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Kakadu Plum + Quandong
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Designed specifically to target uneven skin tone. Bqk Radiance Serum Duo is a 100% active, simplified morning and evening regime that improves skin colour and clarity while preventing against further pigmentation and redness. We created this product to help prevent melanogenesis – the formation of pigmentation – from occurring.

This beauty editor favourite set comes with both a morning and night serum, both of which are 15ml.

  • The morning serum harnesses the Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum, protecting skin against pollutants that can cause pigmentation and works at promoting collagen production in the skin to increase elasticity and diminish signs of ageing.
  • The Evening serum is created with Australian native Quandong, a storehouse of antioxidants. Quandong is effective on skin with pigmentation, redness, uneven tone, lacking hydration to leave the skin glowing and radiant.



  • 2 x 15ml
  • 2 x 5ml

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21 reviews for Bqk – Radiance Face Serum

  1. Sara (verified owner)

    I have just started using Bqk morning and evening serums,, I must admit I am in love with the way my skin looks and feels. Within 2 weeks I’ve started noticing my skin is plumped, radiant and my cheeks are rosy! Did I mention I replaced my 4 products with now just those two? Not only did I save money on buying eye-cream, serum, day and night moisturizers, I also saved space in my bathroom vanity! Love it!

  2. Katie Candy

    I am loving my bqk morning and night serums, I’m onto my full second week, have noticed abit of perging on my forehead, but my skin overall feels amazing and is glowing. I have just ordered the cleanser tonight. I love this product

  3. FARA ARIF (verified owner)

    Its been a week Ive started with the morning serum, and my skin been taking it very well. I was expecting a bad skin purging, but so far not even one pimple appeared! It leaves my skin moisturized and hydrated. And I love that it replaces toner, serum, and moisture all in one bottle. Its definitely worth buying as I have been spending alot on serums and moisturizers. I will definitely continue using this!

  4. Jocee (verified owner)

    I have battled rosacae for the last 12 months, it just come out of no where. I really was self consicous about my rosey red blemishes and blotches and struggled to find any products here in New Zealand that would help with the reduction of the redness- having seen so many amazing results with Biologi i deicided to purchase the bqk bundle
    And wow within 12 days i could a major difference. So happy! Thank you

  5. Aleya Stevenson (verified owner)

    I heard about this product from a insta follower and decided to give
    It a try. What can I say. These serums are absolutely gorgeous. I have introduced them slowly into my skincare routine and already seeing the benefits.
    My skin is clear, less red, moisturised and hydrated. No need for any other moisturiser either. I wake up looking fresh for a change which is nice to see. It’s been 35 years and I’ve finally found my skincare!

  6. Jaicey Revelle

    Having super sensitive skin and a nut allergy, I struggle to find products that are both vegan-friendly and don’t contain any nuts, but these serums are a game changer and I’m not letting go! These serums are lightweight, smell devine, and don’t leave my skin feeling suffocated or oily. So so thankful to these magicians.

  7. Patti

    I love Bioligi. I also love the fact the serums are vegan, clean and 100% active. I have been using Bd for over a year now and love it! It battles my hormonal acne with ease. I literally never get any active acne now. I’ve never really had an issue with wrinkles, no crows feet (all a blessing to good genes I guess) but I do have very fine lines. Smile lines I guess you would call them and probably due to a fair bit of sun exposure. I also have very hyper pigmented skin, uneven skin tone and texture. I get these little bumps around my jawline and chin area. I was advised to alternate between Bd and Bqk. I was already impressed with how effective Bd was on my hormonal acne, that I was hopeful Bqk would fade my pigmentation and even out my skin tone and texture… but after completing my first two bottles and now half way through my second lot I have to be honest, I haven’t seen any change or improvement. Considering it’s one of the more expensive products as well, I’m pretty bummed. I don’t think I will continue using Bqk after I finish these bottles off. I might give Bk a try instead. Otherwise I may need to resort to retinol.

  8. Catherine Gail Jackson

    Some years ago I decided that I wanted to have Rosie cheeks again (they gradually disappeared after arriving in Perth from the UK) and I wanted my skin to look happy and healthy (it just looked dull and pale). Even though, over the years, I used some great, natural, cruelty free products, they just weren’t giving me the results other people were getting. Then Covid-19 came along and I decided to review my skincare again. I came across Biologi, thank goodness. After getting some questions answered by Briony, she suggested I purchase the BqK AM and PM. I decided to get the samples first, just incase, and after just 4 days I noticed an improvement. It’s now been 4 weeks and I can confidently say that my wrinkles are less pronounced and I now have my Rosie cheeks back, they are subtle but definitely there (I am not talking about Rosacea, which I’ve never had), I also have a soft glow to my skin. So I am very, very happy, and definitely recommend these products.

