be because my face is already used to more natural products?! Anyways, my acne finally seems to clear up (taking the product now for about 3-4 weeks) and dark spots seem to be reducing. I’m very happy with the product, the pure ingredients, how it feels and looks on the skin and the results I’m getting! And the customer service from Biologi is amazing! Big thank you!

  62. Jasmin (verified owner)

    I just want to say a big thank you!! I have been on the natural / organic skincare bandwagon for a couple of years now, but struggling with ‘post pill’ skin had been getting me down and I was almost ready to give up on natural and try ANYTHING else. Biologi was like my last resort and I am SO glad that I tried it!!!!! Within a week my skin was certainly brighter and even my beautician when doing my brows asked if I wanted concealer put on and I said “I don’t have any makeup on” and she was shocked! For the first couple weeks I did have the purging and excess oil but after that I literally did not get ONE new pimple until week 6 and then it was hormonal and not near as bad as usual. SO glad I tried this product – will definitely be buying again!

  63. Carly

    This face serum is everything. I’ve spent a lot of money on expensive face creams that never work. I started using Biologi three months ago and my skin has never felt or looked better.

  64. Jessica (verified owner)

    I have been using Bd and Bk for several months and I immediately noticed a difference the in the hydration, texture and pirgmentation of my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with hormonal acne and scarring. A little goes a long way and it really does simplify your skincare routine dramatically. Thank you Biologi for your innovative products that reallly work.

  65. Claire

    Hiii Biologi Serum team! Just would like to let you know that I SUPERRRRR LOVEEEEE your serum! It’s pure amazing. I’ve been using organic skincare for years, but never realize that they were so ineffective, till I tried this Biologi for just 10 days!!!

    My skin never had problem before but since I work in the commercial kitchen my skin started to show few problems (redness, blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes small acne). BUT, after using your serum my skin is coming back to the way it usually be, and becomes better and better everyday!!! Everyone compliment how beautiful and smooth my skin is, even my husband who is usually “not really paying attention” to my skin condition LOL!!
    And I feel even more amazed since I just use it for 10 days!!! I even want to stock more of them eventhough I still have some LOL! Huge thankyou to you guys for creating such powerful amazing serum!:) xx

  66. Tamsyn

    BEST SKINCARE EVER! I was a bit sceptical to try this at first as I’ve spent a small fortune on skincare looking for a miracle but after reading up on it I took the plunge and I’m over the moon I did. This is the first skincare that actually does what it says. In just one day my super sensitive skin was calm and the redness in cheeks was gone. My skin has not looked this good in years and it feels amazing it’s so hydrated and it does have a glow to it. I’m so impressed by the biologi serum I’ve talked my sister into buying some for herself. This is one investment worth taking and I can’t wait to see the continued results. Thank you biologi 💕

  67. Rachel

    Such an amazing product! I’m in my early forties and my skin hasn’t been this smooth & moist for so long. It also cleared up a persistent patch of red/irritated skin around my mouth within two weeks. Such a wonderful product, thank you!!

  68. Renee

    As an ex beauty therapist I am always looking for products that do what they say they’ll do. I ditched toxic skincare and makeup 3 years ago now, and Biologi is THE skincare I have been searching for. I use Bd during the day and Bf at night. I love that one product does evyrhibg you need, no need for serum and a moisturiser! My skin has never looked so good!

  69. Hannah (verified owner)

    How do I give this more than 5 stars!? I have struggled with my skin since I was a teen, trying everything under the sun but nothing seemed to work for very long. I am so so happy that I’ve found Biologi, I will never go back to using multiple diluted products that were getting me nowhere. My skin now looks and feels amazing, improving more every day and I have so much more confidence because of it. Thank you to all at Biologi, what you have created is genius!

  70. Stacey

    Oh my goodness! Wow! I have been struggling for years with really terrible dry skin that is prone to breakouts and have tried so many different products but none of them seem to ‘cut the mustard’. And to add to this I had started getting a bit of an eczema/rash thing on my face which was beyond embarrassing! I had been battling another breakout of this for about 3 weeks when I decided to try the Bd serum…within two days it was nearly all gone! The itching had completely subsided and the redness and inflammation almost disappeared! Not only that, the rest of my skin felt the most hydrated it has ever felt! I am still within the ‘slightly sticky feeling’ period (first week of use) so can’t wait to see the further results….I feel like I have finally found “THE” product for me!

