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Save My Skin Bundle

Serum 3 pack
12 reviews

Cover all bases with this trio of skin saviors.

Our Save my skin bundle includes full size bottles of each serum:

-1x 15ml Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum

-1x 30ml Bd Luminosity Face Serum

-1x 50ml Bf Restore Body Serum

Save $28 by buying the Save my Skin Bundle valued at $268.
You can now harness the power of multiple potent phytonutrients found in our 3 original, effective serums to address a variety of skincare concerns without causing sensitivity, acne, or more painful problems in the process.

At Biologi, we know that having one skin problem or concern doesn’t mean you don’t get others. We understand that skincare problems can be complex, so we’ve designed a cohesive solution and chosen our native botanical extracts based on their broad range of unique benefits to the skin.

See individual product listings for breakdown and benefits of each serum.


or 4 fortnightly payments of $60.00 with Afterpay

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12 reviews for Save My Skin Bundle

  1. Shobi

    I’m actually so impressed. I have tried everything from La Prarie to plain old QV and everything in between. I love the philosophy and the simplicity and the products! I really damaged my skin barrier almost 2 years ago with a very bad dermaplaning session – my skin was raw and I developed such terrible sensitivity to everything. I kept trying anything to try and get back the skin I once had. I ended up with dry patches that were so itchy and the only thing that worked was cortisone which I didn’t want to use but ultimately had to. I have only been on these products for 3 weeks and I’ve seen dramatic improvements, my skin is almost back to normal. It’s made me rethink my approach to skincare – I’m a sucker for marketing and love trying new products but it’s so important to educate yourself…..My skin wasn’t really sensitive – it had been badly sensitized – repairing my barrier was critical. I found it hard going from ultra thick creams to the almost watery consistency of the Finger Lime – but they were right – it really has worked where no others have. I’ve been scared to write this review but I really do think these products have been an amazing help…..I’ve since bought the cleanser – this is simply beautiful on the skin and I’ve bought the eye serum too. I’ll try the luminosity next……thanks guys xx

  2. Heather Earl

    Busy Mum’s get on this! The 3 serum regime is all I need now, Bk in the morning before sunscreen, Bd at night and Bf all over my body, my skin has never looked better!

  3. Lauren Ree

    I have struggled acne all my teenage and adult life, have been on countless antibiotics even prescription acne supplements 😭 to try and clear it all with little to no luck.

    Now, I’m a Clinical Nutritionist and have a far more holistic approach to looking after my skin. I have worked on my gut, balanced hormones but still- no luck with skin! About 2 weeks ago I purchased the 3 pack and honestly, today I woke up and my skin is clear. Totally unbelievable (especially considering that at this time of my cycle my skin would usually be ANGRY).

    I’ve also had a recent surgery and using serums on my scar which also seems to be clearing.

    I’ll never go back to anything else – just an awesome product. Thanks so much!
    Lauren ☺️❤️

  4. Dee

    Really love these reviews
    I’m sold

  5. mel

    i really highly recommend Biologi and i loveee them so much. Personally i have been using them for 19 months now, starting Jan2018 to now August 2019. My own skin probelms is HORRIBLE, i had cystic acne all over my face, as red as a tomato, not a single pores were spared, and it took me 8 months for the stickiness to go away, so 8 months to heal my skin completely free of cystic acne. And i think that is a fair enough time for my horrible skin condition. I want to say that i have been a whole foods plantbased diet for 3.5 years before i tried Biologi, and that helped my skin as well but it didnt heal my skin as much as Biologi. So i entirely believed my skin healed because of biologi because it was the only change that made a huge difference to my skin over the time of 1.5 years, and also i can still eat junk foods and it didnt cause me any break outs as well. My whole foods diet plays a role in my long term sustainable healing, but Biologi definitely speed up the process. Unlike other mainstream serums and skincare products that only gives a temporary smooth, or improved texture of the skin, biologi REALLY HEALS IT FROM THE DEEP LAYERS WITHIN. i’m a living proof haha, my skin look so good now after 1.5 years, sure i still have my indent scar marks, due to the severity of my cystic acne, but you cannot tell i have scars in pictures or you have to look at my skin really close up to be able to tell. All my red and brown scars are completely healed and gone! And i have that natural glowly bright skin now , even tho i still have my indent scars, which only laser can get rid of i supposed. Hope my review is helpful to those of you who are suffering from the worst cystic acne like me in the past. I really strongly recommend Biologi, self care, and patience! lots of patience! i really understand how frustrating it can get, but trust me, Biologi is worth investing in!

  6. Frankie

    My skin has never looked better! The tone is more even, pigmentation has faded, the fine lines under my eyes have even decreased. I have also been using the body serum on my breast lift scars and the colour has faded tremendously! I’m so pleased with this product and will definitely be using Biologi for life!! Could not recommend more!!

  7. colmursoot (verified owner)

    Having relocated to Tasmania a year ago I found my skin drying and cracking because of the weather changing. I was very used to soft supple skin and found this quite distressing. Recently I’ve started using the three Biologi products as suggested, the immediate change was astounding. The simplicity in applying the serums makes it even more appealing and I’m sure it’s not my imagination that the facial lines are becoming finer and the sun damage less noticeable. I can’t tell enough girlfriends about the results I’m having and hopefully share the secret. Every little bit helps after you reach your sixties!!!