  9. Esther van de Polder

    Say goodbye to your make up! With these two your skin will look so fresh you don’t need concealer of foundation. I absolutely love the two!!

  10. Joanna Ong

    I’m loving this duo serum! I’m so happy that I found Biologi that save my skin! Into my third week of using it and friends around me have noticed a huge difference to my skin radiance. Will definitely recommend this 🙂


    I have been using this duo for maybe 9 months now. I am in my early 50’s with sensitive, combination skin. My skin started out good for my age, but I had started to develop enlarged pores and a few fine lines. Not anymore! My pores are much less visible, fine lines gone. This stuff is gold!

  12. Melinda (verified owner)

    I have been using the Bqk for eight weeks now and have noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my skin, it is much smoother, redness has decreased and pigmentation seems to have faded a bit. I am also blown away by how hydrating these serums are. I also use the Bf on my face sometimes and on my body, especially on the backs of my arms where I have keratosis polaris, after a couple of days using Bf my arms are smooth again.
    I love these products.

  13. Vicki

    I have been using these for a month now and my skin pigmentation appears to be more even and the redness has decreased.
    My friend told me last week that my skin’s texture had changed and my fine lines were less obvious. At 63, this is great news!
    I have also had a head cold for a week and it’s the first time my nose hasn’t been red and sore.

  14. Mel Heuvel (verified owner)

    This duo together is my favourite of all the serums. The combination works so well for my skin. Its never been so hydrated and even toned. I also like use the bk when im trying to fight a cold, one pump under the tounge always helps keep a cold away.

  15. Meg Valentine

    I have been a skincare junkie for 30 years. I too believed the more products I applied morning and night the better. I have very oily skin and by the afternoon I need to remove excess oil. I have used biolgi for one month after I received it as a gift pack for my birthday and I promise you my skin has never looked clearer, felt smoother, my pores are refined and far less oily. The simplicity actually takes some getting used to. I would like to try Bqk next, I cannot wait. Thank you Biologi 🙏🏼

  16. Camelia Marchesi

    Psoriasis GONE!!
    I have had psoriasis on my face for over a year, nothing has ever permanently rid of it for more than 2-3 days at a time without it flaring right back up again.
    I have always loved Biologi for myself & my daughter and thought I’d try the new Bqk Serums and I have now been using the Bqk Serums religiously for almost a fortnight and I have had NO FLARES! Not even one in 13 days and my natural oils have come back after a year of dryness from the the flares.
    I am beyond shocked, I literally cannot stop looking and touching my face! It has been over a year since I’ve gone more than a few days without having a terrible flare up, so to say that I am both surprised and amazed would be an understatement!!
    This serum has transformed my skin to a whole new level, more than I expected and has worked miraculously, am beyond grateful!
    Thank you Lucy, Ross & the Biologi Team for creating something that has impacted my sensitive skin in such a positive way and quite literally uplifted my confidence and changing the way I now look at myself xx

  17. Monique P

    I am so impressed with the Bqk!
    I have noticed a significant change in the evenness of my skin tone and overall luminosity of my skin.
    I love the fact that the Quandong helps to stop the formation of new pigment and lifts my existing stubborn pigment. I have been using the Bqk one day and the Bd and Bf the following and my skin is absolutely loving it!! Thanks Biologi

  18. Lucy

    The Bqk morning and evening serum ritual is amazing!!! I’ve only been using it constantly for 3 weeks but my skin is glowing! I have a few freckles from sun damage and my cheeks can be slightly pink but I feel like my skin tone is much more even now. Im definitely going to keep this serum as part of my daily skincare routine.

  19. Laura E (verified owner)

    I have been trialling the Bqk serums and have noticed a marked difference to my skin tone and feel! As a mum it’s great to find products that are time saving and actually work on the stubborn pigment that I acquired through pregnancy. Serum and sunscreen in the morning, just serum at night – amazing. I will be purchasing the full sized bottles when my small ones run out! Thanks Biologi!

  20. Vicky

    I have been lucky enough to trial the Bqk for the last two weeks. I have been using the morning and evening ritual on my decolletage which is quite often red and prone to pimples.
    So far the skin tone is looking less red and more even and the pimples seem to be calming down.
    I am looking forward to seeing the results as I continue the ritual!

  21. Janel (Biologi staff member)

    I’m loving the Bqk morning and evening serums.
    The texture is so silky smooth, and soft and gentle on my skin.
    I immediately noticed the change in skin tone, especially on my décolletage. I would highly recommend it.

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