  71. Amanda

    I’d give this more than 5 stars if I could. Never have I been happier with my skin. I’ve just started to notice fine lines and wrinkles and Bd has helped change the way I feel about my skin. I can go out without makeup on and feel confident. can honestly say i have not touched any other products since these came along and I’m a beauty junkie! first time in YEARS that my foundation goes on so smoothly without a hint of flakiness or dryness. I was sceptical at first if this would work as well as it claimed but it is hands down my fave beauty discovery ever. you will not regret this purchase take me word for it. worth ever dollar.

  72. Robyn Piganelli

    I decided to try this product after hearing such amazing reviews on it. I will be honest I was very skeptical of just how hydrating it would be and I really thought I’d probably have to wear a moisturizer over top because I’m a flight attendant and am in the air for over 12 hours sometimes. Well… I was WRONG!
    This product is AMAZING! My skin is hydrated so beautifully I’m really quite shocked. My skin has a luminescence about it that is really pretty. My morning and evening routines have been more than halved. I use Bk on my eyes, Bd on my face, neck and décolletage and the body serum on my arms tummy and legs. I was using Vitamin C serum then hyaluronic acid serum then moisturizer… and the list goes on. NO MORE!
    This is it for me. In 2 weeks my skin has plumped up, is so incredibly soft, the redness has significantly gone and it’s just pretty, pretty, pretty.
    If you’ve ever looked at a celebrity on the red carpet and their skin has an amazing luminesce about it ..look no more because i get that beautiful luminescence with just Biologi serums. Yup Im pretty shocked, but these are the only skin products I will use from now on. The fact that the ingredients are so pure you could eat them is just a massive bonus.

  73. Haylee Shoveller

    I’m just about finished my first bottle and about to purchase my second, I can honestly say this has been the best skincare product I’ve ever used. I usually suffer from dark circles and dull skin with frequent breakouts and since using this product of a morning and night my skin has never felt so fresh and glowing, No more dark circles or breakouts and so soft and hydrating, Highly recommend!

  74. Yaz (verified owner)

    I use this daily and would never go back to using diluted, non-active products daily moisturisers (except for my SPF fix). It provides the best base for my makeup – my foundation just glides on. Silicone-filled primers are thing of the past for me. My skin is clear and glowing. Thank you, Biologi!

  75. Ashleigh

    This is the first product I have used since getting serious about my skincare routine about a year ago and WOW! This product does exactly what it claims to do. It’s easily & quickly absorbed into the skin, leaves no residue yet hydrates at a deep level. The appearance of my melasma, sun spots and redness under my nose have reduced dramatically!
    I just love the way I look in the morning after using the Bd face serum the night before!

    Thanks biologi x

  76. Caitlin (verified owner)

    BEST serum ever! The Bd serum has completely hydrated my skin and cleared up my acne. Before using this serum I constantly had painful cystic acne on my jawline and up on my cheeks. I had tried antibiotics, vitamin a gel, another topical treatment – all prescribed by my doctor – but none of it worked. I have been blown away by the massive improvement this little gem, the Bd serum has made to my skin. I don’t even need to wear makeup anymore. I do however, wear my SPF over the top once the serum has soaked in.

  77. Bianca (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this serum. I use to have a extreme skincare routine, and now i don’t. My skin feels soft and hydrated. Will never go back.

  78. Bianca (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I have gone from a very complicated skincare routine to a very simple one. My skin feels soft, hydrated and is clear. Will never go back.

  79. sharyn.l.lange (verified owner)

    This is the best skincare product I have ever used. It cleared up very stubborn and painful eczema on my eyelids after only two uses. Nothing the doctor gave me cleared it up. My eczema hasn’t come back since I started using Bd serum about 4 months ago! It has also helped clear up my acne which I’ve been suffering with for many years. This is the only product I use besides witch hazel, cleanser, and a homemade exfoliating scrub. I even bought Bd for my husband!