  8. Rachelle

    I wanted to give a honest review for anyone researching the product and saying “this is to good to be true.”
    I spent a year, researching this product. Originally i purchased the hydration serum a year ago, and used it incorrectly i ended up throwing it out and calling it a day. Then i became interested again and researched for a year and asked questions on all the live videos, and personally to the biologi instagram inbox.

    I saw reviews online that said “It’s just fruit juice, how special could fruit juice be i could do that at home no?” “why is it so expensive for just fruit juice?” “all the reviews seem fake, sponsored and unrealistic.” <—- all that is what i want to give an honest pro/con to.

    I am 22 years old, I have mild rosacea and extremely fair skin and overall a sensitive skin due to past damage on my behalf from using to harsh of ingredients. My concerns are preventing aging, hydration, and reducing redness and sensitivity.

    I purchased, the hydration body serum which i use on the face.

    CON: It is too expensive! From the stand point of a University student i don't have nearly 100 dollars to spend on a fortnight of food let alone a skincare product. And i think this has been the common complaint among customers. I'm sure there is a reason for the high price tag, due to the unique extraction process, and the overall quality. But the hydration serum is the only one i could actually afford and even then it is costing me what feels like my arm and leg on afterpay and it's hard to find the balance between if this is so incredible that i'll lose my arm and leg for it, or if it's just okay and i could've used that money to eat instead. I think if you're a mother, if you're a student, an average person with an average income having to repurchase such an expensive product is a lot. It tells you to cut other aspects of your skincare, which is fine. But 100 dollars, could be the serum, cleanser, sunscreen, it could cover everything not just 1 product. So the price factor, seems to be a large turn off to people including me, and seems to be a large reason from who i've spoken to as why people won't repurchase which is a shame.

    PRO: I've found myself wanting to use the serum, more then my regular skincare. I didn't want to love it, because of the price because of the very staged reviews and the sponsored influences who speak about it, i didn't want to like it. I will say that
    – It has made my skin extremely soft. I never purged and when i got over the sticky phase the product became easy to wear. My skin is extremely soft and when i wake up in the morning, i still feel it on my face, despite rolling around the pillow all night. My skin hasn't felt this soft, in years. Probably, skin i first started using skincare. When they claim that it repairs the layers, i believe that. Because my skin, is smooth now without any product at all and nothing in my routine cleanser, face spray nothing has changed but the added biologi. The softness keep's me coming back. It helps my redness, and over wearing it for many hours, my redness continues to reside more and more. It is amazing for sensitive skin and i agree with this claim to. On the day's when my skin is highly inflamed, this has been a god sent. Especially the sensitivity around my eyes from wearing eye makeup to many days in a row, the hydration serum has really helped to reduce the sensitivity.
    Overall, it gives me a healthy glow. And, i used it entirely through the christmas period and it defiantly got me through all the junk food, and large intake.

    I can't say that it prevents aging, that it's worth the price tag, that it is the best product you'll ever use in your life. But i will say i like it, i see improvements in my skin, by touch and feel especially, mentally it's nice having so much spare time because you only need one product at night. cleanse and get your biologi out done. But, the largest fall back, is that the price is high for the claims being made. And maybe if i tried the other products i'd have more to say then just "i like it" like the face serum, that has exfoliating properties maybe i'd see bigger changes but the price tag is to high.

    Overall: I MIGHT purchase again But if i do, it'll be for going away. It's a great product to use when you can't take a lot but want similar results to that of a face oil without the greasyness.
    HOWEVER, the price tag will always be the largest down fall and i'm excited to see more before and afters.
    Sadly, i can't say much and i'm sorry if that make's this review not helpful.

  9. Irah

    Biologi Serums have changed my life! Im an avid skincare enthusiast and i love anything clean, clean skincare, clean food. Tried the BK serum for my eyes daily and face twice a week, noticed so much improvements! Much much lesser dark circles, lines and my skin is so much brighter! Then got the BD serum and it clearedd my skin.. its so smooth now that i dont need any concealers and im glowing! Truly revolutionary. Gonna get this bundle and try BF !! Not changing back to other productss

  10. Erin

    I’ve been using all 3 biologi serums for about 1 month. I’m 34 with super dry skin, a busy mum of 2 and heavily pregnant with my third child.
    My skin was lacklustre and really starting to show fine lines.
    I saw so many amazing reviews for biologi I thought this is worth a shot.
    At first I did break out but by week 2 I noticed a huge change in my skin. The eczema on my eyelids is completely gone, my skin is no longer dry, my skin tones overall appearance has improved and no longer red and my favourite result… the wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes are hardly noticeable.
    This product is amazing I’d recommend it to anyone! Thank you from one very satisfied customer!!

  11. Rie

    My poor skin saver, have suffer from dermatitis for the past few years, tried so many lotion and products none of them are like the Biologi. It calm my skin down very quickly.

  12. Abbey Cooper

    Out of all of the ooey gooey gunk and goodness that we have to keep putting on our faces and bodies, this is by far the best. It’s amzazing at hydrating and repairing! I’ll never revert to anything else.

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