  80. duffslin (verified owner)

    I’m a beauty therapist by trade and I have tried everything you can think of on the skincare market and this is honestly the first product that has lived up to its claims. My skin is holding onto hydration, it’s glowy, the texture is improving and my fine lines have softened. I’ll hobestly never use anything else again. Love it.

  81. Anya (verified owner)

    This serum is the best product I have ever put on my face! The illuminosity and smoothness you get is unparalleled to anything I have used previously and all in one handy bottle. It has completely cleared my skin and gives me a ‘just had a facial’ glow everyday. Throw everything out and use this!! 😀

  82. Charlotte

    Absolutely love Bd, this has evened out my skin tone and reduced acne. I was someone who would not leave the house without makeup, now feel confident enough to go out with a fresh natural face.

  83. Tamar

    Love how my skin looks and feels using Bd!!!!!

  84. Pippa

    Just love Bd ! I’ve been using it for a couple of months and my rosacea prone skin and redness has totally calmed down . It’s just great to know it’s completely natural with no additives . Leaves your skin feeling gloriously smooth and illuminated . Love it !

  85. Jade Sullivan

    LOVE this product! I have always had trouble with skin products and moisturisers on my skin. My skin has never felt better! Thank you xx

  86. Katharine McCormick

    I will not use anything else now! My skin used to be quite reactive and impaired until I started using the Bd face serum. It is everything and more! It has improved the condition of my skin so much! I have found my holy grail skincare product 🙂 thank you!

  87. Judi Smith

    All my life I’ve used moisturizing creams full of promises. Expecting the more you paid the better it must be. Don’t know if I really believed that but was concerned about ” shutting the gate after the horse had bolted” so invested! Then a friend gave me a bottle of Bd serum as a gift. Within 6 weeks age spots had faded and dry patches disappeared. The serum was so light I could wear my usual liquid foundation without feeling or seeing excessive shine. There are no gimmicks and promises, no ingredient lists, no high price tags. Gets 5 stars from me. I hope a range of tinted foundation is in the pipeline.

  88. Samantha Ellmers

    Due to the industry I work in I have worked with many “active” based skin care ranges, I always thought I was doing my skin good but never really noticed physical changes. Once I used the BD serum consistently for 2 weeks I noticed my congestion on my forehead had reduced dramatically. I absolutely love love love this serum!!!

  89. Libby Woodman NZ

    This is my fave! Skin care routines dont need to be complicated to have great skin, this replaces so many products for me and makes it so easy, I highly reccomend this to anyone wanting something to help improve the overall texture of their skin, Thats simple to use and cost effective. Thank you Biologi im hooked!

  90. Suzie

    Love love love Bd. Goodbye moisturiser, goodbye primer, hello bright fresh radiant 59yr old skin looking 20 yrs younger!

  91. Olivia Griffiths (verified owner)

    This is the first face product that I’ve genuinely seen a marked difference with. My skin is more bouncy, clearer and far more even in tone. I’ve literally had multiple people tell me I’m ‘glowing’ since I started using Bd, which was about four months ago. I also used to get milia, those little hard white lumps, around my eyes, and since using Biologi I haven’t had one since.

    This is honestly a one stop shop, I’m never using anything else again!

  92. jandr.smithy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the convenience and effectiveness of this Bd serum. It’s so quick to apply and the fast absorption helps to get on with my day sooner. I also appreciate how no further moisturisers are needed so my skin no longer feels suffocated in this QLD humidity ! In conjunction with the Bf and Bk serums, my skin couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Biologi 🙂

  93. angeliquescott (verified owner)

    This product has changed my skin. I now use it religiously morning and evening. I am getting so many comments on how good my skin looks. Living in the tropics as well with high humidity can also be tricky to find the right skincare. I use my Sukim Cleanser followed by my Biologi face serum. I cannot recommend this product highly enough !!!

  94. cassthewalsh (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this product! My face is quite dry and I get psoriasis pretty bad through my eyebrows and nose. After only 2 applications over 4 days I felt a big difference in the softness of my skin and my psoriasis has settled down to practically non existent! I will definitely keep using this product.

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